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New Light Messages January 27,13

New Light Messages

January 27, 2013

Greetings. We do come among you at this time. We are with you in this sacred circle. We must be brief, you see. We would have you know that the time does approach, once again, when your prayers, your visualizations [during a] vigil will be necessary, you see. Know this: Each one who did hold the previous Autumn Equinox (vigil), did indeed do much in conjunction with the prayers and work of others, you see; it did do much to assist in returning the Descendant of the Pharaohs to the seat of power. Much may be altered* in this fashion, you see, through prayer, through focused intent. In doing so together, you do amplify the impact of the Light in the direction that it is most needed.

Now in this time, as you do approach, once again, an Equinox, there is need for focused intent, prayerful action, you see, for in spite of some losses, the Warbird Netanyahu has also retained the seat of power; although he is greatly weakened, his determination remains fierce.

Also, we do remind, that in this time, it is crucial, you see, that you do inquire from those who assist you from within the Light as to your comings and goings. There shall continue to be the acting out of anger, fear. Those … (Yes, we do assist this one.) Those who are ruled by that which is the rear brain, the seat of fear, the seat of anger, shall continue acting out their nightmares. So it shall be of great importance that you do inquire, whether or when, in this place or that place, of your public comings and goings, would be wise at a given time. [Message: January 30, 2013: Heed your premonitions, yet do not live in fear, for we are with you to offer assistance – yes, even protection.] (Note from Celest and David: We have been speaking about this for quite some time now. In essence what the Messengers are saying is that all of us need to be aware of our surroundings at all times especially when making trips out into the public areas.)

We do say, few, few understand the sacred law of connectedness; and so you shall see a burgeoning, a plague of many illnesses, for those forces that do break down your vital life energies, ‘immune system’ as you say, now bombard the vital life energy of the body. You must remain in close contact, attunement, you see, with the soul, to know what the body requires. It may be through instinct, through dreams, through the quietly spoken messages from those who guard the Light within. We shall give you assistance in maintaining balance within the body of those vital life energies. We have given you formulas, and shall continue to do so. Yet know this: Many, many forces do distract energy from the body. Heed well, heed well, that which is your nourishment. There will continue disruption to sleep patterns. As given long ago, the rubbing of the feet of one another would assist in sleeping.
* Star Nation informed me that the election had been rigged, as was the case with Bush Jr. in 2004; but intervention ‘altered’ the intended results. Our vigil was only a part of that intervention.

We do call upon you once again to familiarize yourself with the elemental force that is your ally, that you may be of greater effectiveness, you see, as co-creator. As one, you might assist in directing the elemental forces through spiritual force rather than through mechanical manipulation, as is now done, for great havoc is being wrought upon your electromagnetic field, and that which does maintain the integrity of your atmosphere.

The sacred law of connectedness has been and continues to be violated, you see.
The great dryness shall continue. Much will be upended in your natural world as the Great Awakener strides forth into every land, every land. You may assist in directing, yes, directing the work of the Great Awakener by calling upon the Hand of Grace to go before the Great Awakener, that those who may be spared great suffering shall be spared. Thus you do the work of the co-creator and draw nearer the day when peace and harmony shall reign beneath the Purple Sun, and the law of connectedness shall once again be held as a sacred law that does unite in harmony, in peace, beneath the Purple Sun, life at every level, you see. Prepare now as you approach the Vernal Equinox, you shall be called upon. Know this and be comforted, for it is the privilege of few.

Though it does come hard upon the body, it is yet a great honor to walk upon this Earth with the Light of One at this time. We do take our leave with this blessing: That the Light of the Great Creator of All Life be felt within you, around you, going before you with each step as you walk the path of the Prince of Peace. Go now with these blessings upon you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

She says, “It does not have to be. Pray, pray, pray before the next full moon. Another shooting: it can be stopped. Blue Light. Make prayers that all who are sick within the soul, and with torment in the mind, be filled with a calm, calm, and peace of the Blue Light within the soul, then rising into the mind. Do not direct your prayers to the mental body first. Send Light to the soul first, and ask the soul to receive, embrace, and send forth this Light to the mind, and from the mind to the body. So the Light begins within the center of their being, of all beings, it begins within the center of their soul, and it rises and spreads throughout body after entering the mind. It can be stopped.” Midwest; this time Midwest.

[Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water.] May the Hand of Grace erase karma, erase karma, and replace it with love, for every soul, and every heart, every mind, and everybody in this world.

Thank you, My Lady. Yes, we help make it so. Gives Her blessing: may you be touched by the Hand of Grace, always and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim. Thank you, My Lady, thank you. Yes, yes, yes, I will.


Roundhead’s here, but he says I must come back. Dancing feet to help you sleep, at least, at least twice a week. Move in the morning, or at night. Yes, yes, helps all sleep.


Very turbulent seas, very turbulent seas.

Spring awakens early, then falls back fast asleep.

Unusual changes in currents – deep in the ocean and earth. Rapid shifting of electromagnetic fields brings violent changes to the wind.

More earthquakes, big ones.

Forgive them, for they know now what they do.

Egypt shall inspire once again the direction taken.

-Messages received by Dr. Shamaan Eagle-

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