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New Light Messages Febuary 3rd

New Light Messages

February 3, 2013

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle, once again. We shall be brief, you see. Yes, it is so; it would be preferred if the ideal preparation were to occur before your coming together in sacred circle. Yet you shall find ideal circumstances elusive in these times. That which must be maintained is willingness, willingness, you see, to respond to the requirement of the moment. In this time it is indeed important that you do know this.

There shall be extreme fluctuation of the electromagnetic field, of winds, and indeed unusual phenomena accelerating within your atmosphere. It does increase challenge upon physical resistance [immune system]. You must remain mindful, mindful, you see, of those elements that support that which you refer to as immune system. We have given much through this one that would assist, yet we do say “Heed your own inner voice. Those messages that do arrive in the sleeping period, you see, dreams, yes, dreams. And in the quiet moments of your sitting, heed well. Your attunement to the Source is unique to yourself, and some substances which may extend beyond self, you see. There are individual requirements that may indeed surprise. Prepare, for those requirements will be quickly changing in order to respond to external circumstances. For this reason we do say, “Pay heed, for it (information on immune system) shall be given as need does arise.

We do say, “Take heart, take heart, for it has been given unto us the task, indeed, the honor of Guardians of Your Planet; Caretakers, you see. As given, though circumstances shall appear dire, we shall not allow this planet to be destroyed. However, we do say, many shall pass through the doorway into the beyond in order to avoid planetary destruction. Much does rest with those who have chosen co-creator roles as Light-Bearers. Indeed, for this reason we do say, acquaint yourself with your allies, forces of Light to which you do attune and work with, for you must be prepared to respond in a manner that will serve the Light of One, and the Greater Good of All.

Know this: In coming months greater activity in atmospheric radiation shall be noted, and as we do say again and again, and yet again: Poor Japan. Upheaval within the ocean, trembling of the earth – much is the result of human activity from earth-penetrating and sea-penetrating probes and explosions. These activities shall reverberate in many places, many places, you see, in unexpected places.

Yet of greatest concern is that for which you do prepare: To hold again the vigil, the Vernal Equinox provides an energetic window of time; of greatest concern is the great warbird Netanyahu. It is indeed possible to temper, temper his fierce determination. It shall require prayers and focused intent upon the Light, and attunement to the Hand of Grace. You are within the Eye of the Storm. Others are with you; we are with you, and shall be assisting at every turn. This is the time for which your soul has prepared. It shall become ever more critical for you, and others like you, to carry forth in your commitment to your spiritual goal as co-creators, of holders of the vision of the Time of the Purple Sun.

In this time you must also hold compassion and prayers for those caught within the storm, for New England, and indeed the entire northeast of this land, as well, shall be lashed again by great winds. It shall appear in strange places. Eruptions of unrest within Spain, Eastern Europe, and many lands shall accelerate with the growing year. Hold, with gratitude, to your position within the Eye of the Storm, and carry forth in the face of every challenge. Let not your focus waver. Though we may not allow your planet to be destroyed, know this: Much, much shall pass away, that the Time of the Purple Sun may come unfettered by the restraints of the old consciousness that does now grip your world.

We do now take our leave and offer these blessings to you and to all who follow the path of the Prince of Peace, the Light that does manifest as Love: May you know with each breath the presence of the Holy One within you, around you, and before you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


I see waters, stormy waters, lashing at banks, shores; ferocious winds, unbelievable. Again, again, Midwest hit by storms. East coast.

Rosemary, rosemary, maintain intake of rosemary. (Powerful antioxidant; also good for brain function)

Physical body will feel the pressures of swiftly changing energies; pains, strange sensations moving quickly.

I see, yes: Cordyceps, Coriolus, Maitake – mushroom blend strengthens the chi, aura. Ashwagandha may be taken as substitute. Slippery elm in evening. Continue turnip. Oh yes, the green stone; use at this time the green stone, chrysophrase, with amethyst. These frequencies will aid in healing and mental balance.


Sing, sing, sing. (Laughs) Let nothing turn you around; be careful you don’t wear a frown. The time of the clover (spring) does approach. You can change it if you just cross over; cross over to the sunny side. Yes.

Busy, busy, busy, busy, and you are not even a bee. Busy, busy, busy, too busy to listen to me. If you did you’d see me singing (laughs).

Get your coat,
Get your hat,
Leave your troubles on the doorstep.
Just direct your feet
To the sunny side of the street.

You have to cross over, you have to cross over
Don’t let it get you down. (Shamaan thinks it’s referring to worldly affairs.)
Be careful, be very careful that you’re not wearing a frown.
Because it’s true … it will lift you.

Much to say, but cannot stay. Only to tell you how lovely the butts glow when you let your rhythm show. First chakra has to be lit for your head to be open! Ride the energy elevator up; break through the top. That will help many get off the first floor. That’s what you are here for. Oh, now he’s waving bye.

Asparagus, asparagus, asparagus. Yes, sparse this year, but he will lead you there; you’ll find some, he’ll see to that.

The wind is your friend, even though sometimes it makes you bend.

More Visions, Messages

Tibet! China tightens the tiger’s paw around the throat of Tibet. Prayers, prayers, prayers will help bring relief. Everywhere the mountain people need your prayers.

The Moss Man weeps for the lost rain, yet with quiet patience he knows it will come again. All the mountains need your prayers to hasten that time.

Eat the green beans too; important for all of you now.

Bees; pray for the bees. Many more will pass. They are confused.

I keep seeing buildings in Europe swaying; they look like buildings in Europe. Must be too old, too old.

More sporadic sleep. Continue rub feet, toes, to help with sleep.

Messages received by Dr. Shamaan Eagle

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