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July 2011 New Light Messages

Please note, this is a very important message, please take the time to read it through at least twice… David and Celest

Moan or celebrate, drain on your energy levels, pray for all the creatures, Grand Cardinal Cross, heat, dust storms, volcanoes awaken, the sea grows angry, trees, beetles, money matters, harmony and balance of the Universe

New Light Messages July 17, 2011
Greetings. We do join you in the sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief, you see.
In these days many do bemoan that which is not and can never indeed be again. You may bemoan what is not and cannot be, or you may celebrate that which is yet and will be in your world. Indeed, while there is suffering by those who do cling to the old ways, there are many more creating in this time the new way.
In this hour, the great spirit of the jaguar does stir near Cuzco as it prepares once again to be protector of the Earth, of the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the ways of the Earth. In many places these ways return. Though it shall come hard for some time, yet the return of the spirit of the jaguar must be celebrated, embraced. Choose. Will you be among the mourners of the passing world or the celebrators of the dawn?
Now is the time to be extremely cautious with your thought patterns, indeed, your emotional direction, you see. What you do contribute to the collective consciousness in this time is multiplied many fold.
You must be aware of the change that does unfold. Be aware, and know that as the multitudes are distracted by their sorrows and their games [football, video games], those who would continue to destroy the Earth and many species of living creatures are left to their own devices. Remain aware of that which does unfold. Be awake in the Eye of the Storm, that you may awaken others to their sacred role as co-creators.
The drain on your energy levels shall continue to be felt. You may counter this, as given: Place your feet on the earth, your body against a tree, your hand upon a stone, that your flesh may remember the natural energy frequencies that beget life rather than destroy.
Know this: Too many do continue to neglect that known as schizandra and codonopsis (herbs). Together they do support adrenal function without harm.
In the fullness of the sun of this month, there are three moons; it is indeed a turning point. [July 1 – new moon; July 15 – full moon; July 30 – new moon.] Those who do follow and help create the Way of the Heart grow in numbers in spite of the efforts of the power mongers. Maintain your focus on that which will be and that which yet is, for indeed Grace shall erase karma and replace it with love. Only in this way can your planet survive.
We do leave you now with this blessing: That you may walk among those who are through eternity victorious – for they hold within their hearts the Light of One. It does generate life from that energy frequency known as Love. Go now with the Prince of Peace and be at peace, now and ever more. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
Asparagus! Asparagus!
Where, oh where, has my asparagus gone? Oh, that’s my song today! Yes, dancing, dancing is the way to help you stay, help you stay, but asparagus will ease the way. Flush, flush, flush with asparagus, asparagus, asparagus.
Two-Bear is here to ask you to pray for all the creatures. It’s a hard way for them now. You may help. Remember them when you pray.
Oh, they dropped me back a few levels. They have a message to give. They will give it to me in the morning. It’s about money matters, and about what really matters, and why this must unfold to uncover much shady activity. [The message that came through has been included at the end of this reading.]
I keep hearing turning point, a huge turning point. Just past mid-point of the year – more acceleration presents that [which] brings us to the zenith of the turning point for the Grand Cardinal Cross.
THE GREAT HEAT HAS JUST BEGUN. With drought and famine comes great suffering. Pray for Grace to lift karma and replace it with love, mercy.
More massive dust storms. The manipulators are creating terrible winds, terrible winds.
More volcanoes will soon awaken.
Elder Brothers
The Elder Brothers say: No turning back now. Pray for the corn. There are those who seek to taint, to alter their corn. The Mamas are very worried [GMOs?].
The sea is roaring with an angry roar. I see an ocean lifting up in the middle. So angry. It’s roaring and roaring – rising up in the middle. It is going to engulf many lands. Shifting of visions to bring relief.
Roundhead sings:
Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your worries on the doorstep,
Just direct your feet,
To the sunny side of the street.
Roundhead then lifts his hat off while taking a low bow and sings, "Oh Yeah."
[The following message was given during read-back and dinner:]
The masculine is three to one in this culture; it should be three to one in the feminine! The ratio for the sanity of the species is three to one. It is not equal like the scales. In order to maintain the regenerating balance of life, the ratio should be 3:1.
Trees are dying because of the pine beetle. Birds that ate the pine beetle have lost their habitat due to clear-cutting and have died off, leaving the pine beetle dominant because the birds are gone. Birds take care of the trees – feminine principle.
The balance in a single human being is three to one – if there is to be harmony. You have the emotional body, the physical body, and the higher heart – the wisdom of the heart. Those three embody the feminine principle in its most complete form. Then you have the mental body. In order to balance the mental body, you need to also have the other three. [The mental body – masculine] is so aggressive that there must be three elements of the feminine to attain harmony. In ancient literature they were demonized as the three sirens. They are not destructive by nature. [Human will – Higher will must direct their flow.] They are the deep forces that root us in the essence of LIFE!
They say – why do you think the ocean is three quarters of your planet? Deep, uncontrollable, fertile. Space, same way. We perceive 5% matter; 95% is unperceivable, unknown space. As it is above, so below. As it is within, so without. As it is with the part, so it is with the whole. [The teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.]
Roundhead just popped in – he’s doing a little hand dance – three parts heart, one part mind – then you’ll get along in the world just fine!
From the smallest to the largest, the principles hold.
[Shamaan draws an image on her dinner plate. The image is small in comparison to the rest of the empty plate. She points to the lines of the image and says: "This is what we are aware of." [She then points to the rest of the space on the plate.] "This is what is going on around us that we are unaware of." Balance! How fascinating.
Some soul templates return again and again. Hermes Trismegistus[1]. He was the first one who brought the teachings – so within, so without. So did Jesus, Quetzalcoatl. Hermes Trismegistus also came back as Melchizedek.
[NLM Money Matters Message – July 18, 2011]
Money matters will continue to be difficult as long as it is used as an abuse of power over others. Money, itself, is not a power; it is a means by which those who follow the way of the shadow exert power to achieve dominance. Such actions are contrary to the balance of life and cannot be sustained. This is why your way of life, your civilization is dying.
All living beings – all life forms were empowered with the means to provide for their needs. Every need is provided for through the elements of nature – air, water, earth, fire. When currency became a means of controlling the basic elements given freely to all living creatures – a grave imbalance reverberates throughout the circle of life. It (the imbalance) has grown and creates ever increasing dissonance in your world at every level of the web of life. Such dissonance will not long be tolerated, for the imbalance threatens too many life forms. The time for awakening to this reality has passed, and so there must be dissolution of your ‘economic’ system. Whether this will involve a complete collapse does indeed rest in the hands of those who have used, and continue to use, money to attain/maintain dominance over others. A return to a more ‘need’-centered rather than a ‘greed’-centered economic system does not appear likely as long as money remains the primary currency. Yet know this: Among those who follow the Way of the Heart many paths, many opportunities will be found that will allow protection from the full impact of the decline of the ‘greed-based economy.’ Look around you – first to see with eyes of gratitude that which you still enjoy and have been given to sustain life in the Eye of the Storm. Then look around you to see where and in what way there is need. Where there is need, there is opportunity for life balancing exchange. And if that exchange includes money in any form – do not cling to it in fear – nor reject it in judgment. But let it become as an element of creation – as the air, water, earth and fire are in their forms elements of creation. As co-creator, play your role in the Circle of Life to generate the life-giving energy and hold the balance, seeking not dominance (what many call security) but flow. Know this: Balance is not well understood. It does not manifest as a state of stasis between two equal parts. It is an expression of need that may require more give than take, reflecting the balance of the universe in the realm of matter/substance versus the ‘Great Void’ wherein all matter does arise. Where there is void, there shall come substance; where substance becomes overabundant, there shall come the void. And so the ever-reversing cycles of existence turn the wheel of eternity. In this manner all needs are fulfilled – as yours will be in time. In this you may trust.
Know this: In meditation and conscious-directed action you reflect the harmony and balance of the universe. By going into the stillness, emptying your mind, you give rise to the Light of Higher Consciousness. It is through this consciousness that the return of abundance is accelerated. Do not misunderstand – to seek abundance is NOT the purpose of meditation. The purpose must be to align with the universal harmony of Life. Abundance is only part of that cycle, that harmony. The co-creator is prepared to accept ALL parts with inner peace. Trust. The cycle will turn.
[1] Last option follows the sentence in the text of the Emerald Tablets , which says that knowledge knows the three parts of the universe. Three of knowledge are alchemy , astrology and teurgia . Poimandrés of the underlying Marsilio Ficino says that "it was called Trismegistus, because he was the greatest philosopher, the greatest priest and the largest king." [11]
Further explanation can be found in Sude , Byzantine Encyclopaedia of the Mediterranean 10 century, which states that "Trismegistus called him because of his devotion to the Trinity, because claims that the Trinity is only one divine nature."

Hermes in New Age

Current supporters of the movement New Age note that some texts may have originated in a period of Pharaoh "forty-two basic texts" that formed the basis of hermetic philosophy remain hidden in a secret library. According to some texts, the American media Edgar Cayce , Hermes (or Thoth ) was the engineer of the sunken Atlantis , and stood up, eventually. navrhol alebo riadil výstavbu egyptských pyramíd. designed or managed the construction of Egyptian pyramids.
Occult tradition attributed to Hermes Trismegistovi one woman and at least one son who had the same name, and at least one grandchild. This generational repetition of the first and second name can at least relate to the legend of his longevity with a particular faith, in which many of his children were the priests of religion, which he founded.

Transmission received by Shamaan from "The Messengers"