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New Light Messages October 2012

New Light Messages October 7, 2012

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Yet we would have you know the danger is not past. The great Warbird, Netanyahu [Prime Minister of Israel] will attempt a third intervention, for the previous two, you see, have not succeeded. (see note on bottom of page) And so, before the selection [election] is made, he will once again attempt to, as you do say, embarrass the Descendant of the Pharoahs [Obama].

Yes, we do understand many are under duress. Know this: Many are experiencing distress; even though there is no knowledge of our existence, yet we do assist and alleviate where possible.

Yes, you must continue holding the vision each day, if but for a few minutes. You may shift, shift we do say, the effort to sway this choosing of the President – holder of the seat of power – yet it (victory) will not be a sweet one, for the disintegration continues.

Challenge upon challenge shall continue yet you must not waver nor lose your position in the Eye of the Storm. As the moon does turn new once again, the Warbirds shall again begin to stir unrest and violence to preserve opportunity, you see, to initiate conflict. Those who await in the ancient land of Persia are indeed prepared. We do say, it MAY be deflected, and indeed it may be possible to trace the cause back to those who serve the Pachyderms, you see. The shadow forces shall be their own undoing. Yet tensions, frustrations, and anger do rise in the collective mind.

Attend to your own connection to the Light daily, daily we do say; daily, that you might not be drawn into the swirl generated by the shadow forces.
Yes, you, this one, and all who serve the Light of One, who have chosen the Path of the Heart, shall have much asked of you. It is your time; yield not to despair; celebrate the challenges you have been given, for indeed there are many greater. We stand with you ready to assist. We stand with you (and), together, we serve the Light of One and walk with the Prince of Peace. May you know this in your every waking moment, and in your every dream. Hold fast in the Light of One. You are greatly needed.

[Pause] Yes, we have assisted this one and now we take our leave. Watch closely the events and your prayers the 16th, 17th, and 18th of this moon cycle [today thru Thursday]. An attempt will be made. You and others who serve the Light of One, the Way of the Heart, help to determine, you see, will it be successful? Will conflict be initiated? The Blue Light may deflect and dissolve the danger. Hold it in your vision. Blessings of the Holy One shine upon you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Roundhead has a message: He said he doesn’t want to be bored (by work, work, work all the time; it’s a sure way to cloud your mind.), this is how points are scored. BUT, he said, no dancing, no glow. Oh, oh, oh!


Note: The first time being Netanyahu’s visit to the United States where he showed a drawing of a bomb to the media and drew a red line. The second time was the incident in Libya, orchestrated by shadow forces loyal to those who would choose war for the House of Abraham – the followers of the Pachyderms.

Transmission received by Shamaan from the Messengers

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