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March 2012 New Light Messages #2

Magic eggs, Chako Canyon, kidneys, Israel, Iran, Russia, the shadow forces, souls leaving

New Light Messages

March 11, 2012

Note: The Vigil will begin at 10:15 pm, Monday evening, March 19th, which is the 2012 Vernal Equinox.

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief.

Yes, there are indeed many canaries such as this one [Shamaan] and shall be many more. You may find yourself among them, if not already so. But for the canaries, none might be saved. [It is always the canaries that give first warning.]

Yes, it is as given: The shadow force does continue to self-destruct. Yet it is crucial that you do not relax your efforts to hold the Light, for as the shadow does self-destruct, it may leave an opening. Let that opening be filled with Light – that which pours forth from the hearts of Light Bearers. For though the shadow force does destroy itself, it does not necessarily equate to victory. You may help choose what shall be an opening through which complete dissolution [of the shadow] does manifest. For the opportunity that the Light and the Way of the Heart may enter into the world with healing force does exist. It shall bring the Time of the Purple Sun into reality, you see.

In coming weeks do be aware that as the shadow in the world does reveal itself to the Great Awakener, know that within your own personality those aspects that are of the shadow shall come forth with great strength. See to it that they are immediately submitted to the Blue Light and transformed on the altar of transformation, that they may become additional resources for that which does serve the Light of Love, that which does serve the Greater Good. [Pause]
As you approach the Equinox – the vernal equinox – you shall see a quickening of unfolding events in the world. The House of Abraham trembles. The warbird who is Netanyahu [Prime Minister of Israel] becomes agitated at obstacles to his plan.

As you come to the Vigil, do spend some time each day contemplating the image given [Tree of Life, Dove, Star of David, Crescent Moon, Roses]. It is intended to heal at the deepest levels of soul symbolism. Each day, hold for a time – whether it be a few minutes or a few seconds – hold the image in your mind’s eye, and in prayer, that the House of Abraham shall be healed, united once again – brother to brother [Muslims and Jews]. Let the symbols within the image be releasing the power of the Blue Light to transform. Many are needed for this task, yet many become undermined by doubt and fear. In this hour, you cannot allow doubt and fear to dissuade you – for Light Bearers will be the factor to determine the direction taken by the end of this year. Know this: Remain at your post in the Eye of the Storm, for you shall indeed see much that will cause even you to tremble. Do not let go. Hold high the Light and remain as the beacon. Know that we have and shall always be at your side. [Pause]

Yes, each one is needed. As you gather at the turning of the season, know that the Light you hold ignites the flame of another era wherein the spiritual Light shall be the dominant force. We say spiritual, for no dogma is sufficient to embrace the Spirit of Life. Go now. Follow the footsteps of the masters. May the Holy One be seen in your every waking moment as a Presence surrounding, filling, and going before you, now and evermore. For it is so. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


Dancing helps your hips, which in turn helps your knees, which in turn helps your toes, which in turn helps your nose, and so it goes from head to toe. Dancing is a medicine, don’t ya’ know.
Roundhead says it is the season for wearing of the green. But there won’t be a lot of that to be seen – so you’ll have to make up for it.

More boats in trouble.

More, more earthquakes soon – and strong ones.

I just saw a flood of souls leaving the earth. Numbers are huge.

Green beans – good for the kidneys.

This year [2012] is a year that will not be forgotten.
Chaco Canyon was the Machu Picchu of the Southwest – where those who kept intact the spiritual teachings retreated.
As you approach the Equinox Vigil, beware of contention – it will scramble your intention.

The Russian Bear is spoiling for trouble.

I heard the following message last Monday: Negative personality patterns are swirling to the surface and muddying the waters.

I recall seeing a vision of an ancient Hopi pictograph – carved in red sandstone. It had a single line that split into an upper line and a lower line. There were people on the top line and people on the lower line – it was a choice. Those that chose the upper path were rigid and stiff and filled with the ambition of ego. Those on the lower path, the people, were happy; they were carrying baskets of corn.

I heard the following message from Roundhead sometime last week:
Look for the egg of magic. He told me what it was. It contains your co-creator power. Within the egg is all potential – whatever you choose to create will be, for you are co-creators, you see. “Take it, and break it, and make it your own.” Break the shell that separates you from co-creation. Own it. I remember seeing hundreds of little scenarios that are all possibilities – it was like a hologram. And you can go like a laser and see this whole screen of all future possibilities; and only with higher consciousness is this egg of Light directed; and you can find the square that reflects what you want to co-create. Then it will manifest. If you can manifest what you need and want, you can co-create. Then you have opened the egg of magic. Even when life looks tragic.
Black holes are the incubator of matter. They are the beginning point of creation.

Messages received by Shamaan from The Messengers

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