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New Light Messages July 2013

New Light Messages

July 14, 2013

Yes, greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. Though we are with you, we must be exceedingly brief. As given, Egypt’s the key, and so she does remain. Yet at this time it is crucial, you see, that you maintain your focus on the energies of the Solstice Vigil. Though the danger does continue to increase daily, know this: Hidden forces have been set in motion by those who falsely, falsely, we do say, follow the Crescent Moon & Star. In their hearts are dark memories, karma, as you do say, that does cloud the soul and confuse the mind. And those forces have set forth to take advantage of the current chaos to gain control. The House of Abraham does teeter on the edge of a great chasm. The world will not benefit if it does descend into that chasm, and so, think much upon your prayers, your focused intention, during the Solstice turning point. Fall not into the illusion that all has been accomplished to create peace, for it is not so. Yet it’s possible, possible still. All across your planet, many of those who follow the Crescent Moon & Star, in the Middle-East and beyond, are caught up in the desire for control. So it is in your land for those who falsely follow the Dove & Cross. Know this: there is NO PATH to the heart of the Creator that is smeared with blood. The time has come to wash away the blood and allow the Hand of Grace to lift thousands upon thousands of years of karma and replace it with love. One you once were; One you are now; and One you shall be, beyond the ending of this world … but not ALL worlds. Though you* shall find another place to grow while this one does heal, yet it is your charge to maintain this world in peace and beauty, for as long as it does exist. As once given, the one who holds the key must be held in the Light (Egypt). This is what you must attend to now.

We do conclude. Know this: If the hidden forces are not held in check before the Autumn Equinox, it will be nearly too late to avert a nuclear event. We do work with you, stand with you, and hold the Light with you, that this (nuclear event) may not be. Hold fast within the Eye of the Storm; daily, daily attune to the energies of the Solstice Vigil. Others join you from beyond the veil.

We do now take our leave with this blessing. May the Holy One be FELT within your heart, mind, body, and soul with each breath and second of your lives. Go now on the path of the Prince of Peace. Do not allow the difficulty, challenge of the time to avert your commitment. Heed well your choice. The Lady of Grace blesses you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

__________ * ‘You’ (in the first paragraph) refers to humans of a great many years into the future, and our souls may then be a part of that ‘transfer’. (This is only if things do not go well enough to prevent nuclear event.)


No time, no time to stay and play. Not today, not today. He has much to say, but not today.

Visions & Messages

Gather now what you can so you’ll have what you need at hand.

A beautiful Light. Oh, it’s the Lady of Grace.

Earthquakes release lava flow; volcanoes again … Mexico.

Air flights continue in danger, danger.

Something rumbling under the earth.

Received by Dr. Shamaan Eagle

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