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September 2011 New Light Messages #2

Turkey, Germany, crops failing, anarchy grows,

Homes falling into the ocean, dancing shoes, love, laugh,

Netanyahu, arena of war

New Light Messages

September 18, 2011

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle.
We shall be brief, yet it is necessary that you know this: The forces of the shadow do grow bold and their boldness shall lead to carelessness.
Yet besieged on all fronts, the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] must not be complacent – too much does hang in the balance, you see. For your world does approach dangerously close to the heart of the shadow. If it is engulfed, there shall be great suffering, great suffering for all species indeed, including your own. We, as guardians of your planet cannot allow its destruction; yet we may not be able to prevent yours.
Though it does in this hour appear not possible, the Descendent of the Pharaohs may yet retain the seat of power, you see. But he must stand firmly upon the path of the Way of the Heart. He must stride forcefully in the direction of the Purple Sun. He may yet do this, but will require great support and encouragement. But prayer, prayer, you see, or positive purposeful thought, with the Blue Light directed toward Higher Self, that his soul may quicken to its task. He does approach great challenge – wherein the Warbirds of the House of David do join other shadow forces to depose him.
Those who follow the Crescent Moon and Star [Palestinians], who are of the House of Muhammad, do seek a seat at the table [United Nations]. And there are many in the House of David who would offer a chair – but for the warbirds and those caught in the grip of the shadow. All who hunger for peace, all who hunger for compassion must hold steady now in the Eye of the Storm. Send forth your prayers; send forth your thoughts — the kind that would generate a time of peace, a time of justice, you see, and compassion. If the Descendent of the Pharaohs does rise to this challenge and stand firmly for the Way of the Heart, to some it will appear as a loss of such a moment. But to others, many, many others who seek peace – he shall grow taller and stronger still.
Netanyahu [Prime Minister of Israel] does indeed have a leading hand in the shadow world. He does wish to depose the Descendent of the Pharaohs. It is an ancient battle — one he has lost before, and may lose yet again.
In coming weeks you must continue daily to send forth the Blue Light to those caught in the shadow world, as well as those who struggle to bring about the Way of the Heart and the Time of the Purple Sun, a time when all shall be at peace and as one, as one.
Yes, as does this one [Shamaan], a great many more shall feel the physical toll of the energies that bombard your planet, and that do also well up from deep within the core. You shall see an increasing number, yes, even among those of few years, succumbing to the physical burden. It is indeed a great one, one too easily dismissed by this one; yet we shall walk beside and assist each of you, and this one, and others who do hold the Light. For you are greatly, greatly, so greatly needed, you see. The transformation must occur in the spiritual realm. It is the only hope, the only way it can be achieved in this time.
We do keep watch, and in watching do see a dangerous approach in the arena of war – nuclear weapons must NOT be used. Your world is perched on a fragile precipice. Now is the time for the Light Bearers to be steady, strong, and unwavering in their commitment. Yield not to despair.
Those who seek to manipulate the forces of nature (believed to refer to the weather modification chem-trailers), the elemental powers, now accelerate their efforts. The consequences will be indeed, devastating — for the elements will not be contained, and their backlash will be severe. Even those who seek to press on shall pause and question. Hubris may be transformed into humility by the Blue Light of Grace. Use it, use it – send it forth to those caught in the illusion of power. They must come to know the true, TRUE significance of power.

Netanyahu may not be easily turned, but he may be tamed by those in the House of David who hold the Dove of Peace close to their heart. Recall this and maintain your focus.

We do now take our leave. We extend to each one of you our gratitude for all that you do in assisting others. We do also say that you must live in gratitude for your position in the Eye of the Storm, for the opportunity given you to be of service, indeed, even gratitude to live in these days. Go now with the Prince of Peace. Let your hearts be comforted in the knowledge that we are with you now and evermore. Blessings of the Holy One pour down upon you, now through eternity, as they always have and always shall. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


Sit upon the earth – it’s good for you.
Yes, yes, a little more vinegar if you please. Yes, I see. Your body changes with the season – like the trees. Yes, a little more vinegar if you please. [Laughs] He can’t stay, but a song before he goes.
Yes, yes, the heart will do better with artichoke. Eat it, take it any way – just don’t smoke the artichoke. [Laughs] {Got the message that he meant ‘overcook’ the artichoke. Shamaan burned one once.}
Okay, keep your dancing shoes busy. No, it doesn’t matter if you are dizzy – keep those dancing shoes busy!
[Laughs] Can’t get too serious. You have to stay curious about all the FUNNY things in life.
Roundhead must be on his way – only one more thing to say: You have to remember:
You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

Visions and Messages

Cold – coming fast.
Hunger strikes many, many around the world. Crops failing, many things churning. Anarchy grows. The path to peace slows; it must not stop, it must not stop.
The Great Awakener shows me homes on the western shore of Washington falling into the ocean. The Great Awakener must intensify efforts to shake, shake, shake loose the hold on a way of life that is death to the planet.
The Hand of Grace. She was here – the Lady of Grace was here. She wants me to say, “Never give up hope! For Grace, transcendent Grace is always near. Transcendent Grace is always near.”
A request from Star Nation: Faithfully use our rendition of the image of the dove, the tree, the star, the crescent moon, and the rose. Use it as a meditation mandala to empower your prayers of the Blue Light of Peace.
Strengthen, strengthen yourself in your path. It is only the spiritual frequency that can help the world now. – Melchizedek.
Yes, we will all carry on, won’t we?
I heard bells. Lots of bells – church bells.
I heard something about Germany and Turkey. I can’t remember what it was. Something about Germany will be tested. Turkey comes into prominence now.
Validation after validation is given; you must provide the information [these messages] that it may be lived.

Received by Shamaan Eagle

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