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November 2011 New Light Messages

Quakes, Middle East, chemtrails, Israel, Bilderburgers


New Light Messages

November 13, 2011

Greetings. We are among you. We shall be brief, yet it is necessary to know that in coming weeks you shall see forces of oppression brought to bear upon those who gather in many places, gather you see, to hold forth in the hope that balance, indeed compassion, may enter into the machinations of your government and beyond. Those who gather do hold the peace, the Light. Yet there are forces that act at the behest of the shadow that shall wreak havoc. Know this: It may be mitigated, even stopped. You may hold the focus, you see, upon the Blue Light of Peace to flow through each and every gathering. Even unto those who have come to enforce – that the Blue Light wash over them, through them. Much upheaval, you see, is yet to come.

Throughout the coming year it will be seen how deep the division is between factions. There is one unifying element, and that is the Blue Light. You within the Eye of the Storm may act as you have, as a beacon, through sending out that Light without fail, without succumbing yourselves to the chaos that shall rage around you. Remain ever in the Eye of the Storm that you may help steady the Hand of the Great Awakener. It will be clearly seen the intent of those who follow the pachyderm [Republicans], even to stir greater animosity between those who share the House of David in the Land of Abraham. For the danger does yet threaten to embroil many who have thought themselves free to pursue the Light of peace and justice. In this time many will waver; many will believe the false security offered by those who follow the Way of the Shadow. False security shall be sought. Many who might assist in bringing forth the Time of the Purple Sun may weaken and back away for the sake of comfort – quit for the sake of false security. You may send forth the prayer constantly that a Great Awakening shall unfold in unity with others through Higher Self, higher consciousness, that seeks a greater peace, a greater way.

Yes, it is as this one has perceived: Many, many forces do weigh upon you in body, upon your physical form. Yes, there are those toxins that do fall from the emissions of your planes, released deliberately into your atmosphere [chem-trails]. {This photo shows an example, taken at home in San Luis.}


We would have you know (that) other factors do influence, (such as) that which is known as HAARP [High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (] – and those signals that emanate from those towers that permit the instruments of communication lines [usage]. Know this: There are also alterations occurring in your electromagnetic shield – fluctuations, as you do say, that do bring about much greater discomfort as well. It is, as given, difficult to be in body at this time. Yet only those who do recognize the honor of such an existence at such a time may rise to the challenge. Do recall you are in a position of privilege. Use your position to serve the greater good.

More information about the hazards of chemtrails available at

We do request that you continue to hold in the Light the one known in this time as Netanyahu. Also do hold the Light for Egypt, and one known as Assad, indeed, all in the land of the crescent moon and star, and all who follow that path [of Islam].

As the season does come to fruition, great danger does arise. Maintain your focus; increase your prayers that GOOD WILL AMONG ALL may indeed mark your holiday season.

We do acknowledge and offer gratitude for the vigil you have completed. Know this: Many times, many times prayers for peace and those extensions of the Light that have been put forth may indeed soften the Hand of the Great Awakener. It has indeed delayed actions planned by Israel and may yet delay further. It would be well to transform delay into defuse altogether. It may yet be. Remain vigilant. Hold fast to the Eye of the Storm, though there shall come times in which you will feel sadness, indeed frustration. Do recall we are with you and walk with you to help turn the tide. Yield not to despair. We will be present at every turn. Know this and be comforted, yes. For we, too, look forward to the Time of the Purple Sun, the dawning of a new era for all life on your planet. May it be a joyous one.

We do leave you with this blessing: That you remain ever aware of the presence of the Holy One and those of the Light who are walking with you, as together we follow the path of the Prince of Peace. May it ever be so. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Roundhead & Visions

Can’t stay – too great a strain. Difficult energies today – no, not in you, but all around. It’s true. Water, more water needed by ALL. Listen to the water call.

Nobody is dancing. Where is the dancing? Better balance when you dance in every way, every way – inner/outer, don’t ya know, dancing keeps the Light aglow!

Earth shifting, trembling, trembling. Drilling, cracking too much rock. The shifting earth can make you feel blocked. Dancing, dancing helps unlock muscles, you see, when energies get blocked.

So much is coming through. He shows me. Brilliant. It’s true! I’m seeing the crystal skull – it’s the real one (the Mitchell-Hedges). Light is radiating from it – not shining on it – radiating from it. Much will soon be understood about our origins, yes. Understood by many, rejected by a great many more. Knowledge is not always easy.

So much is going on. Roundhead comes back. ____ here he is. Sorry he has to bring me back. Soon he has to bring me back. Oh, but there is so much left to do. Stay tuned – he’ll be talking to you.

Kohlrabi soup, better than a pill. More to come. Off he goes – he’s taking off in a kohlrabi spaceship.

More earthquakes. California coast.

Wow – there’s the egg [Egg of Magic]. Roundhead is grinning. You just look around you to see it anywhere – don’t forget it’s there – the Light’s supposed to be blue – NOT YOU!

Samba. He was doing the Samba.

Never doubt: Every ceremony done with heart has the power to play a part in bringing the Time of the Purple Sun, and life on Earth will be more fun.

Kohlrabi. Kale/Kohlrabi. Kohlrabi soup better than a pill.

I’m seeing a vision of a large hall, expensive dark polished wood. Swiss Alps. There is a gathering of some kind of [high social/business wealthy people], well-dressed people, for the purpose of directing the world. It appears to be an emergency meeting that was called. The outcome, those decisions made, will have a profound, huge impact on the world. Huge impact. {This feels like a gathering of the "Bilderburgers" – or global shadow rulers.}

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