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December 2011 New Light Messages #2

We just received this message from Shamaan so it is posted out of order

Israel, dancing, courage, message to lightworkers, boats, earth trembling, the sun, cardinal cross

New Light Messages

December 11, 2011

Greetings. Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. We are pleased that this one has come to recognize and accept her circumstances. For while we do assist this one to maintain in body [with your participation], it does come hard to this one. While each one is allotted a time upon your world – this may be lengthened or cut short by choice, you see.
It is critical that these words be sent to all, for many must know that there are more, many more canaries, as you do say, that walk the earth at this time. Knowledge may indeed be as medicine. Others must know that there may be other factors, as you do say, contributing to their discomfort.* Know this: We shall continue to assist this one, as we do each one of you and many others, for indeed it is difficult in body at this time.
You are needed, each one needed, and so this one shall walk among you upon this earth for awhile longer. Yet to each is given a time, and so we do say treasure well that time you do share – not merely with this one, but one another, for indeed human time is brief upon this world – yet life is eternal. Many worlds shall see you together again.
* “Other factors” refers to increased levels of toxins being released into the air, water, earth from nuclear, chemtrails, wireless e-m fields, and HAARP. A more detailed description of each of these factors to follow. Or if anyone wants to contribute to our radio show by subscribing, we can send you information via CD’s of the show. Each of the topics are given in-depth discussion.
Others must come to know of the forces that do steal away the days and the vitality of your days. For to know is to choose, to choose is to co-create, you see, and your world draws near to the threshold of being created over again. It is also true that there are many who do find it difficult to confront directly the challenges put before you in this time. Far too many prefer, as you do say, rose-tinted glasses. Through those glasses self-deception may prevail. Adequate action is not forthcoming if one does perceive the world through such glasses. Be it known – appropriate choice may not be made unless one sees clearly. The one who remains in the Eye of the Storm, walks with courage, sees with courage, and speaks with courage, acts with courage – BE YOU AMONG THEM. Do not turn away from the unpleasant. Remain committed to creating the pleasant. As given, these are the times you have come into body to experience, to transform, to become a creative force in forming the future of your world. And the choice before you is extremely clear. You may choose to stand aside, look askance, and allow the shadow forces to create a world of dominance, destruction and demise; or you may summon the courage of many lifetimes, the strength culled from many soul lessons to stand forth in the Light of One, allowing it to radiate undiminished through your heart, your soul, your mind, your entire being with such a power that the shadow forces are defeated and will recede into the depths of their own making. And what then remains is but the Light, which reveals a time of healing in the world, healing one another, and indeed, healing life itself – for this is the path of the co-creator.
Upon this path is regeneration, a blossoming of all that is worthy of the Blessing Light of One in your world; and from this will be born the time of the Purple Sun. Hardships will come; hardships will be overcome. Know this and go forth; hold steady in the Eye of the Storm. Treasure each day, each one, for this gift you have been given is precious. You must hold it as such.
We do say, even now the shadow forces within your government prepare a severe abuse of power in order to sway those who would choose the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] over those who would serve death and destruction for personal gain. These are the shadow armies’ preparations, and this is, indeed, their goal.
Choose with an open heart, clear eyes, and a fierce commitment to the Light of Divine Love. Let nothing, nothing turn you away.

[Pause] Yes, we do assist this one. Yet we must now take our leave. Yield not to those obstacles placed in your path. Go forward on the path of the Prince of Peace. We walk with you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
The Lady of the Blue Light

[Shamaan’s hands are raised up in front of her.] She comes. Yes. She says to know that your prayers do assist so many. Yet in times to come, many lives will be saved by the hand of Grace that you helped put into motion. Blessings be upon you. [Shamaan drinks the sacred water. Seven swallows are heard. She then rests her hands over her heart.]

Roundhead says even the Moss Man dances.
Do not fear, the time is not yet near – but golden moments are always here. Keep them near.
A dancing we will go,
A dancing we will go,
Under the mistletoe,
A dancing we will go.
Keep those lights aglow. Each season, each season, celebrate, celebrate!
Stretching, stretching the back – kidneys respond well to stretching.
Okay, yes, keep the trust – don’t let it rust. There’s still a pot of gold for you. You just have to recognize what’s TRUE gold, don’t you know.
Oh my. A dancing we will go,
A dancing we will go,
Under the mistletoe,
A dancing we will go.
Asparagus! Asparagus!
He has to leave now – he doesn’t have that many buckets! [Laughs]
Squash, squash, and more squash.
Do you feel that? Trembling in the earth’s crust.

The Sun is about to let loose. Grab ahold of the caboose. The train is long gone from the station. Yellowstone – much earth activity beneath Yellowstone. (One of the four trains of the Cardinal Cross is almost gone.) [If the Sun is about to let loose, then the changes created by, or built up by, the Grand Cardinal Cross are about to take off in a big way. Uranus has gone direct.

I don’t know what this means but it is an honor to sit under the Loquat Tree. That’s all I hear. Sit under the Loquat Tree. [The Loquat Tree grows in Austin, Texas, and in China, and in similar climate zones.]

Roundhead pops in and says you can even drink asparagus tea under the Loquat Tree. Asparagus root.
I’m seeing a medley of squashes.
Fishing boats in trouble. Big cities. Oh my goodness – look at that wave now. It looks like another tsunami. It seems to be in the north.
Anna Mitchell Hedges is here. She’s present here. I did not know our connection was so strong. She has some things to teach me that she learned … when the time is right. Oh. She has a very strong presence. Her soul lived among the Maya when the Star Nation first came. She was one of them. [She refused to go along with an arranged marriage between her and someone else. Goes back to Atlantis, the Olmec. The turtle was sacred, very sacred, the turtle shell. In Atlantis it was the home of the Seer, the psychic.]
California continues to swarm with earthquakes up and down. Dozens.
Chrysoprase and bloodstone make a lovely duo.

Messages received by Shamaan from the Messengers

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