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January 2012 New Light Messages #2

Events of 2012, Salmon dying, monks, Maya, Ginseng , Rainbow Dragons, Miracles, Earth trembling

New Light Messages

January 15, 2012

Greetings. Yes, we are among you. There is much to be given, yet we must be brief.

Yes, you do begin to draw near the end of the great cycle; each cycle does then begin anew. There are, indeed, forces that bring to bear unusual events, unusual circumstances, you see. While this time has been coming to fruition for many years now, it does soon reach the apex.

Know this: In this time you who hold the Eye of the Storm, you who have been given the great privilege of being removed from the fray, the upheaval, and indeed, the confusion – you, and others also who hold to the Eye of the Storm, you who are of good heart are of more importance in this time than you know. For as you enjoy the benefits of your position, there are also responsibilities, as you do say. You must be a stabilizing influence. For much of the world will be in upheaval as you approach the turning point of the Great Cycle. Long buried fears, long buried doubts, beliefs, that do not serve the coming new time shall be brought forcefully to the surface in the arena of individual awareness. That which is ancient patterning shall rise to challenge the soul, and a great number will succumb to the shadow. While it shall appear strong in this year, that which does unfold does create its own destruction, consumed by its own negative force generated by excessive ego. The power of the shadow will gradually wane. Those who hold forth the Light in the Eye of the Storm, must hold firmly to the vision of the time you wish to create. You must hold firmly to the Way of the Heart. Compassion shall lead the way to justice, to that which is balance, you see. Yes, many more will come to recognize the signs of the Great Turning. One of those signs is to be celebrated – for there will be a turning away from the dominance of material consideration; and a turning towards that which serves the Greater Good, as you do say. Yes, many more, many more shall embrace in this time the Way of the Heart. Yet, do not be mistaken – there are those that will be swallowed by the turmoil generated within the shadow’s energy field. And so you will see much, as you do say, civil upheaval even unto this land. Many shall once again take to the streets. Old matters, such as racial fears, shall rise to the forefront. Much will unfold that will call upon the use of weapons. Yet do not lose sight of the vision of the Purple Sun, yes, even now drawing near where ALL shall be seen as relatives, ALL shall be seen through the Light of love. In this time many more will come to see the need to honor the ways of nature, to bring to an end the assault upon Mother Earth and her children. Many more shall rise up in resistance to the path that leads to destruction. Many shall turn from greed to the Way of the Heart, and to the protection of the Earth and all that She does offer.

The land will awaken many who do yet sleep, for the trembling will be great. The shattering [natural gas technology of fracking] of stability beneath the earth’s surface will bear great consequence! Dryness shall alternate rapidly with flooding, and the shifting of the soil will take many. It is but a cleansing, you see, a cleansing of the way for a new time that is being born even now.

It shall be seen that those who have succumbed to the illusion that they might control the forces of nature shall become aware of the very destructive and dangerous unleashing of chaos caused by what they do. Storms will rage, from the winds to the waters, to the cracking of dry land; indeed, to the frost where such is rarely seen to occur. The upheaval, the imbalance shall set others talking and seeking a different way of relating to the natural forces. Much is within the province of those who hold forth the Light. Again, we do say, more than you imagine! For as you polish your inner diamond and activate the 13 cells of your star ancestry, you create a magnetic force that will draw hundreds of thousands, even millions of souls to the Way of the Heart. Yet know this: A harsh awakening must come – nuclear conflagration will be almost impossible to avoid. Miracles do remain possible and the Hand of Grace may provide such. Yet it does appear that those who remain entrenched in the way of the shadow must experience a harsh awakening. We hold that this not be so; but Netanyahu [Prime Minister of Israel] is determined. He is not alone. The warbirds must be removed from their perch. Humility is not known to them.

There is much more to be given, yet we do say: Relish the gift of your position. Relish indeed the pure waters and relative clean air, for there is a far greater burden that others do bear.

Hold steady the Light. Let not your own shadow begin to nibble at the edges of the Light within you. You are so very greatly needed. Go forth. Follow the path of the Prince of Peace. Let your heart expand to embrace fully the commitment that you have taken on, and be daily the beacon of Light for others, that they may find their way.

Yes, we do take our leave; as we have assisted this one, we shall assist each one. Call, call. We shall respond. May the Blessings of the Holy One surround you and go before you, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Roundhead, Visions, Messages

Life, life, life can become a fright,

If you lose sight of delight, delight, delight.

Never pass up a chance to dance.

Challenges, challenges in the air this year. Just remember: help is always near. Yes, this one will be given clues, you see. Yes, to keep your body as pain-free as can be. Trust, trust is the thing that helps you now. Times have changed, are hard on the body [laughs]. Just don’t let your feet get shoddy. Hold on, hold on around the curves; they can be fun for one who serves. Celebrate! The Rainbow Dragon comes. More ginseng will suit you fine. Not quite as good as wine, but will help you keep that Light shining true. Roundhead takes a bow. He must leave now. Remember the Rainbow Dragon brings blessings your way. Ha. He knows how to dance – watch that tail sway!

Yes, formula: Ginseng, Ho Shou Wu, too. He will show me. Especially now, especially this year — keep the egg of magic near, near. Thank you.

The time of Salmon draws to a close. Soon.

For the next few nights, meditate before sleep. Attune your thoughts to the Hall of Records – mysteries important to your soul’s journey will be revealed. Not all, just some necessary for the moment.

I just heard – even the Maya have forgotten many of their mysteries.

The Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] needs protective prayers.

I have an image in my mind of a gorgeous temple: an old, old monk is walking up a few steps to a massive opening – almost mountain high – top of an opening. Instead of being inside a Buddhist’s temple, when you walk through the opening it’s all space – whirling galaxies and stars. It’s space. I wish I could paint that.

Message received by Shamaan from The Messengers

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