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New Light Messages November 2012

Earthquakes, China, Hawaii, the shadow forces, chemtrails, the Ocean, Solstice  

~New Light Messages~

November 25, 2012 Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We must be brief. As has been given, yes, many do stand in awe at the work of the Great Awakener. None shall be in doubt that indeed a force does move through the world to shake awake those who slumber; or those secure in their comfort and believe themselves immune to the hand of the Great Awakener.

It is also, as given, the Descendant of the Pharaohs does retain the seat of power, yet he shall be sorely tested, for the hand of the Great Awakener will continue to accelerate and indeed intensify, we do say, the work of Awakening.

Yes, we do offer our gratitude for your prayers, your vigilance, for that which has transpired in the House of Abraham would have indeed been much worse, much worse. A great many more would have left this plane of existence. Indeed, you must continue your vigilance as you do approach the day, the hour, of the Shift, as the Turning of the Wheel does culminate, you see. For know this: there are indeed great forces building and coming to that which you do refer to as a ‘zero point.’ Yes, the shifting is underway and has been underway; yet there will come a point wherein many forces are focused with immense intensity upon the point of shift. It is yet to be determined the direction the world will take. You and others like you who do hold the Light, who walk in the path of the Prince of Peace and maintain the Way of the Heart, will be a critical decisive force in that question.

For focused vision and prayer, and your work as well as the work of many, many others, was required in order to defuse efforts made by those who serve the Pachyderms. They sought to create a false outcome of the choice for the seat of power. Much, indeed, was in place, and it did also require the hand of the Great Awakener, our participation, and your full intent. Thus were the shadow forces defeated and deflected in their purpose. So it might be as you do approach Solstice. For indeed, the shadow forces do continue to press forward to bring war and suffering to devastate Earth. But their machinations and disdain for the Earth and Life itself will be their undoing. The direction chosen will be greatly influenced by those who hold the Eye of the Storm, those who serve the Light of One, and whose deepest prayer is that peace and the greater good be done for all.

Know this: The activity of your star [our sun] shall increase greatly; many disturbances of Earth’s envelope and electromagnetic field will continue to cause disruption and discomfort within the body. For this reason we have given you the means by which you may regain a modicum of balance, as directed, you see. It is so: the creative force of the Great Wheel may be accessed in this manner (hands in position).

As the power does pour down through your Crown Chakra into the left hand, it does then pour forth from your digits, and circles down into the other hand and returns in a circular flow, you see; thus, regeneration may be achieved, balance may be added. [Shamaan’s hands flip over one another, forming a prayerful position, and then they gently fall down and rest on her lap, palms up.]

You must also remember to allow yourself to touch the earth, touch the trees, for they, too, do suffer as the Great Awakener proceeds. Yet know this: even within their difficulties they draw upon the force of life from within the earth, with great ease; and so, as you do touch and be close to the tree, your body is reminded of that gift.

Yes, it is as this one and others have determined: That which is done by those who scar the sky [chemtrails often look like a scar mark across the sky; see picture below] have made the work of the Great Awakener much, much worse.

Chemtrails Examples

And so it will, exponentially, as you do say, quicken, for it must be known by all: one does not rule nature; one learns (from) nature. And if wisdom does come from learning, one does then imitate nature.

As you approach the Solstice, you will find difficulty in being in body. Pressure may be released, as we have given. [The hands over solar plexus exercise shown above] You may also find a quick resort to temper; this must be diverted into your work of spiritual transformation. Do not leave your post in the Eye of the Storm, for you do have a privileged position. Use it with awareness of the gift it is. We do now take our leave. Yet before same, we would say: Draw close to the night skies; watch carefully and you will be rewarded, rewarded. Go now with the Prince of Peace. The blessings of the Holy One forever pour upon you. You are held in the Hand of Grace. Know this and be comforted. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.  

Lady of the Blue Light Yes, the prayer now must be: “May the Hand of Grace erase karma, and replace all karma with Love, that souls may be set free to transcend, transcend the past.” (Shamaan appears to drink the ‘sacred water’ once again with great reverence. Then hands over heart, says:) Yes, my Lady. Thank you.

Roundhead Humming the tune of: “A dancing we could go …” Yes, he knows, sometimes it hurts, but … hmm … to do a little shake or two. Be careful of the grumps along the road of bumps. It is a bumpy time, but you’ll be just fine. (Laughs) No turnips yet? Don’t forget: Oh, the gland in your throat [thyroid] needs them: turnips. Okay. He was happy to see the butts glow (from Saturday night dancing). Never fear, he won’t leave; he’ll keep you laughing, he will. Yes, yes. Laughter soothes that bitter pill. You must remember to wake with a smile on your face; it doesn’t matter if it stays in place. Even for a second or two it will change you; yes!

The moon will be strong, yes; this full moon and the next – strong. There is only one thing you could do that would be wrong: forget to smile, forget to smile. So …

Get your hat,

Get your coat,

Just direct your feet

To the smiling side of the street!

He likes to change out ‘sunny’ to ‘smiling’, sometimes.

(She’s suddenly dropped back into this dimension.) He says he’s back. He’s sorry about that. The energy surges created by man – he tries to soften the blow when he can. Roundhead is going; he says he’s happy for the season of Light has returned. This one will be special. He’s going to help make a new light burn.

Message for All: yes, more protein for adrenals; fortify formula for winter too. It will help you, help you not come unglued. Then Shamaan sings to the tune of the Wizard of Oz: “He’s off to find a turnip …”. [Formula: Fo-Ti, Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus, Aloe Immune (the latter a brand)]

I see sun’s rays, something else – falling dust. There’s one thing that will help: Roundhead bites into a turnip. He’s going. Bye Roundhead. That’s okay. 

Visions & Messages Link up; more to be given on link up. Each one must make special effort to link up with the Star Nation at this time. The light is beautiful, the light.

Oh, earthquakes, a swarm of earthquakes. Many in South America, and here (U.S.). (Bad experience of a vision). It can still be averted.

No, Netanyahu is not through.

Peppermint tea for all whose tummies [are uneasy]. Churning stomachs need a hand. Yes, and keep your garlic up.

I keep seeing earthquakes.

Okay, surges; it’s like the ocean is on fire. Powerful energy surges.

Lightworkers, we have much work to do between now and the turning of the Great Wheel.

China rumbles.

Hawaii: something about earthquakes in Hawaii, beneath the sea.

A week and a half ago Shamaan heard this message: You would do well to secure a storage of water. [Not too large – for short periods.]

Transmissions received by Shamman and her meditation group

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