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Special New Light Message Letter for 2012 Winter Solstice

Special New Light Message Letter for 2012 Winter Solstice

December 10, 2012

Dear Friends and Fellow Light-Travelers,

As most of you know, these New Light Messages had their inception with a vision I received involving a giant blue star going supernova. The light from that exploding stellar ‘messenger’ was first detected reaching Earth in February 1987. Subsequently, the event became officially known as “Supernova 87A.” However, the vision of an exploding blue star sending wave after wave of brilliant blue light cascading toward Earth was ‘gifted’ to me on New Year’s Eve 1986.

A long-standing tradition with me has been to do a drumming/crystal bowl ceremony followed by silent meditation. The meditation is always in process when midnight comes and turns the calendar page to a new year. The meditation is for ourselves, our loved ones, our world. We hold the Light of higher consciousness to generate peace and bring healing to Earth and all her creatures. The purpose is to cross the ‘threshold’ of a time portal in a state of consciousness that might raise the frequencies of our collective human evolutionary process. Whoever wishes to participate in a New Year’s event such as this is welcome to join us. Although I can’t say for certain, my inner self insists that it was exactly at midnight that the vision occurred, when waves of blue light became particles of individual consciousness – each of which transmitted to me the same message: The words “we are here … we are coming to help,” were emblazoned in my brain by the most beautiful blue light I had ever seen, felt, or known possible. Each of the billions (trillions?) of light particles seemed to be a living consciousness speeding through space toward Earth with a single unifying purpose ­to help awaken and accelerate the development of Higher Consciousness on this planet.

Since that original encounter with what I have come to call ‘The Blue Star Nation’, we have amassed many hundreds of ‘messages’ during our ‘New Light Messenger’ meditations. These messages are overflowing with a wealth of insight, guidance, and information to help maintain health, well-being, and spiritual focus. But the central, constant theme of these ‘messages’ is that of our own role as co-creators in the unfolding saga (sometimes comedy, sometimes tragedy) that is humankind’s evolving journey on this planet. The theme of co-creator has been more intensely focused upon in the last 10 – 15 years. This increasing emphasis on individuals and/or soul groups being able to help transmute dangerous or negative energies/events by (1) aligning the soul with Divine Source through meditation and spiritual practice; (2) directing focused prayerful intent that the ‘Greater Good’ be served in any given circumstance; and (3) practicing the art of envisioning a more peaceful and loving world, has clearly borne fruit in numerous instances. There are so many examples of events that could have been disastrous being suddenly and inexplicably shifted or mitigated, so that it would require a book to recount. One recent event we were told by the messengers (Blue Star Nation) which would have been much worse were it not for the prayers and envisioning of peace by millions around the world – including the NLM meditation group – was the recent flare-up of violence involving Israelis and Palestinians firing rockets into one another’s territory. Civilians were killed, along with women and children. But it did not become wholesale war, which was intended.

Many years ago we were given an image to use in our envisioning practice to help bring peace and healing to the House of Abraham: i.e., Israelis and Arabs. We were even asked to create an expression of the image, since transferring mental imagery into form helps anchor it into reality. The image is of – a tree (symbol of the Tree of Life), a dove (Christianity), a crescent moon and star (Muslim, but with the star being the Star of David), and a rose (spiritual path called the ‘Way of the Heart’, or love and compassion). Carved (or painted/drawn, etc.) into the trunk of the tree are symbols representing Buddhism, Native American spiritual path (medicine wheel), Hinduism, etc. The inherent meaning of this image – as revealed to me by Blue Star Nation – is that if the ancient rift in the House of Abraham can be healed, so can all divisions between people, including the division between contemporary civilization and the natural world.

My prayerful hope is that, as ‘co-creators’, we can help this healing become reality – soon – because we, as a species, as part of the great cosmic web of life, are in fact precariously poised on a precipice. And I am not referring to the manufactured ‘danger’ of a ‘fiscal cliff’. The dangers we earthlings face are very real and much, much more critical than false economic issues. We are truly in danger of making this planet almost uninhabitable for generations to come. If this sounds improbable, I invite you to PLEASE go online or to the obscure institution called a ‘library’ and research the following: geoengineering, fracking, water scarcity, nuclear power (safety?), and electromagnetic sensitivity – i.e., cell phone towers, phones, and – of course – global warming.

The situation is so severe that we have been informed in several messages that the ‘Guardians’ will not allow this planet to be destroyed; therefore, an intervention may be necessary. What that intervention is will, of course, depend upon how willing and how quickly we two-leggeds are able to switch to a sane and sustainable lifestyle. And that depends on multitudes of people awakening to awareness of the critical state our natural environment is in – and an awakening to a higher state of consciousness that could inspire a response that serves the ‘Greater Good’.

So, in order to help inspire such mass awakenings, the NLM meditation group will be holding a ‘Sacred Solstice’ vigil. (In most indigenous cultures – from ancient times to the present – the equinoxes and solstices were considered ‘sacred’ portals through which to connect with the cosmic force that regenerates all life.) But this particular solstice is special, since Earth will not see another like it for another 25,920 years. This is the period of the precession of the equinoxes through the ‘ages of the zodiac’. Astronomers calculate the period to be 25,800 years. In either case, it’s a long time. I believe the precession of the equinoxes is what Blue Star Nation refers to as the “Turning of the Great Wheel.” Will humans be around for the next “Turning of the Great Wheel”? (Consider the dinosaurs.)

It is my personal belief that Great Spirit has been training us, through messages given by Blue Star Nation, to be fully functional as ‘conscious’ (and conscientious) co-creators for this precise transition in Earth’s history. Each time we were asked to participate in diverting, mitigating, or completely blocking danger by use of prayer vigils and meditative focus, we have seen some miraculously positive results. It has helped me believe that through higher consciousness and spiritual practice, profound and positive changes are possible. But in the words of President Obama …, “We’re got more work to do!” An auspicious indication that we can help renew, restore, and rehabilitate a wounded Earth during this ‘Turning of the Great Wheel’ is that a waxing moon in Aries – which represents new beginnings – greets the dawn of this Winter Solstice, the start of the season of the ‘Return of the Light’!

We will begin our vigil on the 19th with a sacred fire and sacred pipe ceremony at dawn. This first day will be devoted to inner contemplation – avoiding as many external distractions as possible. This would include recreational television, radio, computers, and other nonessential diversions. The intent is to focus on soul’s journey, lessons, and purpose for being here at this time. The second day, the 20th, will be a day of ‘envisioning’. Our focus will be to activate the energies of the third eye, which is opened by the crown chakra (top of the head) to better fulfill our roles as co-creators. Calling on the CREATIVE force of the universe to guide our co-creator powers of envisioning, we will help weave the fabric of a better future by holding in the third eye, visions that we pray will serve only the Greater Good. Knowing that none of us possess the omnipotence to determine what the ‘Greater Good’ is, we then surrender to Great Spirit, the One Source of all creation, our visions, so only those that do serve the Greater Good will become empowered to become reality. The ceremony of surrendering will be held at a sacred fire. The third and final day of the ‘Sacred Solstice’ vigil, the 21st, will be a celebration. It will be a day of trust – of believing in the best of ourselves, the best in others, and the best of all possible outcomes.

In other words, we will wholly invest in believing in miracles and celebrate the Solstice ‘as if’ we have been successful in helping to generate the miracles necessary to transcend and transform the human role of co-creator! After the closing sacred fire and Sacred Pipe Ceremony, we will celebrate with drums, dancing, song, food, wine, and a closing prayer that TRUST fill our hearts and guide us along the path of the ‘Way of the Heart’, into the Time of the Purple Sun, when all will live in peace, abundance, and the beauty of a renewed Earth, resplendent with the bountiful gifts of the One, Holy Creator. Anyone who wishes to join us in this ‘Sacred Solstice’ vigil, whether in body or on the waves of Light that unite us all, is welcome. If you are coming in body, please let us know asap, so necessary arrangements can be made. Whatever your choice, we wish you a blessed Sacred Solstice and a joyous journey in the season of the ‘Return of the Light’ (traditional meaning of the winter solstice in many cultures). Blessings of Light and Love to you and yours –

Shamaan O. C. Eagle

P.S. Please feel free to invite others to join you in being part of the above format – or create your own – from your ‘home base’. We will be together in spirit wherever you are.

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