A view of Reincarnation

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Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David

A View of Reincarnation

Issue #3

If you asked the question, “What is reincarnation?” you would get a varying number of responses.  Religious people might respond with “There is no such thing – it is an idea that is perpetuated through the work of the devil.”  Some may flippantly say that “It is where you come back as a goat, or a monkey or some other life form if you do bad things in the present lifetime.”  Then there are some, not all, whose scientific training won’t let their minds get past their interpretation of present scientific principles to delve into the issue.  Others may say that they don’t know and don’t care.

I am an average middle class individual who has been on Earth this go-around for 70+ years.  (As was stated in a previous post to this website, I am a recently awakened personality.)  The material that follows is based on my understanding of what I have read and what frequently comes to me while I spend time thinking about such topics.  (Many times this occurs during that twilight period between being awake and being asleep.)  My desire in writing this piece is to give people a tool that may be passed on to friends, relatives and acquaintances to help them to learn the basics about reincarnation and to answer simple questions that they may have.  (This is not a comprehensive work, but is only my attempt to help and is based on my present knowledge and understanding and is not necessarily the opinions of the hosts of this website.)

The simple explanation of reincarnation might be that it is the process of the Soul desiring to return to Earth to live in a physical body after the Soul’s previous physical body has died in a previous lifetime.

There are many religions on earth that believe that you get one chance to live your life.  Some might say the goal is to be as successful as possible and to get as much of everything as you can before you die.   Others may say you better be good, go to church, ask forgiveness for your “sins” or you will go to someplace very hot when you die.  It seems that these beliefs provide for better control of the masses by intimidating them to be good because – you only get one time around.   If this is the case, then these beliefs are based on fear, in particular the FEAR of dying, to accomplish their agendas.

The question might be, “Why should there be reincarnation?”  My understanding and belief is that the Creator established reincarnation so that a Soul could make a plan (Pre-Birth Agreement, Soul Contract, or Life Plan) that included what the Soul wanted to experience during each of its thousands of lifetimes.  It is the SOUL that is the entity who elects, or agrees to a request by God, to come back to the physical world in a physical shell which we call the human body.  This physical shell (the human body) has a Personality which in turn has an Intellect that is trained by the Personality to protect the Personality.  The personality and the intellect usually act in unison generally without conscious knowledge that the Soul is the reason that they are in physical form.  All the personalities in the world make up humanity and these personalities deal with each other on a conscious basis.  However there are personalities that are aware that they have a sub-conscious and a super-conscious self and these personalities do know of the connection between the Soul, the personality and the intellect.  These personalities are generally referred to as being “Awakened”.    The more evolved of these have acquired or relearned the ability to be in consort with their Souls so that they live their lives with the Soul, the personality and the intellect all working together in harmony.

The Creator established an unbreakable universal rule that gave each Soul the Freedom of Expression (sometimes better known as Free Will).  Life plans are designed to provide a “physical life experiencing” for the Soul.  This plan is established while the Soul resides in Nirvana (commonly known as Heaven) and is done between physical lives.  (There are many books written by learned professionals who have documented the “Life between lives” experiences of their clients.)

Since the purpose of a life plan is to allow the Soul to experience living in a physical body on a planet, there is an unlimited list of choices to consider when creating a life plan.  A small list of some of the major choices for an individual incarnation would include being a male, being a female in a different lifetime, being a gay person, being a handicapped person, being rich, being poor, being highly educated, having no education, dying in an accident, dying due to a disease process, having children, not having children, being a heavy such as a criminal, being a victim of the criminal, dying early in life, living a long life, surviving a disaster, not surviving a disaster.  (A great number of Souls do incarnate to be in a specific location where major disasters occur and do perish in these events such as typhoons.)

These experiences would then include many challenges and situations to be experienced and include obstacles to be overcomed that the Soul puts into its life plans.  Now when the Soul enters into physical life, all knowledge of the life plan or of previous lifetime experiences are not known to the personality and the intellect.  The personality of the Soul, without any conscious knowledge of the life plan, follows the twists and turns of the life plan by being involved with the other Soul’s personalities who are also part of the interrelated life plans.

 Are the life plans always followed closely by the personality?  Not necessarily.  Even if a challenge presents itself according to the plan, the personality could choose to use its freedom of expression to avoid the issue and continue on.   Then the life plan for a subsequent lifetime may include the hurdles to overcome that the personality and intellect chose to sidestep in the completed previous lifetime.  In these subsequent lifetimes, the Soul gives the personality yet another opportunity to “get it right this time”.  In other words this time they need to better follow the learning experience designed into the life plan by the Soul.  When reading books written by different authors, they relate that “Some of us have to try, and try, and try again until we hopefully finally get it right.”

Many times a group of Souls agree to spend a number of physical lives at the same time on the planet.  These Souls can change roles and be the parent one time and the child another time or only a close acquaintance another time.  The role the Souls choose is based on the various Souls’ need for experiencing.  Now what I have written so far on the subject is just the tip of an iceberg that is about the size of the Solar System.  Speaking of the off world (Earth), the Soul may elect to reincarnate on many other worlds throughout this Universe or other Universes.

Now some may be saying, I don’t like this idea of reincarnation and I’m not going to believe in it and I’m definitely not going to be a part of it.  This is the intellect talking not the Soul.  It doesn’t matter if your intellect can’t get its head around the concept; the Soul knows EXACTLY how the process works.  It is the intellect that has been trained to protect itself and thus the personality.  The intellect has been bombarded over its current lifetime by the programming from the various political, religious, materialism and financial paradigms.  And this bombardment has been aided and abetted by the media who is controlled by the powers-that-be.  Now some may be thinking “He has given me an out because it’s not my fault”.  No, you and your intellect made the choices when given the opportunity to change your situation but you ignored the signs or just elected not to heed them.  “When was that?” you may ask.  It was at those points in time that your Soul put the signposts into its life plan for the present incarnation.  You didn’t see them, you saw them and didn’t recognize them, or you just ignored them.  Any way you look at it, it’s all on you.  I would venture a guess that the majority of persons on Earth at the present time have missed many signposts, including the writer.  Consider this; this article could be a signpost and just by reading the article, you may be nudged by your subconscious to continue to explore more of the information on this website and in books that contain information on reincarnation and spirituality.

You see we don’t know what is in our life plan and we are prevented from finding out.  Besides we really don’t want to know – what would our actions be if the Soul included a severe car accident in the life plan that resulted in the personality ending up as a quadriplegic?  Knowing in advance what the life plan had in it, the intellect surely would prevent us from getting into the auto in time to be in the accident.  Then Soul would miss out on the Soul’s requested desire to experience life living as a quadriplegic.  Oh yes, we ask for these kinds of experiences and much, much more.

Many human “actions” that are performed according to a Soul’s life plan may be considered as “sins” by the religions of the world.  Some of these actions might be that of being a criminal who steals or murders, being a spouse who cheats on its spouse or someone that negligently causes an accident that incapacitates an individual.  These “actions”, according to our intellect’s conditioned sense of right and wrong, can be very disturbing, but the “actions” may also be written in the life plans of the personalities that are to be affected by the disturbing “actions”.  The “actions” could also be the personality exercising its freedom of expression.  In this case the Soul may have added an element of temptation in the life plan to observe if the personality would resist such temptation.

It is okay for us as an observer to feel the impact of such a disturbing “action”.  But knowing how life plans are put together we know that we don’t have any knowledge whether the “action” was part of a life plan or the use of free expression by the person performing the “action”.  Thus it should not be our place to judge another individual, because the individual may only be performing the “actions” according to various life plans.  Now you can react to the “action” with however you feel about it, just don’t go into judgment of the personality who might be considered at fault for the “action”.

Now the beautiful aspect of the reincarnation process is that we now know that each incarnation is JUST A PART OF THE SOULS JOURNEY!!  Yes your intellect and personality will come to an end when you die, but the Soul is never ending!  The Soul is eternal!!   It is the intellect that needs to protect itself and the personality.  And thus it is the intellect and personality that have the fear of dying.  So we can live our lives with a belief in reincarnation and this belief allows our personalities and intellects to be free of the fear of death.  Humanity should be celebrating a person’s life at their death, not just mourning their death for the long periods of time that some take.  It is okay to go through a grief process but understand the past life was only a small part of the journey.

 A belief in reincarnation allows us to have an understanding of why some people have a lot more issues to deal with in their lives than others.  Take the situation of a newborn baby suddenly having health issues and dying from those issues.  It is a devastating blow to the parents and all associated with the infant.  Sometimes people never recover from such an occurrence.  But know also that it was a part of the Soul Agreements of all persons associated with that child.  For sure, don’t blame God!!  The Souls were the entities that wanted the experience and after consultation with God on all aspects of the life plans, everyone agreed to the plans.

How is a life plan developed?   Very briefly and simply, life plans are developed while in Nirvana with the assistance of many Souls residing in Nirvana.  In many cases the Souls that are the advisers for the upcoming physical life, have worked hand in hand with that Soul in many previous lifetimes.  God has a direct hand with the development of the life plan and gives each life plan his stamp of approval.  For a greater understanding of this process of what occurs in between lives, I refer you to a book written by Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus that is titled, “Beyond The Journey – Life In The Hereafters”.

Until the next time, Phil

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