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September 2011 New Light Messages

House of David, water, water everywhere, Middle East,

Warbirds, descendent of the pharaohs, humility,

Winds blowing, happy is as happy does,

Jerusalem, Korea, Japan

New Light Messages

September 4, 2011

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We must be brief. Yet it is critical in these days that you know and hold in the Blue Light all of the people of Libya, Syria, Iran, Palestine, and Israel, for the House of Abraham may be consumed with hostility in coming months. They [the Warbirds] shall embolden, if it does unfold, you see, embolden those who seek havoc as a way of life. Much of the key to the Time of the Purple Sun does rest in the House of Abraham. If peace can be achieved there, it can be achieved everywhere, you see, everywhere.
Discord, discontent in this land does play a far greater role in the collective mind of your world than is realized. So where there may be a calming affect there is too often greater disruption generated by thought forms that emanate from a state of anger and frustration. In many places on the earth there are also those who do hold the balance, the peace, you see, a stillness in the Eye of the Storm. Yet even those who, as you do, gather to hold the Light and strengthen one another, even those who coalesce some calm to the frequency patterns that bombard your world, that do emanate from the human mind, heart, as wellfrom the instruments of your technology, indeed, the instruments of your undoing, do struggle to maintain focus.

There are many efforts being made to create peace, to create a bridge between the House of David and the House of Mohammad. Yet there is one, Netanyahu [Prime Minister of Israel], that may interfere with these efforts. For he has not been brought to humility, as yet. He is [like] Gaddafi – one of the many scorpions of the desert. Now revenge is in his mind, and in his heart. He may be brought to stillness by the power of the Blue Light, you see. You must add in these days to your prayerful thoughts, to your visioning of the Blue Light – add Netanyahu as well as the one who believes himself to be the rightful heir to a kingdom long lost [Gaddafi]. Netanyahu, Gaddafi – these now each have their own place at the table of beginnings, beginnings of a new time, a new dispensation. It yet remains to be seen: Will the beginning of the Time of the Purple Sun radiate peace, healing between all nations, or will it bring down a toxic rain, heavy with suffering? The key lies within the Houses of David and Mohammad – those who share their roots in the House of Abraham; therein lies the key. Yet many are blind, unaware of the possible choice that is before them, and so the Great Awakener does continue the work of opening the eye of understanding and the heart, that all may embrace in compassion and love.
[Pause] Yes, we do continue.

Know this: The powerful winds that do sweep your planet carry much upon them that contributes to unusual physical conditions, and indeed contributes to rapid deterioration in body to those who are already compromised.
In the season that does approach [Autumn], new forms of foreign bodies shall challenge the systems that maintain health. Use well what has been given and shall be given, that you may emerge strengthened in your ability to adapt, you see. In coming weeks you will find the Sun’s energy difficult. Particles will be felt with greater impact. You must support use that which does support you in body. This we would say: schizandra, fo ti, codonopsis, would benefit all. [Pause]

Yes, with the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama], dissatisfaction becomes disillusion, which becomes disappointment, becoming disenchantment. Disillusion must not become despair. More than you know does rest, depend upon, the Descendent of the Pharaohs as he does seek to defend himself against the barrage of vindictive shadow dwellers. There are also those who wait behind the shadow dwellers – more dangerous in their intent and willingness to carry out that intent. Remain committed to holding in your prayers the Blue Light, thoughts of support, comfort, and strength to the one who now holds the seat of power [Obama]. For those who do seek it hold in their hearts a very dark and dangerous intention that will impact the whole world for generations to come. Know this and go about your task of holding the Eye of the Storm. Do not waver, nor allow your focus to be deflected by what does appear probable. Maintain your focus on the possibleTHAT WHICH CAN YET BE.

We now must take our leave. Heed well your choice. Maintain your path and go with the Prince of Peace. The blessings of the Holy One go with you in every place; in your wakefulness and in sleep, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

[Pause] [Shamaan raises her hands slowly and appears to drink the sacred water, very reverently.] Yes, my Lady. Thank you, thank you.

She asks at this time that you especially keep in your hearts a gentle prayer and blessing for all the creatures of the sea. They suffer greatly. They, too, must live in the harmony and peace of a pristine world that has not yet come, but still can. [Pray for] all the little ones of the sea and, yes, also of the desert lands. Hold blessings and prayers in your heart. Her blessings do shine upon you now and evermore. May the Blue Light embrace you, as it once did before, and always will..


Happy is as happy does. Don’t let your feet grow any fuzz. Okay. No, he can’t stay. He’s got too much to say, and it’s already late anyway. Just remember: Even when life looks tragic …
Just remember to ride the wind,
You can be sure, that he is your friend,
So, take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic!

You’ve got it! Yes, yes – go on an egg hunt! You’ll find it for sure. Oh yes, he could tell you, but the mystery you must endure!
Dance under the rainbow, it will make your heart glow. Remember the meaning of the rainbow – unity in beauty, heaven and earth come together and dance in the light of the sky – many colors clearing your eye.
Visions & Messages
. Trouble brewing soon.
Storms in the North sea.
The Hungry Dragon [Korea]. Yes, the Hungry Dragon attempts to change – yes – but danger, big danger still lurks in its flames. More assistance would help tame the Hungry Dragon’s rage.
Poor Japan. Continues – it continues [the humbling].
You must find harmony amidst the dissonance. Remember: You can make rainbows even in the dark. Although much will come to create frustration and impatience, impatience and even ill temper, do not let it take root; do not let it linger. Give it to the wind with the blessing of the Blue Light. This may help transform the thoughts of others that may lean in that direction. This is how a co-creator must work.
Machu Picchu beckons.
The wars of Mesopotamia linger. I don’t know what that means. Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. The Middle East still lingers in war. It has something to do with karmic carry-over.
I keep seeing running water [in city streets] and oceans rising. Wild waters in the North Sea.
Running water in streets – many streets, cities, towns.
Through underground channels, Gaddafi is attempting to contact Assad [leader of Syria] for support.
[The following message was received the next day:]

Many more homes will be lost. It is a reminder that humans are but pilgrims upon the face of the earth. Permanence is illusion.

Transmission received by Shamaan in her meditation group

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