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New Light Messages June 2013 #2

New Light Messages

June, 2013 #2

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. Indeed, the time does approach, and there is, indeed, much, much to be accomplished. We do say: Make allowance for a quiet hour, a quiet time during the three days of your Vigil. It is most critical that a focused awareness of that which you do undertake be given, you see. For know this: There are many others around your world who shall honor this passage, indeed this portal, yet of those, few are aware of what does unfold. Few are truly aware of the teetering point that your world does now sway upon. It is not enough in this time to simply acknowledge those portals offered by the Equinox, Solstice, and other passages that do reveal your place in the cosmic patterns of life. One must participate, not merely acknowledge; one must co-create through the energies unique to these times, to these portals.

Yes, as you do see, there is great need for intervention of higher consciousness, to quell the fires that do consume nations, souls, bodies, yes, as well as forests, homes, and the creatures that do dwell upon the land. As given, none, none shall be immune to the hand of the Great Awakener. You may awaken each day with gratitude, gratitude, we do say, for the burden that you bear, for the Great Awakener does apply as well to you. Yet it is relative, as you do say, for indeed that which you experience in body does take its toll, yet you do occupy a place of privilege in the Eye of the Storm, wherein the hand of the Great Awakener is slightly more gentle. Look, however, with compassion and empathy at those whose path is more extreme, and with your compassion send forth through prayer visions, thoughts, and indeed through actions, which may ease the burden, lighten the heart, yet most importantly, awaken the soul to that which does unfold. Now you do see, with the accelerated violence within the the House of Abraham, the place where much began, you do see the grave potential for greater war, greater suffering, and for greater destruction of earth and water. The hand of Grace is motivated by compassion. Your compassion, your prayers are a potent force for moving the energy that brings the hand of Grace to the suffering of many. Know this: Do not cease in your vigilance. This is the time for which you were brought into this world.

As given, the Descendant of the Pharaohs must utilize greater courage, greater strength, you see, in applying the word “No” to those who would manipulate him onto the path of shadows. In much that he does choose, there is lack of awareness of the true consequences, and yet in much that he does choose there is a succumbing to persuasion. This must not be! He, too, must awaken to the true nature of that which does unfold. It is a choice between a world destroyed by those who are consumed within the shadow and whose motivations arise with anger, greed, and fear; and the other world in which one that has awakened to the Divine nature of the Spirit of Love within. That love does not end with self, but extends toward all, toward nature, toward the creatures, toward the beauty of this planet – which is in your hands, we do say.

The direction taken after the time of the summer portal will determine the quality of generations, generations of existence. We do not say that the Time of the Purple Sun is impossible; what we do say is how long will the time be before its manifestation in your world? How many shall pass? How much will be destroyed? This, this is what is at stake, as you do say, “at stake.” Know this and go about the Vigil with full commitment of soul, mind, and body. It may seem that much is asked of you; it is but a twinkling in the face of that which your world does now teeter upon. Now there are others like you in this world, but they are far too few. We do stand ready with you, too; we avail ourselves, as well, of the energies [of the Solstice]. We will be present; we will assist in all ways allowed; but you and others must do the work of co-creators, as light-beings, as souls who have chosen the Way of the Heart, you see. Let your days and your nights be full of awareness of that which you do. You do call upon that which you do seek to help bring into existence. Let nothing deter you.

He prepares to take advantage of chaos. Pray that Netanyahu is brought to the altar of transformation, that his hand may be stayed; as well as for the Butcher of Damascus – do the same for him. For those who do struggle in the streets, pray that they will come to know the root of their fear, that they will come to know the root of their anger, the root of their hatred – that it may be transformed, yes, even in the twinkling of an eye. Miracles do manifest, even in the midst of chaos. We, and others who serve the Light of One, shall be with you each moment, strengthening and assisting; know this and be comforted in times when all does seem too difficult.

We do take our leave at this time. There are blessings here for you; become aware of the Sacred Gift. It has been given to you to be here at this time to do what is before you. The blessings of the Holy One go with you now and evermore, evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Oh, what a glow! He was there (Saturday night), don’t you know. Wouldn’t miss the chance to dance.

Yes, last-minute chocolate is not the way; must be had throughout the day. Oh, yes, he loves those stalks (asparagus). The stalkers aren’t through; there’s still more for you.

[Roundhead sings:]

Asparagus, asparagus.

Yes, singing and dancing.

Berries, berries. Oh, they’re late.

The reason why is strange skies, strange skies. Pray for the creatures – they cry, they cry. You, too, may bring the rain much better than those who play sky-games. Gather to pray and bring the rain. It can be done by those who work with the Sun, yes, not try to hide it (solar radiation management/geoengineering).

Rare days are coming, yes, rare days. Picnic while you can. Yes, picnic while you can, much change, much change soon comes to the land.

But it’ll do you good to get out into the wood and pic-nic now, pic-nic now. Don’t let yourself forget how. You’ll have to make it happen. Yes, things are hard, and sometimes sad, but joy upon the one hand, sorrow on the other, and in-between a heart that’s glad. Gratitude, gratitude – that’s what makes your heart glad.

You’ll have help in getting what you need; yes, so don’t fret, don’t fret. Just plant the seed. The seed of hope. Plant the seed of hope and make sure you don’t let go of the rope. Hold on. (Laughs) Yes, hold on around the curve; it looks scary; just don’t lose your nerve going around the curve. The road of life curves a lot these days …. But! You’ve got Roundhead You’ve got Two Bear You’ve got Magic, Who could ask for anything more!

Chocolate! More! One in the morning, one at noon, one in the afternoon [one square each time].

Don’t forget, he’s always around. Doesn’t matter if things are up or down. So –

Get your hat,

Get your coat.

Leave your troubles on the doorstep.

Just direct your feet To the sunny side of the street.

Patience for everyone; patience for everyone. It’ll get done. Good things do come, even in the storm. Patience. In the meantime have a little fun! He’s dancing away with a stalk of asparagus. He’s dancing around, he’s dancing away, he’s swirling around and around, like on a ballroom floor.

Lady of the Light

It’s the Lady of Grace. Thank you, thank you. Beautiful Blue Light. I feel like I’ve been washed in the beautiful Blue Light. It poured over me, poured right over me.

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