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August 2011 New Light Messages

Oceans raging, irritated noses, unusual weather, droughts, floods, people growing gardens, rabbits, electricity, holding the Eye of the Storm

New Light Messages

Dr. Shamaan Eagle

August 21, 2011

Greetings. Yes, we are among you in your sacred circle. We would have you know that many forces do now converge upon your planet. You shall continue to see extreme and unusual weather patterns. Flooding shall continue to besiege your lands. There will be great difficulty in producing that which is the basics of grains. This will not be confinedto this land alone. No, it shall be experienced the world over, and so many nations shall find themselves in a circumstance of shortage.
Also in the season that does approach the oppressed and needy shall continue to rise up in rebelliousness. And more upheaval that looms, you see, shall arrive on these shores, as well. It is how this unrest shall be perceived and met that shall determine the outcome of your next election.
It is for this reason we do beseech you: Begin now, and do not cease holding in the Blue Light of Grace the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] – holding forth in thought patterns, prayers, that his eyes be opened and his voice become strong, and his will stronger yet as he does face these challenges.
Many shall turn to theft from desperation. Yet many more shall turn to one another for help, support. Yes, it is the latter that you must give your support to through envisioning this response occurring through prayer, through constant focus, you see, upon the awakening of the thirteen (13) cells that do align one with Higher Consciousness, unlike that which is now seen in your world. Do hold the image of the tree, the dove, the crescent moon and the star, that which is indeed the Star of David. Yet also hold the vision of many peoples from all walks, from all groups coming together, all in need, all ready and willing to assist one another. You will see a burgeoning of small gardens where many join together to satisfy needs. There shall be many changes in the manner that one does conduct daily life. The Descendent of the Pharaohs may encourage same, but must gather the courage to speak truthfully as to the cause of such neediness and imbalance. Secrets must be unlocked, revealed. Shadow forces must be exposed, wrongdoing laid bare before the eyes and ears of multitudes. Only by standing in the clear light of truth, only with courage coursing through his veins may there be an opportunity to remain in power and do much more, we do say, much more – that will lead to the time of the Purple Sun when ALL may enjoy the Light of the Blessings of the Holy One and the abundance of the Hand of Grace.
Do remain ever in the Eye of the Storm, though you may feel set upon by life’s imperfections. You do enjoy great privilege, comfort, and honor. Do use it in service to expand the circle of life, that the turning of this cycle may lift all into the Eye of the Storm.
More to be given within the coming week, for the time is short to impact the unfolding. Yet, yes, it is difficult when much does assail your atmosphere. Yet it is central, central, you see, that you and other Light Bearers be made aware of the opportunity that is before you, and it is a brief one.

These are the times of great transformation – the soul shall grow deeply within these times. We leave you now with this blessing: That the Light of the Holy One, the Giver of Life and Source of all, be seen fully in your life, by you as you go about your journey, for blessings do pour upon you and surround you and lift you. You have but to notice and be full of gratitude. Go now with the Prince of Peace now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
[Pause] [Shamaan drinks the sacred water.] Thank you, my Lady.
Do not hold on to sorrow. Death is but another tomorrow. Yes, in the meantime, you know you never need an excuse to enjoy today, so yes, yes,squeeze in a little play every day, every day.

Melchizedek: Golden wings spread wide in the Blue Light of Grace. Yes, much help has always been among you to help the human race return to the nobility of the soul. Only then may each one come whole once again.
Yes, they are great friends. He [Roundhead] loves the dancing. But he wants more. Happy feet can never be a bore. Yes, yes, yes.
Don’t rock the boat, please. Rocking, tilting. It felt like a boat on water. Boats on water – lots of boats – boats in storms on the seas. Stormy weather. No, not just now – coming soon, coming soon.


Electricity, lots of electricity in the air.
Rabbits, rabbits are back. Help them be strong. Throw a carrot or two as you walk along.
I see a line of energy moving. Good? Bad? I don’t know. I saw some images in the world. Oh, that’s one of the things I saw – flooding waters – even rivers overflow. Too much water here, not enough there. [Flood, drought.]
Roundhead sings and dances:
Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your worries on the doorstep,
Just direct your feet,
To the sunny side of the street.
Yes, yes, I understand. We have a short time.
I am hearing the Jade Emperor: He [Obama] must consolidate his power in the hearts of the people – make himself one of them. Then he may return to use his power to truly win, win, win – to win the struggle with the shadow forces.
Oceans raging, turmoil – storms.
I just keep hearing: Short time.
Irritated noses is from the dust storms in Arizona.
Rushing water pouring over things – some the color of city grunge, some clear as in nature.

Transmission received by Shamaan from "The Messengers"

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