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New Light Messages March 20

New Light Messages

March 20, 2013

Vernal Equinox Vigil, Day 1

Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle in this sacred time. Indeed, this time is sacred, for it is a time of great change, you see. Chaos does at times manifest; even so. Yes, these are trying times. Yet, do you not experience the many blessings, blessings, we say, that are before you? Do you not have what is necessary to sustain your body? Challenges to your health do arise, yet you have all that you need to recoup yourself. Is there not a sweetness in your life as you go about your day? Do take notice of the blessings, the joys, those things that do ease, ease this trying time — for there are many.

You who dwell in the Eye of the Storm have many reasons to rejoice. Do not mistake – there is indeed a great deal amiss within your world. Through your work, your prayers, your thoughts (with) higher consciousness you do assist in healing much more than yourself. You do assist in healing the world. For it does come; though it may be difficult in dawning, it does come. The time of peace does come; the time of enlightenment does come; and the time of the Way of the Heart does come. You do help prepare the way. Do not lose sight of this among the many concerns and difficulties you face. Know what needs to be done, that you may be of service in correcting the ills that besiege your world. Yet maintain your joy. Allow yourself pleasure in the little ways that may indeed bring great rewards, great rewards, we say.

Yet in this time it is so – greater war, violence do threaten the Land of Abraham, and so we are greatly pleased that on this night, this beginning of a new season, you do come together to hold the Light, to turn your thoughts, your prayers to peace, to healing, healing, we do say, the schism that separates brother from brother, sister from sister, young from old.

Netanyahu, the great warbird may yet be caged. The Demon of Damascus[1] may yet be stopped in his madness. But what shall follow — you may help determine.

All shall face difficult and great challenges in this time. Do you meet them with Grace? Or do you bemoan that which is asked of you? Do you treasure that which is given? Or do you pine for something else? Look to the choices you make about the ways you respond – because it shall indeed do much to empower your thoughts, your actions. If they do come forth from a heart of gratitude, your choices are of joy, of trust – that which is necessary to bring about the new time.

Yes, it is so, much, much will be lost. Yet is it not already lost? [And is your world not the better for losing that which does destroy nature?]

We do say, go forward with a fresh vision of your life. See truly the many blessings that surround you and fill your life. Then, then you will be able to stand on hallowed ground and send forth your prayers from a place of empowerment, a place of gratitude, and compassion for others who must face these days with much less. Celebrate with each breath and your prayers will fly forth into the world to serve the greater good.

We do take our leave at this time. We shall be with you through these days. Look for us. You may surprise yourself and find us. Go now on the path of peace with the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. The Hand of Grace does guide you always. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

[Shamaan holds her hands in a bowl and then drinks the sacred water. Next her hands rest over her heart. ]

I ask you to begin: Encircle the world with the Blue Light that the four directions be guided by the Blue Ray and all be healed.

I had a message earlier today – they showed me that they work with each group in a different manner, and each group is a powerful link in the chain of Light.

Shield yourselves from the sorrows of the world with memories of that which bring you joy.

[1] When a search was conducted online, the following hits were found for the phrase, “Demon of Damascus”: caricature, political, Middle East, Syria, Assad, Israel, Iran.

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