“What In The World…..?”

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“What In The World…..?”

Message #5

(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

I have a brother who is two years older than I.  As we were growing up on a farm in the Upper Midwest, we did as most siblings do that are close in age, we got into mischief and fought sometimes.  Nothing really knock down drag out serious, but still it caused our Mom to ask, “What in the world are you boys doing?”  For some reason I thought of that scene the other day and it seemed to me that it might make a good title and subject matter for an article.  Now I’m pretty sure that many of the readers have heard this expression with a number of different endings.  Such as:  what in the world are you going to do,  what in the world can we do, what in the world can I do, or what in the world do you want.  Then there is the alternate phrase of “Where in the world?” with a similar host of endings.

In a previous post to this website I talked about how the Soul desires to reincarnate and spend many lifetimes in physical form for the express purpose of experiencing.  Also that the Soul designs a Life Plan (Soul Contract or Pre-Birth Agreement) to include a myriad of circumstances into the life plan in order to accomplish this desire for experiencing.  The physical body has a personality and an intellect that may or may not know that they need to work closely with the Soul to make the most of each physical incarnation.  The examples that follow will be in the vein of the personality and intellect not knowing that they should be on the same page with the Soul.

“What in the world are you doing?”  Mothers could be the ones asking their children when they aren’t behaving according to the mother’s wishes.  Or when a friend has questioned what another person is doing that may be a potential problem for them.  Now there could be a number of reasons for the actions by the child or the friend.  The person could just be performing an action that was designed into the life plan or it could be that the person is just exercising their freedom of expression or free will.  Then a conversation ensues regarding the matter until all issues between parties are satisfied or the parties agree to disagree.  In the case of my brother and me, it was always settled in the manner that was satisfactory to Mom.

Now to take a different view of the question and consider what the Soul may be asking when it is trying to prod the personality with the same “What in the world are you doing?”  I believe this occurs frequently when the personality isn’t properly performing an action, or just as likely, ignoring an action that the Soul had designed into its life plan.  Hence the Soul is questioning the personality.  But if you, as personality and intellect, were indeed working in harmony with the Soul, you would be able to get back on track with the Soul’s life plan without any prodding from the Soul.  Not many of us have this ability.

I believe that the Creator and God meant for us to be able to always use this ability.  But as many  know, that changed when the dark forces began their activities on the Earth Star planet.  But I believe we do have something that is available to us and that is our conscience and our intuition.  If you make it a practice to listen to your conscience regarding an action, you can pretty much be assured that your conscience won’t lead you astray.  However, everything that I have read also says, if you continuously ignore your conscience then it may not respond to you in the future when you may need it the most.

I believe that intuition is fairly closely related to conscience.  And maybe there are learned people who would correct me and say that they may be the same thing.  I know that my intuition has helped me many times to view a situation and determine that it was something that I could do or that it was something that I should stay away from.  Intuition is more of a predictor of the outcome, whereas to me conscience rings a bell that says you shouldn’t be doing whatever action you are in fact in the process of doing.  Then after we have done the action, we know that we have to be ready to go through the consequences for the action taken.

“What in the world can I do?”  Another phrase that is more often said now days when one is considering the challenges of living life on the Earth Star Planet.  After all we are only one person with a limited amount of apparent influence.  Now some have more influence than others, but the prevailing sense is of a limited ability to make a difference.  Well, I am coming around to the fact that we all have an ability to make a difference.  This comes from the reading I have done and the awareness that I have developed from within.

An example of this is the situation in Syria that has taken place in the last few months or so.  As you all know there was a desire to exact revenge against the government of Syria for the perceived use of chemical weapons by the government against its own people.  Three other governments intervened and wanted to get involved by using force in the form of a surgical strike of missiles to punish the Syrian government for its perceived actions.  More than likely this situation would have escalated into something much greater in destruction and death.  However as events are playing out, the attacks have not yet taken place.  I believe that people all over the world used the power of their individual thought and created a force that reduced the strike threat to allow the parties to come together for a negotiated settlement that still has to be worked out as of the time of this writing.  Is the threat over?  Only time will tell.   But the three governments got the message that the people do not want another war in the Middle East.  So what can a single individual do?  Everyone and anyone can use their power of thought and those thoughts can be a powerful force for any worthy goal that is desired.

“What in the world do you want?”  I would venture to guess that a great many people would respond with a request for material wealth or for an easier life or for an ideal mate.  But a better answer would be what kind of a future world you want for yourselves and for future generations.  So forget about the materialistic items since the pleasure of having them only lasts for a small amount of time and then you want more.  And as for an easier life, you are the one (actually your Soul) who designed your present life plan, so you can only look to yourself if you don’t like it.  Now as far as an ideal mate goes, you also designed that aspect into your life plan and whether they are ideal or not, according to the perception of your present personality, depends on what your Soul wanted to experience during this lifetime.  Again, it is what your Soul designed into this present incarnation life plan.

Your power of thought can also be utilized for designing what you want the world to be in the future.  Some thoughts are: having a world free of disease, poverty, hunger, oppressive governments and a world free from racial and sexual bias and prejudice.  Try having a thought about a world where all of humanity respects one another and cares about what occurs half way around the world.  Also a world where those persons, properly selected to be in the governing bodies of the various regions, have the best interests of the people in mind as they are governing.

Then there is the world where everyone has the right to the “perfect wealth” and “perfect health” concepts.  Now by perfect wealth, I mean that you have what you need to live a comfortable life and not that you have untold millions to live a lavish lifestyle.  And likewise by perfect health, I mean that you have what you need to be healthy and if you do contract a disease, the necessary remedies are readily available to you to counteract the disease.

Use your power of thought to design what you want.  Utilizing an intent that comes from the heart, thoughts developed with sincerity will go out into the Universe and attract similar thoughts of others.  All of these thoughts will join together and be a powerful force that will over a period of time create the world you want for yourselves and for future generations.  Now do you think you only need to create these thoughts once and then forget them or do you think you should have an end of day quiet time where you reiterate these types of thoughts every day?  I believe generating thoughts about the world you want to live in is worthy of being performed with sincerity and on a daily basis.  Thoughts are Power!!

Now we get to the phrase, “Where in the world..?”  I would think that an appropriate phase using this lead-in would be, “Where in the world should I be?” or “Where in the world will I be going.”  From everything that I have read, the answer is simply, “you will be where you are supposed to be.”  Some may now be thinking that this is pretty simplistic.  However, I believe this happens in accord with the life plan that the Soul designed.  The Soul inserted points in time into its life plan where it wants the personality to relocate.  This may be due to something like a change in employment, whether a new job or a promotion, or for some other reason.  I believe the Soul then prods the personality to think about the move and subsequently the Universe works everything out (promotion, new job or whatever) to where the personality makes the move.  This is a time when it is good to listen to your intuition as I believe this is when the Soul is prodding the personality to take an action.

But there is also a question that many may be asking themselves at the present time.  The prospects of potential major earth changes may be an issue facing some who may think that they should relocate to a safe area.  Of course there is a major question that would have to be answered first.  How can you predict the location and severity of where the earth changes will occur?  I don’t have a crystal ball so I couldn’t tell you.  I’m sure there are some that profess to be able to tell you, but I wouldn’t bet on their advice.  However, the reading that I have done reflects that “you will be where you are supposed to be”.   And if that is in the middle of a major earthquake, then you will survive it or you won’t.  If your life plan says that you will survive the earthquake then you need to be ready to help others who may need your assistance.  If your life plan says that you won’t survive the earthquake then your Soul will go to Nirvana and begin the preparation and design for its next physical lifetime.  Remember there are many ways to leave this Earth that don’t involve major earth changes and they are also designed into your life plan.  In any event, don’t be afraid! You will be where you are supposed to be if you listen to the nudging of your Soul!

Until the next time, Phil

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