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New Light Messages February #3

New Light Messages

February 10, 2013

Greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Yes, in many places you will find the elemental forces out of balance, disturbed by activities carried forth in a futile attempt to control weather patterns. And so the blue-green serpent, both below and above, does thrash about much more than the wind, more than temperature fluctuations, thus are impacted.

Many who do walk near the edge, many whose mental-emotional stability is tenuous, shall fall over the edge; and so you see, in coming weeks we have evidence of the elemental forces within, being disturbed, as well as without.

You shall see the iron fist of oppression come against those in Egypt seeking to breathe free, yet it will not be successful. Sustaining the anger of the people – it is this that does persuade Netanyahu to move forward with plans. Where the House of David does continue to suppress the House of Ishmael, and the Star of David seeks to obliterate the Crescent Moon and Star rather than join together in creating a healing, a healing of all wounds, it does release danger throughout the world. Know this: As you do approach the Vernal Equinox, accelerated chaos will be seen. You must find within the Eye of the Storm that which does enable you to be an island of calm, an island of peace. Then, as co-creator, you may aid in preventing illicit nuclear material from passing into the hands of those who would take with them a great many as they fall over the edge.

As the season does approach, it may also bring great activity for building hope and for healing. It may bring, as well, greater volatility, indeed greater danger, you see, for the seeds that were planted long ago, now break through the surface into manifest form. The form is not yet fixed; so you and others who hold the Eye of the Storm may yet help shape that which does come into form. Now there are those who are already in motion to obtain the material that is nuclear weapons-grade material. So you must prepare, even now, in your quiet moments. Flood the Blue Light into the areas of North Africa, Russia, and yes, into this land. Many who have been in battle for long periods do wage the battle within, and more than you know are losing that battle. They may be strengthened by the Light of the Lady of Grace, by the Blue Light that brings peace, stillness, and hope, yes, hope.

You may extend your abilities as co-creator by uniting with your elemental ally, that you may be strengthened in your prayers, your visions, your thoughts. You may then be in alignment, attunement, you see, with the Creative force of the Holy One. Do continue to call upon assistance. We are with you and will aid in your preparation. Know this: The time is indeed short to prevent the transfer of this material. With the full moon of this month, as you do say, choices, critical choices will be made. You may influence them through the Light of the Lady of Grace, through the Way of Grace, in the Blue Light of Peace. Do not doubt the power of your prayers, visions, thoughts, actions. Use them with full awareness of that which you do, have come to do, that it may be done in harmony with the will of the One, the One Holy Creator. Only then will you serve the Greater Good and walk in harmony with the Light that brings purely love and peace into your world.

Yes, we do take our leave, yet we would have you know: The winds do carry much that is harmful to body. We say, maintain your intake of rosemary and that which has been given to fortify body. And do not cease your prayers: Poor Japan.
We do assist this one, and we do assist each one within this circle. You shall feel greater strength, energy, and centered calm for a time. We do leave you with these blessings, that the Hand of Grace steady your walk as you follow the path of the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

The children, pray for the children, She asks. They continue to be in danger. It is a time of sacrifice; it is a time of healing old wounds. Pray for the children, that the Hand of Grace erase the karma and replace it with the radiant heart of love. Grace goes before the peace, that the peace may be long-lasting and touch each soul. Yes, thank you, my Lady. {Appears to drink the sacred water, and hands are folded over her heart.} To each one, to each one she extends her blessing, her gift of Grace, that you may be eased in your journey.


Keep that smile. Okay, dancing next time. He’s here but cannot stay, again. He reminds me to bend in the wind. Yes, there will be wind, strong winds, yes. Roundhead says, “Keep your smile for longer than a little while. Yes, though in these times, it seems hard.” (Laughs) But with it (the smile) you can choose the winning card. He’s stirring the pot of gratitude. Roundhead says, “Have some to change your attitude.”

A message for each one of you, and me too: If you can’t dance with your feet, you can always dance to your heartbeat. Dancing to your heartbeat is a great way to make a day start. Bye, Roundhead.


Raging waters, I see raging waters again.

I’m seeing the faces of five men; they are definitely up to no good. The name Sergi has something to do with the five men.

More sudden storms; more wild weather and sudden storms.*
* I heard these words: “Many of the storms are manufactured by those who continue to scar the sky in a futile attempt to avoid ‘change’.” (2/11/13)

Received by Shamaan Eagle

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