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October 2011 New Light Messages

New Light Messages

October 23, 2011

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle.
Indeed, as given, in these times it is difficult, very difficult to be in body. Yet it is essential that many, many souls who have made the choice to serve the Light, to Be the Light, remain in the physical dimension at this time. For the great divide does grow wider. We do not speak of the divide between the have and have not, but the divide between those who have chosen to serve the Light of One, and those who have chosen to serve self, indeed, lower self. As the chasm does grow, those who serve the shadow, the lower self, shall become ever more oppressive in their goal to gain power in the material world. And so you shall see in coming months suppression of those forces that do seek balance, that do seek peace, that do seek to serve a Greater Good rather than only self.
You shall see military and police being given greater leeway, as you do say, to apply force to achieve the goals of the shadow. As with other efforts [at suppression], there shall be a backlash, an extremely powerful backlash – the mask [of the shadow] shall be stripped off. Those who serve the shadow shall be revealed for their true intent. This revelation shall not go unheeded, and you will find in many places (that) anarchy does grow stronger, deeper, as the old era thrashes about in the attempt to retain control – to no avail, to no avail.
Those who have come to be of assistance, those who have come with the BLUE LIGHT, and the souls of many Masters who have come to stand with those who seek the time of the Purple Sun, shall prevail.
Know this: Your task, that which lies before you as co-creators, is to lend support in every manner to the force of Light, that there shall be little loss of life, that there shall be a decrease in devastation wrought upon the Earth. Your task is to be a channelfor the Hand of Grace, that much damage and suffering may be deflected and perhaps eliminated altogether, you see.
In these coming weeks there shall be an all-out effort by those who serve the shadow to stamp out the Light of the awakening ones. Hold steady; send forth your prayers, your support through spiritual works, that you may strengthen the Light Bearers – that you may hold forth truth for all to see, that choices made are indeed made upon a foundation of understanding and clear thought, and especially, open hearts.
We do request that you continue to send forth prayers to Netanyahu [Prime Minister of Israel] and those who follow him. Let those who are of the House of David find compassion toward those who are their brothers of the House of Abraham, those who follow the crescent moon and star. For those forces known as ‘militant’ within the House of David do yet seek opportunity to further entrap and suppress the well-being and freedom of their brothers. Jerusalem may yet be a battle ground. May the battle be fought within the individual heart, soul, and mind, rather than against one another. It may yet be so. For the season that does approach in this year shall determine which it will be. Much is unleashed with the passing of the Scorpion of the Desert [Gaddafi], yet there is another scorpion that must be deposed. [Syria?]
We must take our leave at this time, yet we would say it is so – as this one has seen. The vigil must be held to sway those who even now work to control the forces of nature through means other than spiritual union with the Source. Those [other] means shall bring death and suffering to a great many – even unto many creatures of the Earth. [This is probably referring to the chem-trailers or ‘geo-engineers’.]
As given, we are guardians of your planet. We are given unto the task of protecting this Earth. We cannot, however, determine whether you, your kind, will survive. But we want to see you and the Earth survive. It does play a critical role in the design of the universe and that of all life.
We offer this blessing:
That each Light-Bearer shall find a lifting of the burden of being in physical form. We continue to assist you all as we may. May the Light of the Holy One give you comfort and healing, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
The Lady of the Blue Light

[Shamaan holds her hands as if in a bowl.]
So many innocents caught in the storm. She asks for prayers for the innocents, that Grace may lift suffering, and offers Her gratitude for your steadfastness in this storm. The eye will always be open to you – the Eye of the Storm. Be at peace. It may yet be (i.e., the ‘Time of the Purple Sun’).
[Shamaan appears to drink and swallow the sacred water.] Thank you, my Lady. I see. So much more to come that the Blue Light of Grace, the eternal power of transformation, may yet ease the way.

You made him so happy. Yes, how good to see happy feet, happy feet dancing, even though tired you be, happy feet, happy feet can still make you glow. Okay, yes, make you glow and stand tall, don’t ya know. Dancing in the Eye of the Storm – in coldest nights it will keep you warm.
Keep on dancing. He wants to see your butt’s glow. Keep on dancing – whether fast or slow.
Yes, yes, magic comes your way. How else do you think you have been able to stay? All magic comes your way.
Zoup! The recipe!
Ginger, clove, cinnamon stick, too. Boil it, boil it before you make the stew. To that juice add your pumpkin, or squash, all cut up and brought to mish-mush. Smush it, smush it. Coconut milk you may add too; it’s good for skin and brain, but good for insides, too (stomach, intestines).
Vichey root. Vischee root – a little of that shaved in two. Strong, like jade. It will make your winter soup. Vischee root, _____ ______ all the good things he’ll make with you. [This will take some research.]
He approves of pumpkins, yes, he approves of pumpkins in many forms. Yes, seeds and flowers and pumpkin pie, too – any old way will do. Pumpkins, pumpkins. Go with chocolate, too – and the pumpkinseeds.
Okay, time for a song. If you do the old soft shoe you must:
Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your worries on the doorstep,
Just direct your feet,
To the sunny side of the street.
Oh, you don’t need (to be) so blue,
Aches and pains are hard, he knows it’s true,
So dance on up and –
Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your worries on the doorstep,
Just direct your feet,
To the sunny side of the street.
Bye, Roundhead. He’s off in a pumpkin coach. [Donna asks, "Is it pulled by white horses?"] It’s pulled by a bunch of dogs, and he’s going lickety-split! [Laughs]
Visions and Messages

I’m seeing Native American hands separating a bunch of seeds – pumpkinseeds. And then they mix them with chocolate – they are making pumpkinseed squares. They are a couple of ladies laughing and talking, while wearing huipiles. They are somebody’s grandmothers.
Electromagnetic shield of earth is weakening, weakening. It’s pulsing, moving, popping – like a bad wire sparking.
Earthquakes, Earthquakes, Earthquakes!
10th of November – big uproars. The 10th through the 11th: Hold the vigil.
I keep seeing those pumpkinseed squares.
The 10th into the 11th

Received by Shamaan Eagle during her Meditation Group

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