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New Light Messages December 2012

New Light Messages

December 23, 2012

Yes, greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Yet we do offer our gratitude and do commend you, for among the many you did join in raising the frequency, you see, the frequency that does emanate from the collective conscious mind. Indeed, the Spiritual Light did grow much brighter, for many, many did join you and did put forth those energies that would allow an awakening to higher consciousness by many others. As you did see, difficult challenges remain, yet through committed focus and willingness to carry out your task, you did overcome and demonstrate, indeed, that overcoming is possible, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Many more have been awakened, if not through spiritual focus of a practice, then through realization that much must change. As you did greet the Solstice, you did greet the change that you hoped for and are focused upon. As co-creators you did indeed contribute to the beginning [possibly the beginning of the new mega-cycle]. Know this: there remains much karma to be met, yet much may be transmuted, for each one who does bear the Light in prayer and holding forth in the Eye of the Storm, and in living out, living out the Way of the Heart, you do strengthen tens of thousands of others.

Do not be caught unawares, for there shall be playing out in the world arena further examples of that which must change. Trauma is often the only way to quicken change for many. And so, the young souls that did sacrifice their lives became the catalyst for the beginning of change in one regard. Now there are many more for whom the momentum toward the Blue Light of Peace has been quickened.

Hold steady as you do approach this full moon. You will find nervous tension rising high. Many more are near the edge and shall falter and, indeed, go over. It must be so to effect the transformation that you do now see unfolding. For the old world, the old cycle, is now being replaced by the new. In this time there will be often an occasion when it may seem that nothing has changed and all is receding into the old world, but it will not be so. Yet the beginning of all things is fraught with chaos, upheaval. Do not despair: It has been accomplished. The portal has been entered and the new beginning is underway.

Do revisit often the power of the energies you did experience, and shall continue to experience. Do revisit the envisioning and holding forth of the Light, that others may find their way through the portal and take their place among the legions of those who have initiated the new beginning through spiritual awareness, practice, attunement. It shall be accomplished. Greater evidence of desire for the Way of the Heart, the Path of Love and Compassion, will be seen. Even in the midst of chaos and strife it will grow. Nurture it through your prayers or envisioning, and continue to hold the Light within the Eye of the Storm.

Yes, we do take our leave, yet remind (you) that there shall be difficulties in body. Nervous energies (arise) as the moon does complete (its) cycle in this season. You may relieve much, much we do say, by the lighting of a candle in the darkness, both literally, as you do say, and figuratively. Tend to your stillness and it will serve you well. May you know the full magnitude of the blessings that pour upon you, and shall continue to, now and evermore. Go in the Path of the Prince of Peace, the Way of the Heart. We do walk with you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Roundhead, Visions, Messages

I must pass on these messages. Roundhead came to say “Hi,” but he must say “Bye.” Too much (information?) all at once. Reason why he said I had to come back (into consciousness).

Messages are coming. Calcium, calcium, more calcium during the next week and a half. Support nerves. “B”, plenty of vitamins B & C. Aches and pains will be felt much, but may be relieved with these substances.

You may use warm olive or almond oil scented with frankincense oil, and gently anoint area of discomfort while repeating “Tu Laaah Lo, Tu Laaah Lo, Tu Laaah Lo.”

Water intake still too low for these circumstances, and the electromagnetic changes within your field. Electromagnetic field is being triggered artificially, which draws moisture from body. Dry, dryness occurs, in mouth, skin, yes everywhere, hair, dryness, more dryness – more water, more water.

They will visit us in our dreams and moments, and in moments of stillness.  

Lady of the Light

She does come through and says, “Now, now you do see the need for prayers for the children, the little ones.” Yes, She did prevent my (Shamaan’s) seeing (the tragedy from an altered state). But do not relent in your prayers. Though the sacrifice they made has achieved much, circumstances can be changed to prevent the need for further sacrifice; it can be changed, yes, for many more now want change. Thank you, thank you, My Lady. [Then Shamaan appeared to drink the sacred water, and her hands ended over her heart.]

I see, thank you, I see. [Shamaan spoke the following with a heartfelt voice:] The time now comes when Grace, Grace, Grace may be called into action to lift the veil that shrouds the heart, allowing the Light of Love to shine through, unobstructed by fear and karma. She will help lift the veil. Thank you, My Lady; thank you, My Lady.

Something’s coming, something’s coming. We have more work to do. [Shamaan believes it was the fires and attack on the first responders.]

More Roundhead & A Message

Roundhead showed me a rainbow [big smile]: No matter where you are, no matter the season, if you need a rainbow, for any reason, he’s got them.

I see them coming, and as they go I hear them say – “We will have assignments for you in the near future.”

Transmission received by Shamaan Eagle

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