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July 2011 New Light Messages #3

New Light Messages, July 24, 2011

Greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. Many in your world reel from the fast pace of disastrous events, you see. There is little preparation, comprehension, as you do say, of that which does unfold. Yet know this: As challenging and difficult as it does appear at this time, it is merely a meager beginning. The scales of suffering, though immense now, shall become greater. There is indeed one thing that may alter this course – that one thing is the opening of the heart to love.
As you do approach that which is the new moon of August, you will find increasing challenges to maintain balance. Yet it is in this time when your balance will be most critical, you see. For those who do serve the shadow shall remain entrenched in their play for power, whether it be in this land or beyond. It is this entrenchment that does draw near a great danger, that does draw near the Great Hammer. For the envelope of consciousness that does permeate the field of energy around your planet grows in violence and fear, and indeed, judgment of others. This does weaken the electromagnetic field. It does cause havoc; it alters more than your weather patterns.
Indeed, there are other forces building toward danger. We do request in this time that the third vigil corresponding to influences from the Great Cardinal Cross begin within the first week of the new moon, August 5 – 7, three days — be ready on the 5th; you must come together and strengthen one another’s Light, strengthen the power of Love and Light that does transmute all. You must come together and hold the focus on the Blue Light and the Lady of Grace that choices may be altered, that karma be lifted and replaced with love. You must hold the vigil from within the Eye of the Storm. For the danger does grow. Do recall that your prayers, your focus upon the Blue Light and the Hand of Grace MAY EASE THE SUFFERING OF MULTITUDES.
Though you may not eliminate all suffering, many may find miraculous assistance. You have seen and experienced the power of the prayerful thought – of images held in a meditative state. You are aware as co-creators of what may be. Put aside your doubt and actively send forth those energies that would assist others in finding the strength to enter the Eye of the Storm and take up the task of altering the dangerous course in your world.
As given, those who are near the edge shall continue to find themselves falling over. This is to some degree influenced by a flood of [EMF] frequencies that do attack the mind, the brain. Those frequencies known as communication signals do bring damage to the minds of those that are already challenged; as well as the general health. It does harm the mind greatly.
Indeed, there are events that do unfold upon the face of the Sun (solar flares), even now being affected, you see, by these frequencies, as well as those that emanate from the consciousness of the collective.
You have another opportunity with this vigil of August. You may not have another opportunity for quite some time. Heed well this opportunity before you. Though not all may be altered, a great deal may be transmuted, and many, many millions of lives saved and much damage to Earth’s natural systems avoided. Three days [August 5-7]. Each one, each one does make an offering that is vital in this time. Send forth the call that others may join you.
You will be holding the Blue Light against the rising tide of anger and fear. Do not succumb to those destructive emotions. Do not yield your place in the Eye of the Storm. The serenity begins from within.
You must come to know, understand, muchis necessary to clear many karmic records. Yet more may be alleviated by the Hand of Grace. Judge not, for you do not know where the path begins that leads one to experience that which has been rendered by the same soul in another time. Yet all deserve the opportunity to learn by the Grace of Love, rather than karma. Know this: Freely, freely give Grace whenever possible within your own life, that you may initiate that action for another; for every thought, every action, and every prayer reverberates throughout the entire circle of Life — the One circle in which all are one.
As you do hold the vigil, let Grace be your focus. Choose forgiveness. Forgiveness gives rise to forgiveness, which in turn gives rise to peace. BE the instrument of peace.
Go now upon the path of peace – for those who have followed this path before you have lit the way. Let your heart guide you, and your soul go forward without hesitation. Blessings of the Holy One surround you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
The Lady of the Blue Light

The Lady of the Blue Light weeps to see such suffering. Some will yield to a cleansing of the soul. Yet there are so many innocents caught up. Many great souls have chosen to come forward in this time in a state of deprivation and extreme need – that their gift to humanity may be that of compassion. Compassion can only dwell in an open heart. Yet rampart self-indulgence threatens to close both eyes and heart in so many; they, too, will need the Hand of Grace. None shall be denied the gift of Grace.
It’s near [the Great Hammer – the asteroid Apophis]. Nearer. Yet as it draws nearer, deflection is still possible.

Yes, yes, it is not by chance that you are asked to dance. Anyone can see at a glance you need to have some fun! It increases your chances by loosening your grip on worries and fear and a fat bottom lip (i.e., self-pity). How can you find joy, indeed, if you don’t let yourself prance like a steed? Yes, it is indeed a way to find an answer, because life is a dance now and in the hereafter.
Roundhead says there’s still time to draw uponyour dreams, things are never as bad as it seems – if only you turn to your dreams – [laughs] – every kind of dream, wish dreams, daydreams, night dreams, too; even dreaming while you do the ol’ soft shoe!
Okay, even in times of trial you’ve still got to carry a smile. No, no, not in your pocket (i.e., hidden) – on your face! Yes, take it with you every place. [Laughs]
Yes, yes, he knows it’s hard here now (on Earth). Yes, but if you keep at it, you WILL get to take that bow. Keep at it.
Yes, still not rubbing the toes. Eat some peaches with your fruit. It’ll help your suit – your skin is your suit.
Necks – too many stiff necks. Eyesight going to be weak with all those stiff necks. Roll ’em! [Gently roll your neck.] [Laughs]
Asparagus! Asparagus!
He’s going off now on a raft. He’s floating where the lymph nodes flow on asparagus, don’t cha’ know. [Asparagus cleanses the lymph system.]
Visions & Messages
Persia. Nuclear weapon. Oh my.
Yes, the color purple – hard to come by in this world, but soon that will change.
Crop shortages here begin soon.
Red-orange sheets of lava flows again.
The shadow will soon do itself in.
Pele shaking, shaking things up. [The volcano goddess of the island of Hawaii, Pele is a goddess of fire, lightning, dance, and volcanoes.]