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New Light messages April to June

New Light Messages

April 1, 2012

Greetings.  We are with you in this sacred circle.  We must be exceedingly brief, you see.  Yet we would have you know that, indeed, as the cleansing does continue, the Great Awakener will bear hard upon this planet, for too many yet sleep, too many yet are drawn to the way of the shadow.  You shall see as the shadow force does devour itself, a great many will turn random anger into actions of a very desperate nature.  As given, conflict between races and continued strife in the area of beliefs shall increase.  The sun shall be a very great factor, and intensifies that which does unfold.  A great heat shall envelop many places and give rise to increasing temperament.  You must function as the balance.  Many shall find it exceedingly easy to lose temper, balance, and focus.  Now you do enter a time when such loss of temper, balance, and focus shall be costly in many, many ways, within and without.  Know this:  Indeed, the solar eclipse that does approach is a great deal more than curiosity.  Few do understand the forces unleashed when such an occurrence does unfold under certain circumstances.  Know this:  The circumstances present an opportunity of immense magnitude to impact direction of flow of the energies that now do increase.  Those who react with anger shall bring greater strife, suffering, and difficulty in this cleansing process.  Those who take the opportunity to act from clear heart and mind to serve the greater good shall indeed experience a great expansion of the soul through higher consciousness, you see.  Be aware; the forces that come into fruition with your summer solstice will be greatly challenging on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and indeed, spiritual.  Maintain your focus upon your world as Light Bearers, as holders of the Eye of the Storm.  What you will be called to do, do with willingness and gratitude.  For as given, it is indeed an honor to be called in this time.  As you have chosen, you are chosen.  Never doubt, never doubt that you may rise to the challenge and accomplish the soul’s mission in this time of great need. 

We do stand with you, we are among you.  Extraordinary help is given in extraordinary times through extraordinary means.  Know this and be comforted.  Let not your focus be divided nor diverted – you now become the Eye of the Storm. 

Yes, we do now take our leave.  Be aware of our presence and you may make greater use of our aid.  Go forward on the path of peace with the Prince of Peace before you.  We shall be with you on each step.  The blessings of the Holy One do now pour upon you and shall pour upon you evermore.  Eloheim.  Eloheim.  Eloheim. 

Yes.  The Lady of the Blue Light, Lady of Grace.  [Shamaan drinks the sacred water and then rests her hands over her heart.]  Thank you, my Lady.  She asks for special prayers for the trees, and the little ones of all species, the children.  Remember them as this moon grows full, for their way will come hard in weeks to come.  Ease; ease their way with remembrance and prayer.  Let your Light lift them as Hers lifts you.  So it shall be.  Yes.  Her hand will lift the burden where possible; will sweep away suffering.  It is unseen; healing the soul heals all else.  Be at peace, it will be done. 


The egg is already cracked, don’t ya know.  You can see inside the crack a golden glow.  Yes, promising possibilities.  You don’t have to borrow some magic, it’s already there – but you do have to get out of your chair and dance!  Not enough dancing and not enough asparagus! 

[Laughs]  He likes cooking with wine, too.  Asparagus and white wine – that’ll do!  White wine with sauce.  It’s a sauce.  Yes, I see it.  I can do that.  Okay, yes it is a white wine and onion sauce.  He will come back this way.  Bye Roundhead, I got the recipe. 

[We all sing:]  Asparagus!  Soaking them in some wine for a little time.  Asparagus.  It’ll ease those sleepless night times. 

[Laughs]  He stands over the tops of Easter eggs.  There was a concoction I was making – he had on a hat shaped like an asparagus spear.  I remember a white creamy-looking sauce with pieces of chive.  I just saw him sprinkle paprika, too.  Yes, okay. 

Please pray for healing to come with the full moon that will quell rising tempers and soften hearts hardened by suspicion of others. 

May brings great tumult.

Water – it will be hard to come by soon. 

I saw activity in the Cascades – earth movement – magma moving, ancient snows melting. 

[Shamaan purses her lips like a fish.]  I am a fish struggling to breathe.  (Oceans in great trouble.)

I’m hearing these words:  The path to the Way of the Heart will appear lost for a time.  Do not despair.  It will re-appear with greater clarity, and strength. 

Energy strings.  He’s showing energy strings.  Dancing will help our energy strings.  Dance first, and then do hands [Shamaan makes a level back-and-forth motion with her hands.]  You can feel them – energy strings – then put your hands where it hurts – it will help.

New Light Messages      April 8, 2012

Greetings.  Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle.  Know this:  The soul known as the ‘Seeker’, to him in this time is John* [John Burch], shall have that which will remind him of the eternal nature of the soul, of the many lives that are required, you see, to evolve and come into full union with that which is the Higher Self.  Yes, his return will be quick, you see, for many will be needed to assist others in this world.
Now you shall see on every continent, on every island, the Great Awakener does indeed drive the elements to their extreme expression.  It shall be so, for there is indeed little time, little time to turn away from the destructive forces of the shadow world.  The awakening must be accelerated, you see.  And though many, many souls shall leave this plane in this time, we say, again:  Those who have chosen to be of the Light, to serve the Light of One, must remain at their post in the Eye of the Storm.  Yes, for much will be needed, requested of you in this time.  As many do leave this plane of existence, there will be a flood of others coming in.  Those who choose to come in service to the Light of Love, in service of the Way of the Heart, are coming to be among you.  They are the many who have prepared for this time, many past lives ago.  It is again a great honor to be present in this time, participating, you see, in the Great Turning, the turning of the Great Cycle.  You shall see a quickening of the pace, though it may not seem possible or tolerable, it must be so.  Many shall exclaim at how quickly life flows, and how much pressure is brought to bear in each hour of each day.  Do recall you must practice that which has been given!  You must often remove self from the fray.  Frequently touch the earth, a stone, or a tree.  While circumstances are not ideal, there yet remains a vibrational frequency, a magnetic resonance within the earth that may assist you to alleviate the pressure, you see, alleviate pressure. 
There will be a pattern of surprises, as the unexpected multiplies.  Do not become rigid in your expectations in this time. 
You must remember water, water in all its expressions, as well as intake.  Drink, for you shall find a strong thirst shall beset you.  This is brought about by those forces that contaminate your skies, that which you do know as toxic trails from planes.  Flushing will indeed assist you and your body in tolerating this assault.
We do say, as the Seeker shall find answers, so shall each.  For there is no going without a coming, nor coming without a going.  It is so, that all may have the opportunity to learn, to BE and to manifest that lifeforce which is within all, you see. 
Prepare, for the time that does come upon you shall be intense and shall be fraught with many challenges.  Take every opportunity to realign your essence, your frequency, your soul.  Touch upon the earth.  Allow your soul to commune through meditation with that which IS.  Smile and assist one another in your tasks, for they shall fall one upon the other.  This is the time for which you have prepared.  Use it well and cherish the honor.  Do recall that the elemental forces are not beyond your focused meditation, prayers.  Ask:  What would be of service to the Greater Good, and then perform same. 
We do walk among you now.  We now take our leave with this blessing:  That you know within each cell and all of your being the eternal nature that is LIFE, THE LIGHT within, without, in every direction.  You are part of and ever an expression of this Light.  It is a blessing.  Know this and cherish the gift.  The Holy One goes with you now and evermore.  Eloheim.  Eloheim.  Eloheim. 
I saw the Lady of Grace extending a hand to everyone here – radiating, radiating this beautiful blue energy over everyone
So much swirling, swirling activity.  Events flying by fast, oh my. 
Roundhead says to hang on to the seat of your pants – the train has left the tracks. 
Roundhead is dancing.  Dance a little bit every day.  Shake the glooms of stiffness away. 
A message just came through:  A request that we visualize and call the ancient soul of Persia to return to the path of the poet; that the soul of the nation be guarded by its poets. 
Apply the teachings, apply the teachings.  You have been given much, now application is a must.  For each, what must become application is different.  Inquire within. 
I just saw a funny image – like an old-time mounted desk calendar.  A fan or wind was blowing the pages off in a constant flutter to suggest time flying quickly by. 
About to blow – Mount Pinatubo, a volcano in the Philippines.  Others, as well.
* John is dying very quickly of ALS.  He is an old and dear friend of several of the recipients of these messages, including Ryan, Shamaan, and several others.

New Light Messages      May 27, 2012
Greetings.  Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle.  We shall be brief.  Yes, as given, there shall continue a great difficulty, indeed danger surrounding travel in these weeks to come – by air, by land, by sea – by all means.  Heed well your inner signals that you may respond when warning is given, and it shall be given. 
Know this:  A great many do yet yearn for that which is what you do call nuclear [energy].  It is not a power that may be contained, and so there will be another accident.  Many yet sleep; [they] have not yet awakened to the understanding of the grave danger their nuclear reactors do present, you see.  It is necessary to bring to bear the message that it may not be contained and must indeed be shunned by every nation. 
Indeed, events in the ancient land of Damascus [Syria], where great violence does now continue – there arises a source that shall become aligned with those in Persia who do seek that which is nuclear weapon [could be a reference to Assad].  Netanyahu proceeds with plans.  Peace is still within range of that which you call DIPLOMACY.  Yet the old warrior [Netanyahu] is not prepared to heed the warnings.  You must continue to send forth the Blue Light through prayer, through conscious visualization, that the wings of the warbirds will be clipped.  For the danger deepens.  The Great Awakener will bring more pressure to bear upon those who seek to continue with this dangerous force. 
Radiation does now poison every ocean.  You have not been told truth.  The nuclear submarine did indeed release radioactive material following explosion.  Much death and suffering of those within seas.  It will have its repercussions upon all – whether within seas or upon land.  All will know the consequences, and so we do say it is as was given some time ago:  It is now a grave danger to consume any food – fish from the oceans of your world.  The tragedy does touch all. 
Yes, it is also as given:  This time is difficult – harsh, as you do say, in the physical body.  A great many multitude of souls will leave this plane soon, as they do now, even at this moment.  As well, [there] shall be the return of many souls of what you do call ‘higher order’­those who in ancient times did learn much that will be of service to those who hold forth the Light in the Eye of the Storm.  They do enter and shall be of great assistance. 
The one known as the Seeker [John Burch*] does prepare, yes.  He will find it surprising to discover existence does continue.  Yet he shall not have his wish for a long time out of body.  He will return soon to take his place among the Light Bearers, within the Eye of the Storm, for there will be a great need for generations to come:  Restoring the world to balance will require time as well as the service of many of those who hold the Light.  Yet you who do now work to hold the Light may mitigate the amount of time as well as the amount of danger and damage, you see.  It is so. 
The Great Awakener will again move forcefully through every element.  You shall see volcanic eruptions, trembling earth, greater winds, fires, more than deemed usual.  Yet who will heed the need to return to balance with Nature; the need to return to the Way of the Heart?  You must hold firm that others may see and know that there are those who do serve the Light of One upon the path of the Heart. 
Know this:  There will be indeed a necessity to be cautious, and conscious, and careful to wash hands and all that one does put within body [eat], for there are coming now within your atmosphere micro-organisms that carry disease for which you are not prepared.  Do not neglect [to wash hands and food], for it will be present as a danger for the next three of your months.  Proceed with this awareness and be cautious. 
We do again request your continued focus upon the House of Abraham that a healing, a coming to peace, may be the miracle that you seek.
We do now take our leave and offer you this blessing:  May you be aware of [the] great good fortune to be present in this time.  Treasure the honor and privilege of your position, and walk with the Prince of Peace into the Time of the Purple Sun.  Hold steady in the Light of One, and let the blessings shine upon you now as they do in each moment.  Go now in the Way of the Heart.  Eloheim.  Eloheim.  Eloheim. 
Roundhead says:  Plenty of room under the Bo Tree.  Plenty of room under the Bo Tree, but keep dancing, keep dancing.  Pray for the bees, butterflies, and birds.  All [the] creatures of the air must be heard.  Listen, listen – you’ll hear their cries.  You can turn them to song if you only try.  Yes, keep them alive, yes, nurture every bee hive.  But also help people to know the dangers that make them go away.  You can help them stay. 
Fo Ti, [it’s] medicine for all now.  It’s Ho Shou Wu – it’s good for you. 
He says he told you [Shamaan] when you came [here], and now you find the same – Asparagus!  [We sing] Asparagus!  Buckets galore. 
Yes, yes, flowers and prayers and spreading the word will help the little winged ones.  Their song will be heard.  Pray for the bats, as well. 
He’s showing me that the electromagnetic circulation around the earth is disturbed; disturbed circulation around the Earth and physical bodies.  Yes, must increase circulation – Fo Ti, Ginseng, Ginger, and Wine.  Separate or together will do just fine.  Vision:  White wine and herbs – ginseng, fo ti, ginger – summer brew. 
I hear them – wings, lots of wings. 
Not much time to avoid the Great Hammer.  Must strengthen the electromagnetic field of the Earth to deflect.  They are showing me the Great Hammer.  It draws closer.  It is still far enough away to change its course – but more higher consciousness is needed – more needed. 
Roundhead is singing:  Berries!  Berries!  All kinds of berries, berries. 
I hear bees buzzing. 
Danger surrounds the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama].  Prayers are needed for protection.  See him shielded with blue-green light – not just blue – blue/green light. 
The winds carries so much to challenge the body’s balance.  [Heard later:  The sweetness of a clean breeze WILL RETURN.]
* For those who knew John, he crossed over today (Saturday, June 2nd)

New Light Messages          June 3, 2012

Greetings.  We are with you in this sacred circle.  Yes, it is as has been given:  Many souls shall leave, many more shall enter and many shall return quickly.  While there shall be time for assimilation, what is recharge, as you do say,  the soul [John Burch], that has recently left this plane shall return as if in a twinkling of an eye, known in your time experience it will be a cycle of a year. 
We do say, enjoy one another while you may.  Let not a day, an opportunity pass without celebrating your sharing of the sacred breath, your sharing of this time upon your world.  It is indeed a choice that you do sojourn together.  It is a choice made first to be of service to the Greater Good, that which is The Light, that which is Love.  You do enter this plane to learn the greater truth, which is LOVE. 
Indeed, as was learned in the final days, weeks, of the soul who recently did pass through the doorway between worlds – many voices through the centuries, indeed, thousands of years, have spoken same:  To be of service you must learn LOVE.  LOVE for one another, for self, for all creation, all living manifestations of the One is the lesson.  That is indeed the miracle, miracle that you seek.
Now we do request your continued focus through prayer upon the House of Abraham – for preparations for war quicken.  Those who gain power through fear do now intend to increase their power through increased fear.  So it shall be as well in your land as the contest does unfold, the contest for the seat of power, you see. 
Know this:  Those who are of the Pachyderms do use fear, and shall increase their efforts.  You shall see much put forward as evidence to unseat the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama].  It is false – yet many, many fall beneath the powerful spell of fear.  Hold steady the vision, the vision of unity in peace summoned by the Tree of Life, beneath the light of a new moon, with the star, the dove, and the rose.  The power of that image can exceed and transmute many voices raised in fear.  Know this and hold steady within the Eye of the Storm as it rages in many places.  Those who are aware of the grave danger do continue to hold meditative prayers.  As you come together, as you work together, as you do sit and pray together, your voices, your actions, counter those of fear.  Your meditative prayers are strengthened by those of others.  It is for this one cause that he [John Burch] shall return to join forces with those who will counter fear.  The soul will join in creating a time of healing, a time of the Purple Sun, which does manifest the Way of the Heart, the way of peace, compassion, love, tolerance.  Love is the dominant element you work in service of in this time.  Yes, know that precious is the time you share.
Yield not to fear.  Celebrate, treasure while you may each gift that comes with sharing this time.  Go now upon the path that does lead to the Way of the Heart.  We are with you.  Together, we follow the Prince of Peace.  Blessings of the Holy One be with you now and evermore.  Eloheim.  Eloheim.  Eloheim. 
The Lady of the Blue Light
[Shamaan drinks the sacred water after holding forth her hands, which then come to rest over her heart.]  Yes, thank you, my Lady. 
Yes, prayers for the creatures of the seas, for those who live among the trees, for the little ones caught in war.  Do not be unaware (of the suffering of others), for your awareness eases suffering.  Through awareness you are drawn to use your co-creative powers in service, in prayer, in love, and in actions.  She does ask that you remain aware.  She thanks you for your prayers and says, know the Hand of Grace is in motion.
Yes, this is the teaching of the Great Mystery.  The Laughing One [John Burch] is delighted to see.  He comes to hug the Bo Tree.  Restless mind but a glorious heart has come to find life does not depart.  The Light is always and ever true, um hum.  Yes, and the thread of love, time, also does not sever.  [Laughs]  He did not know what to believe, but he can’t deny the tree.  Free.  He’s so happy to be free.  He wants to go everywhere, do everything, know everything, and see everything.  [Laughs]  Okay, he [John] has never heard this song – you must sing:
             Take it and break it and make it your own,
            Open the egg of magic!
            Wherever you wander, you’ll always be home,
            Even if life looks tragic.
            Just remember to ride the wind,
            You can be sure, that he is your friend,
            Take it and break it and make it your own,
            Open the egg of magic!
[Laughs]  Ah, you have found the secret!  Magic always outdoes tragic.  Yes, life, life, life is magic!  Have bushel of eggs!  Such potential! 
Time for dancing, dancing, dancing.  Yes, the more dance you have, the more time you have.  You must have dancing you know.  Whether fast or slow, dance, dance, dance!  [Laughs] 
Yes, he’s even encouraging the Laughing One to dance, and it’s not hard.  He’s happy to jump and prance, to run all around the [Bo] tree!  He finds that he can still be, be, be, be.  A funny word, BE.  A Holy word, BE.  Yes, you can be here, you can be there, you can be anywhere.  ‘Be’ is the secret to eternity.  But you must …  [We all sing:]
             Take it and break it and make it your own,
            Open the egg of magic!
Buckets come and buckets go, but the river of life still flows – go, go.  Message:  Don’t lose touch with ecstasy under so many concerns and burdens of life.  But if you know nothing but strife, you lose ecstasy – the JOY, you see, the JOY – is what helps you be, be, be, be!  Dance, dance, dance to reclaim the joy; twinkling toes help you to be. 
There is no “To be or not to be” [Roundhead is quoting Hamlet.]; there is only to be.  He [Roundhead] holds up a peach instead of a skull.  So much nicer, and much the wiser!  Peaches though, ah, peaches are so aglow.  Everything in life has the wisdom to glow, even a scrumptious peach.  It can teach the deliciousness of being.  Ah yes, he must go.  He just wants you to know:
            You’ve got Roundhead,
            You’ve got Two-Bear,
            You’ve got Magic,
            Who could ask for anything more?
He’s going to polish up that old dance floor.  Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle; slush, slush, slush. 
Islands.  I see islands lashed by the sea very furiously.  It looks like the North Sea.  Wild, wild, wild oceans.  
More shaking under Italy.  Vesuvius does not sleep. 
A message:  He wants you to know he’s eating a peach under the Bo Tree.  Everyone­you all did so well, so well.  [It is John thanking all of us.] 
Careful.  Increase olive leaf, aloe immune, vitamin C.  Irritations and complications to mucous membranes – nose, throat, eyes.  Atmospheric irritants will cause what many will think is flu, but not. 
The Elders [Elder Brothers] are here.  They wish us to pray for the trees.  Many, many will be destroyed.