Respecting Every Soul’s Spiritual Path

Respecting Every Soul’s Spiritual Path

The Gifts of Experience

Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David

Respecting Every Soul’s Spiritual Path

I am not a long term awakened person although I have been a somewhat spiritual person for a great many years.  Fortunately I have an older sister who has periodically prodded me to read books that might be a catalyst for me to awaken.  She however has been awakened for the majority of her life and has worked in many different venues to help others.  I am blessed that she is in my life.

There were a number of books and articles over the years that she recommended that I read, but the catalyst appeared with a series of books written by Suzanne Ward (The Matthew Books) and by Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus (The God Books).  Both my wife and I have read and reread these books.  We find each time we read them we somehow find new material that we don’t remember having read previously.  And we also discover upon reflection that the “new material” is just what we needed to be reminded of at that point in time.

It was sometime in late spring of 2012 that we decided to go to a conference because these authors were to be on the program.  What an experience!  We were hesitant at first because we weren’t sure that we would fit in or that we belonged in such a group of knowledgeable, spiritual people.  As I remember it was in the middle of the afternoon of the first day of presentations that, although we weren’t as advanced as the majority of the people there, we knew we belonged.  And that experience cemented a commitment to our present path of spiritual enlightenment.

Now I have to tell you that we both come from families that have very strong ties to religion.  As a young married couple we followed the path of religion taught to us by our parents.  We raised our children the same way so we can’t fault them for their present religious beliefs because we were a part of their religious training.  They are more committed today to their religious beliefs than they were when they left our home to start families of their own.

BUT THAT IS OKAY!  They conduct themselves in a proper manner and believe that how they live their lives is right for them.  I have had discussions with a few family members over the years and the result is that we acknowledge each other’s position and realize that neither will be changing the other person’s beliefs any time soon.

That is okay too because each person has their own path to follow.  Some people awaken early in their life and some like my wife and I awaken later in life.  I have told our children that we are available to talk about events that are coming in the future that may cause them to react in fear.  That is about the best that we can do until they come to us with questions.  We don’t apply pressure to them because they may withdraw from us and then will be hesitant to approach us in the future when events occur and they may have questions.

None of us know the pre-birth agreement of another’s soul and it may be that they are performing the role they have chosen for this incarnation so that we can benefit from the experience of learning to be tolerant of another person’s spiritual path.

It is interesting to periodically conduct reviews of past sections of your present incarnation.  Not to dwell on what choices you made, but to see the difference in your point of view from previous pre-awakening thought patterns to your subsequent post-awakening thought patterns.  Sometimes during pre-awakening mode you made comments to another that contained phrases that seemed to come to you from out of nowhere.  The phrases just rolled out of your mouth without any conscious thought.  They were the correct things to say to the individual to help them in the moment, but it isn’t until after you have awakened that you find that not only were they the correct things, but that you realize that you benefited from the conversation as much as the person you were talking to.

Remembering a conversation that you have had in the past with an individual now has a different meaning when viewed from the perspective of a newly awakened personality.  I recall a discussion with another sister where we were discussing why some religions say that their way of believing is the only way to get to heaven.  After awhile we both agreed that it seemed unlikely that God would ban people from going to heaven who were not Christian in their belief.   She said however that you had to be saved in order to get to heaven.  I told her that I believed that I was responsible for my own soul and not the preachers of the world, and that we would all be going to the same place upon our deaths.  I now know that I am not a personality that has to protect my Soul but a Soul that is having a physical reincarnation and trying to get that personality to remember its direct connection to God without the need for any religion.

My sister said that she just couldn’t believe in reincarnation due to her scientific and religious training.  My response was that when I have read books that described reincarnation, the information just rang true to me and so then I added it to my personal truth.

I will say that even though my awakening was later in life, I have had a personal truth for the vast majority of my life.  As I gained knowledge and experience, my personal truth changed to incorporate the new knowledge.  Some may argue with me that if you have a personal truth, it would only be valid if it remains unchanged throughout your life.  NOT TRUE!!  Now the changing of your truth may not be an everyday occurrence, but as you gain maturity, knowledge and understanding, there will be personal truth changes that alter your previous understanding of how to live the balance of your present incarnation.

Conversations with another acquaintance traveled along the same vein.  He would ask questions of me concerning how I came to my beliefs and I would say that I have read many books that opened up my eyes.  Which then resulted in more questions and searching for the answers from additional sources.  Many years ago I read one particular book that was published 80 years ago by a Scotsman who spent more than 30 years of his life researching the origins of the Bible and the establishment of the Christian religion.  I mentioned some of the material in the book that concerned how the Bible was changed during the time of King Constantine when it was determined which books would be included.   The acquaintance dismissed the validity of such material as the product of the devil.  And I have found that many religious people use the same reasoning for discarding material that doesn’t fit into their paradigm.  He did ask me to let him read the book, but I told him that I couldn’t do that.  I was concerned that I might never see the book again.

Everyone has their own spiritual path to travel until such time that certain gridlines meet and then they have the opportunity to awaken.  My own awakening occurred prior to that of my wife.  I awakened as I was starting to read The Mathew Books, The God Books and a host of other material found from other books and the internet.  I recall reading about letting go of those around you who weren’t on the same path.  It described a situation similar to divorcing your mate.  I found that I had an issue with this and in a particular conversation with God (so far I only talk to Him because I don’t yet have the ability to hear Him) I told Him that I certainly would like to go with Terra into the fourth and fifth dimension, but that I would have to forego the experience because I couldn’t leave my wife behind.  However I would still do all that I could do to help change the world.

But a very wondrous thing occurred!!  My wife was right behind me in her awakening and now we have each other to help us along the path we are now on.  I guess God must have known about the closeness of our particular grid lines and if I could have heard His voice back then He probably would have told me to “chill out and be a little patient.”  I continue to tell my wife from time to time that I am so grateful that we are on the same path.

So everyone is different and we should not interfere with the path they are on, but just be ready for the particular gridlines to meet and then help them grow by sharing with them the knowledge we have gained.

Until the next time, Phil

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