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New Light Messages July 2012

New Light Messages 


July 8, 2012
Greetings.  We do join you in this sacred circle.  We shall be brief. 
Many do look around in awe; they look, you see, at that which does unfold; yet few do see their hand in what does unfold.  It is not merely the Hand of the Great Awakener that does move all the elements within the storm that rages.  Indeed, for an illusion has taken hold, if not delusion, that may prove disastrous for your whole planet.  The illusion of which we speak is that many see that which does unfold as punishment by some deity.  There is great confusion surrounding the term deity, for punishment is not the work of a Deity.  Indeed, tears of compassion are more likely, you see.  For while many suffer, suffer greatly, not many think of the creatures of the forest, or of the waters, or of the air.  All suffer, and indeed the greatest loss is that which is the loss of awareness, the loss of understanding, gripped by old ways of believing, thinking.  Many, many do yet remain unaware of their role as co-creator, and so remain unaware of that which is brought into being by their choices.  And the longer that many remain unaware, the longer the cleansing does remain.  The cleansing shall continue to be of all unsurprassing difficulty, for now the unbalance within your world has reached a critical point.
Those who continue to drill deep into the earth disturb more than that which they seek [fracking] — that fuel for the way of life that is sought to be maintained, you see – bringing millions of years of waters stored within the earth to become used up and poisoned.  It will come hard to those who seek to grow food; it will come hard for the earthquakes now because of drilling again and again wreaks havoc among the elements.  For many subterranean caverns that did once hold water shall change the face of your world as they collapse.  We do despair for those who would continue to seek the ways of material dominance, for it is not only their own souls that suffer, indeed, it is the soul of the earth itself. 
Know this:  It will be seen – great changes in electromagnetic forces of your planet – many more, many more eruptions from within and without shall occur upon your earth, and from within your earth, and from within your sun, and indeed, within your solar system, yes, and even from within people.  People are crowded too close to the edge, and the tensions of the raging storm of cleansing bear now hard upon those too close to the edge.  So you shall see an increase in those who shall, as you do say, ‘lose it.’
Be aware:  now is not the time to travel by airplane.  Use caution – even in moving about your abode.  For as the imbalance does grow more extreme, the elemental forces within self also become subject to imbalance.  In the time that does approach, that which is your Autumn season of the Equinox shall bring many challenges to every aspect of your existence.  Employ all that you have been given to regain and maintain the Eye of the Storm – your inner balance and, as well, your spiritual connection to Source.  You would also do well to find occasions to laugh as well as to cry.  Laughter does heal as much as tears. 
We must close, yet we do remind that the danger does remain and indeed grows stronger.  The House of Abraham, the warbirds press for action.  For Persia prepares in ways that will surprise, but may yet be mitigated.  It must be, for if it does erupt in conflict of the most extreme form, the devastation of your planet’s poles and the elemental forces shall be challenged greatly.  Life would come hard to those that remain – exceedingly hard.  Hold steady to the Eye of the Storm; use your power as co-creator to assist in defusing that possibility between Israel and Iran [and, ultimately, the world]. 
In the land of blood now known as Syria, where Damascus once embraced sacred olive groves, there are forces within that land that seek to instigate conflict between Israel and Persia/Iran, you see.  For he of the bloodied hand will use the distraction to hold onto power, and will seek even more by causing war between others to retain it. 
Know this:  As co-creator, you and others who have embraced the power of co-creator in the Spiritual Light of the One that embodies Love may help prevent this.  Yes, you may help prevent this.  Use the image given.  Use the power of prayerful intent and use the action of meditation extended into the material world.  You will be given opportunity to help alter the course.  Heed that you recognize same. 
Water will come to be of great importance, great; even your intake at this time.  We may now take our leave and offer this blessing:  That your awareness of your power as co-creator may expand in concert with a loving heart.  Then you shall offer to others these same blessings as you do receive.  May the Holy One be felt within you, now and evermore.  Eloheim.  Eloheim.  Eloheim. 
The golden ray of Melchizedek will come through, and none will be untouched.  There is comfort within the golden rays of Melchizedek, and the Lady of Grace lifts all into the Blue Light.  It is the complement and completion of the golden gift of Melchizedek.  As the Hand of Grace is offered in the Blue Light of our Lady, the complement and the completion is accomplished.  As one extends to the other it allows you to have transmutation.  Music, beautiful music is heard, inexpressively beautiful. 

Roundhead is in a pout.  He’s been left out.  There’s been no dancing for so long.  What is wrong?  He can’t stay, he just wants to say:  don’t lose your dancing shoes.  You’ll get jumped on by the blues – not the Blue Light of Grace, the blues of the long face.  He wants you to …
   Get your hat,
   Get your coat,
   Leave your worries on the doorstep,
   Just direct your feet,
   To the sunny side of the street. 
Now …
   You’ve got Roundhead,
   You’ve got Two-Bear,
   You’ve got Magic,
   Who could ask for anything more?
You can’t leave them stranded there – so
   Get your hat,
   Get your coat,
   Leave your worries on the doorstep,
   Just direct your feet,
   To the sunny side of the street. 
He wants you to know (that) your friend, the Seeker [John Burch], has found all he wants to know under the Bo Tree, yes.  [Laughs]  He’s quite surprised to see, to discover it’s not what you know, it’s what you believe that sets you free.  He’s having a grand time.  He’s doing just fine.  [Shamaan raises her arms up and spreads them out like wings.]  Light as a feather, he can float wherever. 
Roundhead says make a face and chase it away with a grin.  He’s gone. 
Okay, ups and downs happen anywhere.  The trick is not to care!  [Laughs] 
Okay, I get it.  Watch your head!  Oh wow – the bump won’t last – they could get you in bed, so watch your head.  Be careful – for a month, month-and-a-half. 
Roundhead – each one of you will have to draw on unusual things to get you through.  Yes, I’m ready to dance.  I don’t do jigs, though.  Okay Roundhead, bye. 
Oh Asparagus!  Asparagus!   As he goes, he’s singing, “In every season we need it now.”

Transmission received by Dr. Shamaan Eagle

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