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New Light Messages September 2013

New Light Messages

September 2013

Greetings. Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, we must be very brief yet we would have you know: These days before new moon do bring great, great danger, not merely to the people of Syria, but the world. If it is so, that there is no declaration of war, further war before the 5th you see, it is indeed possible to avert full-scale conflict. Yet the Butcher of Damascus [Assad] must be brought to justice; it may present extreme difficulty in doing so. Know this: That which is his karmic burden shall be justice enough. Grace shall be the only power to alleviate that burden.

Egypt yet holds the key, and the key is not held very well at this time. The Vigil that you do approach is more crucial than you know. We would have you begin with the evening of the full moon, and for a time each night prior to that which is the Equinox, the 22nd. Sit together for one hour that you hold the Light, indeed, magnify the Light to such an extent that it may reach all hearts, all souls within the House of Abraham. It will be on the day of the Equinox that the sacred pipe be activated once again. It is but an instrument, but all instruments such as this emanates great power by virtue of its role in usage to bring peace, harmony, and healing, you see, to the world. There are many such in different forms, and each one, each one, we do say, is needed in this time.

As you do approach the time, more will be given. If it [it refers to nuclear weapons being used] can be avoided without deeper involvement in the war, a great many, a great many may be saved. We do continue to assist in avoiding any and all nuclear involvement. It does draw near. Know this: Those who have chosen not to intervene, in a peaceful manner, on behalf of those who walk in the ancient land where Damascus was the soul of that land, shall have much cause to regret for withholding, withholding assistance to the innocents.

We do now take our leave. This one has been assisted, and you all shall find greater relief in coming days. Stand firm in the Eye of the Storm; we are with you and all who hold the Light in heart and soul. Blessings of the Holy One do pour upon you; receive them and celebrate them, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Visions & Messages

This, and more, is why the Lady of Grace has wept [the use of toxic chemical gas in Syria].


Laughs. If you don’t dance, you lessen your chance of shaking those numbers loose, because you stay so tight. Yes, yes, it spoils the juice of life, life, life. You must learn the art of celebrating, even when you don’t see a reason. It’s always the season to dance. He says he must go. Yes, he must go, but practice your smile; it will stand you in good stead for a long while. Even when life looks tragic, there is always lots of magic. He’s waving goodbye.

Pickled asparagus. Oh, good for me and most people? I?ll try it, only once. Okay, bye Roundhead.

Seething, seething, ocean waters, are seething.

He gave me a lotus flower.

Tensions rise with the new moon. Counter the influence with prayer and laughter.

Better. More and more people need green beans. (Good for the kidneys)

Just have to get through this month; then the tide will turn.

Received by Shamaan

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