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New Light Messages August 2012

New Light Messages August , 2012

Yes, greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief, you see. Yet we must reveal that you will find continued volatility in energetic fields, which will require continued caution beyond that which is the full moon. Old personality patterns shall surface with force. Do not allow them full expression, for these patterns shall draw many into the shadow.
Know this: Efforts to increase or turn back the changes (climate change reference) within elemental forces do exacerbate, even hasten the time when the Great Hammer must intervene. We would that other choices be made. It shall indeed come hard to those in body upon this Earth. In coming weeks you shall find many challenges in physical body. A great many experience discomfort, pain, that does come to you from those elements used in the attempt to control wind, water, cloud, indeed elements. Not merely is there introduction of toxic substance, but also altered electromagnetic field of your planet in many ways. [Shamaan believes this refers to HAARP.] In many ways these forces do also bear heavily on the minds of those who choose the path of war. All who have given over to the ways of violence and war are subject, you see, to these same influences. And so, the House of Abraham (Israel), the House of David, pursues plans to provoke conflict. Know this: as was revealed to this one in previous days, IT MAY YET ALL BE CHANGED. Warning does prepare one to take action in opposite direction. There are, indeed, few, yet those few wield a great power. It is the power of knowledge, and that power of choice which may readily effect action toward the Light, toward peace and harmony with the Greater Good. All those who have chosen to come to assist your world do serve peace and the Way of the Heart. They have committed, as you have, to save this beautiful planet. We will not abdicate our commitment: we do stand with you, and you must stand firm and hold to the knowledge. Do let that knowledge be an inspiration for your transformation. Walk with those of the Light and the Hand of Grace shall assist you and others who have made the choice of the Way of the Heart for the hope of the world. Do not doubt this; do not despair. Hold forth in the Light of One through prayer, focus, willed action to serve the Greater Good, and there may come a miracle. In whatever form is needed, a miracle is still possible.
You may ease the discomfort in body with increased intake of water. Many have forgotten the light of dawn and twilight. These frequencies of light do regulate much in the body to allow adjustment, adjustment to the challenges you face. Light shall also assist you in easing disturbances in sleep. We do say, once again, it would also aid with the toxic substances that assail your body – to place feet in hot or warm water in the evening time. Salt may be used (Epsom).
Indeed, much has been given to assist you in this time. Use same. Heed well the inner voice that does guide you from within the heart of Light. Do not set forth if that voice does whisper of too great difficulty or danger. Be much more aware of your body in all circumstance. For although we walk with you and assist you in guidance and healing, you must be aware. Hold to the image daily: the tree, the dove, the moon, the star, the rose. Let it be as a visual prayer, for the House of David does seek to strike before November, before the time of making the choice for the one who will hold the seat of power in your land.
We do take our leave with this blessing: May you find the peace of infinite trust in your heart to guide each step on your path as you follow the path of the Prince of Peace, Lady of Grace, and all who live for the One Light, which is indeed LOVE. Go now; blessings of the Holy One shower you along the way. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

(Shamaan appears to drink deeply of the sacred water. Then her hands move down to her heart. She is, of course, in an altered state.) Thank you, my Lady. Yes, for the little ones; I will not forget the little ones who leave this world in pain. We will remember them in prayer, and offer them the grace of forgetfulness to end suffering. May it be given. They are bathed in the Light, and their souls cleansed – freed, freed. I know It must come, but the Grace, the compassionate heart, will lift many into the Blue Light of Peace. Blessings of the One giver of Life and Light be yours now and evermore. Thank you, my Lady.

Okay, remember: dancing eases the way. It doesn’t let poisons [from the chemtrails] stay. Move ‘em out with a little sway and quickstep, to dance your worries away.
He’s marching asparagus up to the table, all in a straight line. They’re doing the conga.
Ah, even if you must dance by yourself, a little sway and quickstep will help.
This moon, it will be strong. [This is also true of the second full moon of August!] A little extra tea, and you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget that a little silver water soothes everything. Place some in the moonlight, and put it to the east while it rises. Just the 3 nights, yes, three nights in a row.
Dance in the moonlight; it will help you glow. He waves.
You’ve got Roundhead
You’ve got Two-Bear
You’ve got Magic
Who could ask for anything more.
A happy rabbit. They’re coming back. [The rabbits had all but disappeared for a couple of years from a strange rabbit virus.] If they can come back, so can you. All can come back from the brink, it is true; hold on to that hope.
A little faith’ll do you. It’ll keep you walking true, and you’ll know just what to do. Give magic a chance. He’s off to the Bo Tree. He’s got quite a lot of company, and he intends to serve tea. A great big smile.
Floods. So many will die in places where it was so dry.
The heat is not through. Temperatures climb so high. The animals will die (very distressing experience).
That Light helps (to relieve the distress). [I remember now. I saw a brilliant Light floating over the meditation table.] It erases stress. It’s like the stars; so brilliant. It’s pulsing like a star. It’s beautiful; thank you. It’s gone away. The terror’s gone away – the terror’s gone away, but the light’s still there.
It was a gift of peace.
Remember the magic even when life looks tragic.
(Egg of Magic song)
Don’t give up on your plans; it’s not as far away as it seems.
I’m seeing the floating stars of light. Now it’s over there.
July 22, 2012: Notes from the Preceding Week:
Beware. Forces of darkness are on the move.
Roundhead: it is said, “You must hold onto the seat of your pants.” You must now hold on to the top of your head [i.e., keep your focus on the crown chakra].
Recall that in time of darkness, multitudes of souls of Light enter your plane to renew the flame of hope.
Drink more water.
Roundhead: not enough asparagus.
Fear not; through prayer and focused intent you may move the elements with greater ease and harmony than those who use planes and poisons.
While cleansing must continue, for too many do yet sleep, pray that the Hand of Grace lead the way, for then
compassion combines with comprehension, which opens a portal for the miraculous to intervene.

Depression causes hope to sink. Do not allow your mood to sink. Be careful of the thoughts you think.

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