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New Light Messages May 2013 #2

New Light Messages

May 2013 #2

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle; we shall be brief, you see. Yes, it is as given: The House of Abraham is torn asunder. He does grow ever more restless and driven to the edge of danger, danger, we do say, by the great warbird, Netanyahu, who rages with anger over ancient wrongs. He does stir more danger than he does know, for Persia does prepare, as does Turkey. Many shall be drawn (in) if there is no retreat by the warbirds. Egypt teeters close to the edge of erupting once again.

Now you do see the importance, the need, for the Equinox Vigil. Know this: This same need shall grow exponentially as you do approach the pinnacle of the Sun, that which is the Solstice. Many, many do awaken to that which does unfold as the Purification. More do see the chaos as indeed revealing the rot that lays below the foundation you see, of your civilized world. For it does now accelerate, once again, the hand of the Great Awakener. The elemental forces shall increase, and there will be a growing discomfort for many. Yet know this: The discomfort does lead to a choosing; multitudes will be drawn to the side that does work from within the Light. For it has become necessary to awaken those who slept and continue to sleep in blind comfort, unaware that the comfort their own destruction.

Now you shall see mountains tremble. Disturbances of Earth’s crust have released blocked lava flows, pent-up forces within the earth — it now shall begin to show greater activity. Do not be disturbed, nor find great remorse in the acceleration of the hand of the Great Awakener. It is indeed required for those who have remained resistant, obstinate in their path to awaken by choice. These forces would be abated – by their making a choice to take the path of The Way of the Heart.

We do say: In this time there shall be increasing numbers of those who raise their hands in question, and from those questions shall come awakening, awakening to that which does unfold (the purification, or ‘turning point’), though many more will continue to be driven to the edge. Those who are so rooted in resistance are far, far outnumbered by those who do now move inexorably toward the Light in the Eye of the Storm, yes, that Light in the Eye of the Storm.

Do not be turned aside from that which is unfolding, or difficulties in body; remain ever within the Eye of the Storm. Fix your gaze upon the abundance of your greater blessings with gratitude for your position, and with willingness to carry forth with resolve.

In this time the greater thing that may be done is to continue to hold in your prayers, in your thoughts, in your heart, prayers for the healing of the House of Abraham. The greater thing that may be done is to focus on the image given (Tree of Life, Dove, Crescent Moon, Star of David, Red Rose), and to call for the transformation on the altar of purification for those who continue to follow the path of war, the path of hatred, and the path of the shadow that consumes the soul. Hold fast; let not your thoughts be drawn towarddespair. A new dawn shall arise from this time of great struggle and difficulty in body, and the Earth itself.

Now we do say: Daily, daily, between now and the new moon [5/9/13], hold daily in your vision the image of the healing of the House of Abraham. Netanyahu, Assad, the rulers of Persia – all who are caught in the shadow. Place them on the altar of transformation. Let the Blue Light be seen radiating from above into their bodies, their minds, their souls, until the clear, pure Light, the Golden White Light of Melchizedek is seen as a result of purification by the Blue Light. Remain steady on the Path of the Heart. Let the passion for compassion guide your thoughts, rather than judgment, and you shall accomplish great healing, both within and without – for self and the world.

Before we take our leave we now would have you know: Each one, each one, is assisted as is this one [Shamaan]; so are each one. All within this soul circle may be so assisted, for you are needed. Were this not the case you would find far greater difficulties in body, even more so than you do. We offer our assistance to ALL who are willing to hold the Eye of the Storm, and to be a force for the Light – the Divine Light that brings love, healing, and peace to your world. Know this: Call upon us and we shall be of assistance whenever and however possible.

We shall now take our leave. Go now upon the path that does lead to the dawning of the Purple Sun, a time when ALL shall be as one in the Light of everlasting peace. Blessings of the Holy One do shower upon you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

Pray, pray for the trees everywhere; their suffering is great. And for the children, the children: there is no karma that does not deserve Grace. Let Grace envelop the children, that Grace may lift their karma and replace it with love.

Visions & Roundhead

Difficulties with planes.

Mountains tremble. Quakes grow in number; many are from the disastrous effects of removing substances from underground …. channels.

‘Tis the season, Roundhead says, for asparagus, asparagus.

He’s still waiting to play. Take a day, any day, and play.

Drink more water.

Okay, can’t stay. You’ll find a greater need for soups during the week or two. Make you strong.

Knowledge will not bring the change your world needs; only the heart can bring the healing deeds. Yes, see from the heart in all things.

India. Upheavals in India.

Fortifiers being neglected; they are needed. (Fo-Ti, Eleuthero, Schizandra, Astragalus, perhaps sometimes Elderberry)

What about the Golan Heights? Somebody just told me, “Golan Heights.” [Common border between Syria and Israel.]

Poor Japan. More radiation released, oh no! I don’t understand why but I just heard Japan was chosen as the messenger to warn the world away, away from nuclear power, nuclear anything. Too many do not yet listen. Some more must come (radiation?).

I heard we are approaching the season of the Pleiades, rising in the opening of Isis in the Great Pyramid. As it rises to illuminate the chamber of Isis. Has something to do with the Nile and the unrest in Egypt.

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