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New Light Messages March 17

New Light Messages

March 17, 2013

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be exceedingly brief, you see. Many do seem surprised, surprised that in many, many of your months past we did say that we should make our presence known more readily; and so it has been, and we shall increase.* There are within your military those who would seek to prevent revealing our presence, you see. They do not wish to appear out of control, yet the appearance would be true.

As also given, knowledge and embracing of your element does assist in empowering your actions, your prayers that are offered to serve the Greater Good. As you do begin the vigil, Vernal Equinox, you must now align yourself with your element. You must invite learning through that force; you must invite experiential understanding of its gift to the greater whole. In this manner you do take on the power to offer this gift to the greater whole. If you have not, as yet, identified your element, do not cease in your efforts to do so, for you then become more effective as co-creator.

Acceleration shall be experienced by many, many more at this time. Whether on land, on sea, in air, in all manners it will be seen that the forces of disintegration are in earnest, and have indeed intensified.

Know this: Much is to be given; this one shall be given a message, you see, during each of the three days. Yes, you will discover that much shall be revealed regarding the coming time. For your part it will be indeed of great service to attend to your night visions, to attend to the signs that will be given in these days to participate fully in your consciousness, attuned to the Holy Creator. Whatever else may be asked of you during those days, you must maintain within one corner of your awareness the intention you bring to the vigil. Do you intend healing of the Earth? Do you intend awakening of higher consciousness for the multitudes? Do you intend a transformation of the heart? For those who wield power in your world are transformed by intention of higher mind, which does focus awareness, prayer, upon spiritual frequencies. Decide, and through the power of your element you will be able to bring to bear the greater power of Creation from Higher Self.

And so you shall begin your day, dawn to dusk, as possible with a sitting, a sacred time of attunement. A vision may be given unto you. A thought, a prayer may be directed by the power of the Blue Light and the radiant flame of your own soul. We do acknowledge constraints in your world that may prevent a coming together each time, but at least once each day you must come together. Evening shall probably be your hour. Yet know this: as you do sit within the environment of your own dwelling place, unite your thoughts, your frequencies, with others of your circle, that cohesion may continue to be of assistance, you see. Each day, with each sitting, we shall join you. We participate fully, for it is through these unique moments of the Turning of the Great Wheel that increased impact may be achieved. Yes, the time has arrived that we must draw short our message for this day. Know that each day a brief message will be given to assist you in focus, to inform we do say, of direction, and to sustain you in your path, your commitment to service of the Greater Good.

Many more, many more do serve self before all else. They do not realize that the ‘self’ they serve is false. You have chosen to serve Light, Love, and the Truth of Oneness within all life. Warnings have been given, warnings have gone unheeded. Many more must awaken to the understanding that all life upon your planet is in grave danger. This is the reason for your vigil. Know this: Do that which is before you with gratitude and unwavering commitment. We do stand with you. Go now upon the path of peace with the Hand of Grace supporting you, guiding you, assisting in all ways. Blessings of the Holy of the Holies go with you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


He says even one dance increases your chance [of winning], as it eases the mind and helps you find that secret place inside where all wisdom hides. It helps you to let go, It helps you to know the reasons for Those experiences that help you grow, That you call an AFGO.

You can increase the healing hand of magic, or you can decrease its power and turn it to thoughts that are tragic. It all amounts to one simple thing, and now he’s going to ask you to sing. He’s got his hands on his hips.

Attitude, attitude, simple, simple attitude When Old Man Gloom has taken root All you have to do is give him the boot. Because … gratitude, gratitude, is the simple attitude.

Hard times come to everyone. But you can turn them around, you can turn them around. You can turn them around by reaching for the sun**; it’s the light, you see, that shows you the way, not just to help you get through the day. But to find the treasure that’s hidden within; all you have to do is remember to bend, to bend. Willingness, willingness, willingness, he says, teaches you to bend with gratitude. Where Old Man Gloom has taken root, gotta give him the boot.

Happy St. Pattie’s Day. He’s sitting in the clover. Bye Roundhead. Remember: it’s all over, the clover, it’s all around you; you just have to find it. (Could be a reference to finding the four-leaf clover – luck, and happiness.)

Something we have to change. Pray that the hearts of darkness will be illuminated by love and forgiveness.

_______ * Several people after class last Tuesday, March 12th, witnessed green flashing lights above town on the mesa, lights that cast triangular shadows on the pavement, and more.

** The sun is symbolic of the inner light that nourishes the soul.

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