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December 2011 New Light Messages

House of David and the House of Mohammad, China, Volcanoes, HAARP

New Light Messages

December 4, 2011

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We must be brief, yet this we would have you know: That which was called upon for you to complete – the vigil of November 10-11 – was indeed a turning point. That which you did offer was of great importance and did contribute to the force of Light. Yet the contribution to the force of Light is not yet sufficient to turn away war. Events have continued to unfold in a direction of manifesting karmic actions, you see. We do speak of one known as Netanyahu who has chosen the direction of recent events fulfilling karmic patterns,and the one known as Ahmadinejad [current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran] – ancient enemies of the House of Abraham. As was given in the early months of your previous summer, when the vigil, you see, was first requested, there was yet a possibility that Karma might be transmuted by the Hand of Grace. Indeed, the vigil which you did hold did bring into motion the Hand of Grace that is working to erase Karma, not merely mitigate at this point. Though it does not appear possible to stop the looming upheaval – we do say that through the force of prayer, the co-creators, the Light-bearers who do hold forth in the Eye of the Storm, that the impossible may indeed become possible. Yet know this: There are indeed many shadow forces weighing against the ‘possible.’ More Light Bearers must enter into the Eye of the Storm, more, who do seek to transmute that which does build towards a nuclear conflagration that shall envelop the House of David and the House of Mohammad. Indeed, China will be thrown into the fray. These old enemies extending far beyond the time of present-day nations into a time of Abraham, the Pharaohs, indeed, earlier – do carry forth vengeance within their hearts.
The one who now does hold the seat of power [Obama] in your land shall return to the seat, yet much burdened by the shadow forces. He may hold, indeed hold a pivotal position between these ancient enemies. But those who work against him from within the shadow shall bring to bear great tribulation for the Descendent of the Pharaohs. Though he may be a force for peace, he shall be driven to take actions that satisfy the shadow and those who serve the shadow. We do request at this time that you double and re-double your prayers, your focused light every day upon the Descendent of the Pharaohs that he be STRENGTHENED in the Light, STRENGTHENED to hold steady on the Path of the Heart. For those who follow the Crescent Moon and Star shall deem him an enemy if he extends only a hand, only a hand, we do say, to those of the House of David. It must be balanced, you see. He must also extend to those who dwell in the House of Mohammad.
Yes, the unfolding does proceed rapidly apace. Therefore we do say, be prepared, for you will be requested to hold yet another vigil. These days, these months as you count them, are critical, critical, you see. For that which may be unleashed does also affect forces beyond nations and your planet. It shall affect the entire solar system, indeed, your galaxy, that now you do ‘occupy’, as you do say.
Yes, it is so: The alignment* does bring to fruition those forces which have built for millennia. As the alignment is completed, so shall many trials that have come to this passage now fully come to fruition. We do say this: There is yet opportunity to decrease destruction and lessen suffering; this must be the focus now of those who hold the Eye of the Storm. The 13 cells must awaken in many more. Send forth the Blue Light. Let your prayers, your focused thought, your intention on the Light from the Source burst forth and awaken the 13 [brain] cells that will enable more co-creators to join you in your efforts. Much does depend upon your readiness. As events do unfold we shall alert you to the time of the vigil. For Iran, Israel, and indeed your land, may yet greatly discharge much destructive karma that has accrued. It will take many more who follow the Way of the Heart and have awakened the Starseed of the 13 cells.
* I believe this refers to the alignment of planets which have formed the Cardinal Grand Cross.
We do leave you now with this blessing: May each soul radiate fully the Divine Light of the creator in all thought, action, and being, now and evermore. Go with the Prince of Peace. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
Roundhead, Visions, & Messages

Put on those dancing shoes – you’ll chase away the blues.
He has something important to say: Though physical bodies are being pushed around by many, many forces, yes, from the sky to the ground, you still have more help than most you know, because you know where to go to escape capture by those forces, you see. You must listen to me and … [Roundhead begins the song; we all join in.]
Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your troubles on the doorstep;
Just direct your feet,
To the sunny-side of the street.
[Shamaan laughs.] Pick up your bottom lip before you trip.
You can register a complaint with the management. But the management listens more closely to a song … going around like so …
Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your troubles on the doorstep;
Just direct your feet,
To the sunny side of the street!
Come on! The eye of the storm is pretty warm – can’t be all that bad. Yes, there will be times when you will feel sad but it’s not your doing – let it wash over and under you. Just don’t let it grab a hold of you. It’s not yours. You did not set in motion this atmospheric ocean! Besides, you’ve still got Roundhead around! So …
Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your troubles on the doorstep;
Just direct your feet,
To the sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny side of the street!
He’s singing in a jazz club now. He’s sitting on a stool. He has a white scarf around his neck and a hat. He’s singing a one-line rendition of the thing you must remember: (He’s in an old-fashioned jazz bar) Okay – he tips his hat. [Shamaan laughs, laughs, and laughs.] His microphone is a kohlrabi. [Laughs]
Delivery is important: [Sings:]
Smile, that’s the thing to do.
Smile, in the Light that’s blue.
A message for all: Zoup! (Soup), Zoup, Zoup, Zoup, Zoup. Is good for you – during the next three weeks – good for you! He’s dancing with every form of vegetable imaginable – zoups, zoups, zoups! And don’t forget the pepper!
I see volcanoes. Lots of them going off – trembling, trembling in the earth. Deep earthquake again – in Indonesia – around that area – deep in the earth, lot of movement. They’re destabilizing the electromagnetic field of the Earth – with HAARP!
I’m seeing a line of chefs and all different kinds, each of them passing a big bowl of soup – every kind.
Strengthen Chi! Strengthen Chi! [laughs] with kale and kohlrabi, curry too. He’s wearing his crown charka flame cone. Paprika, too. Yummy soups made with pepper help.
One sentence. There is not much time to switch the trains. Oh, I see the four trains of the cardinal cross – oh my good Lord, I never saw that before – all of them are carrying nuclear weapons. Oh, oh, [whimpers.] Global disaster. It’s what we came here for – all of us. Try to stop the trains from colliding. It doesn’t look good.
He wants me to tell you, “Don’t forget which side of the street you’re on. It’s the only side that offers a chance to accomplish a miracle, and that’s what it will take to prevent the ‘gourd of ashes.’ Don’t forget which side of the street you’re on! Remember you stopped the white car with the bomb – that’s the sunny side of the street.
Don’t give up little buttercup, don’t give up. Tell your friends to make the mandala – get the image distributed everywhere – the tree, dove, crescent moon, star, and the rose. The star should look like the Star of David. Re-unite the House of Mohammad, the House of David, within the House of the father, of Abraham. The Lady of Light, of Grace, is symbolized by the Rose. May it be done.

There is something that’s hanging around, trying to come into form. Something about the 11-11 sacred pipe and energies resonating with the movements of the planets. It does have to do with the womb of the Great Mother in the Milky Way, in the center, where stars are born. The future is created in the center. It is the Star Nation that taught: When war threatens, give love back. Only love back.
I keep hearing China tries to come into the mix – keep the Hungry Dragon away.
[At the dinner table Shamaan began to hum a song, and then sang it to the tune of “Blow the Man Down”]:
Blow the bad down,
Blow the bad down,
Yo ho,
Blow the bad down,
You know you don’t have to have it around,
So go ahead and blow the bad down.

Messages received by Shamaan

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