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July 2011 New Light Messages #2

Hello NLM Recipients. In addition to the July 31 NLM, you will find attached a compilation of previous messages concerning the 13 cells, which are referred to in this message. This is the VIGIL message, which was preceded by a Prayer Network excerpt of this one.
New Light Messages July 31, 2011

Greetings. We are with you in this sacred circle. We must be brief. Yet you do now see clearly the critical pressure building, as you approach the start of the vigil. Know it will be marked by multitudes suffering and many other multitudes boiling with anger and uncertainty. It is in this time that the Cardinal Grand Cross does indeed grow more intense, for you see, Mars shall enter into opposition [with Pluto] while other factors also contribute greatly to the increased pressure. It shall come hard to those who are upon the edge, you see.
Indeed, it shall come hard to those who dwell in the Eye of the Storm. Now you do see why the call to hold the vigil – for the little ones, the children, and the innocents. Hold them within the Blue Light to initiate the Hand of Grace, that suffering may be lifted wherever possible, that karma may be replaced by love.
Know this: As your season does change, greater upheaval will be seen. It is deliberately fomented by those who engage in power struggles. They know not the danger they do generate. It is indeed a danger that shall engulf the world if it is brought to bear. ALL depends on those who hold the Light, who work within the Light of One as co-creators. You are joined by many millions around the world, who hold the Light of Love within the Heart and within Higher Consciousness, indeed within the soul.
In these days, the three days of vigil, a great turning point is at hand. It shall determine how deep the shadow will grow within your world, how powerful will those who follow the path of shadow, of greed, and of war shall grow. Indeed, though the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] does waver and grapple to find his footing – know this: He will find strength in the prayers of those who hold steady in the Eye of the Storm.
[The following was spoken with great care and love:]
Those who are of the Crescent Moon & Star do grow restless in Turkey. As has been given, hold in prayer that Turkey shall not draw near the conflicts raging in the lands of the Crescent Moon & Star. In your vigil, you must hold those who offer their prayers in a mosque in the Blue Light, you must hold it steady – for those of Egypt, for those of Yemen, for those of Libya, for those of Syria and Iran. The one known as Muammar Gaddafi grows bolder and may strike out.
The coming season is pivotal, crucial, we do say, to mitigating suffering in achieving the Time of the Purple Sun in concert with the turning of the Great Wheel.
Yes, we do request that each day, beginning on the morning of August 5th, each one sit in solitary silence for 13 minutes – that the 13 cells* within the brain will be awakened and imbued with the Light of Higher Self, that remembrance may come, remembrance of the divine nature of the soul in each being.
Gather, then, together in the evening of each day. Hold in the circle of silence a conscious focus of the opening of the heart of all who find themselves now gripped by the shadow and trapped within the prison of old patterns of personality that prevent, prevent freeing the soul to stand forth and bathe in the Blue Light of transformation. All, all is yet possible, yet shall require sacrifice, FOCUS, and willingness to do that which is before you.
As given, you shall continue to be asked to exceed what you perceive as your limitations, your limits – not of endurance, but of evolution of growth. You must reach within and draw forth the most precious essence of your existence, the highest purpose of your soul – which is to serve the Light by the power of love upon the path of One.
You shall see in the following weeks of the vigil why, indeed, it was and is necessary. We must now take our leave. May the blessings of the Holy One anoint that essence which permeates ALL LIFE, and stir within your soul the ancient memory of Oneness and Bliss. Go forth now upon the path of love with the Prince of Peace now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
The Lady of the Blue Light

Remember, remember as you hold the little ones in prayer, and those who suffer such great pain and need – remember, not all are balancing karma. Many souls of high station have come to awaken compassion through their sacrifice. You must pray also that their sacrifice not be in vain. And hold also in the Blue Light of Grace, of peace, those whose hearts have hardened against compassion – for they, too, are much, much in need of the Hand of Grace.
Condemnation does not serve the Way of the Blue Light. As you drink your next taste of water, remember the healing Grace that quenches spiritual thirst.
Roundhead is just around the corner. Ha. But he won’t come in. Not enough energy to spend right now. But he’s always there. Magic he brings.
Visions & Messages
I see many images that I don’t want to come into form. Some can be changed, some not. I see militaries marching almost everywhere. No, we can’t let that be.
I just had a vision of a glowing golden-orange light – a glow all around and shining through it is the Mayan Calendar, and superimposed over it is Machu Picchu. I hear these words: "The days drop away like flower petals at the end of summer. Yield not to despair. Use each moment to plant hope with your prayers.

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