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New Light Messages November 2013 #4

New Light Messages

November 2013 #4

Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. It is necessary, you see, that we be exceedingly brief. Yes, many directions, many forces do converge to a crucial point. As you do see, [there are] daily attempts to create divisions, divisions; [and] to thwart efforts to create peace as manifested by the image of the tree, dove, crescent moon, star, rose – these things do have power, yet are not sufficient. Action, as well, may hasten the Time of the Purple Sun. And so we say, the time does soon arrive for the Vigil, whose focus of spiritual energy may be directed, as always in these days, toward the House of Abraham. For indeed, that land that was once Persia also shares the House of Abraham. The great warbird does continue to press forward, guided by forces, elements outside the House of David. Yes, he does seek absolute dominion within the House of Abraham. You do now see the fruits of your previous vigil unfolding. It is now, now we say, crucial to contribute greater spiritual force, that the hand of the great warbird may be stayed, that many more shall come to support that which brings peace.

Indeed, the entire month (of December) will be rife with dangerous circumstances. Those who seek war to justify, justify, you see, their own fear will seek to sabotage efforts that have been, or may yet be, successful. These elements have been sent out, called into action by the great warbird and his minions – those who are of the shadow force.

And so, on the first day of the new month, you shall hold vigil. Your usual gathering (Sunday, December 1st) shall be longer and begin sooner, you see. Yet it shall be only one day, one day. We do request you begin individual prayers, sitting in the light of dawn of the first day of the new month, and that you end the day even after you have gone your separate ways. End the day with prayer and sitting in the Light.

Yes, when you do gather you shall hold the ceremony of the sacred pipe, for it does hold the presence of generations, generations that extend back through centuries, of that frequency of consciousness which is attuned to the highest thought patterns and spiritual soul patterns of those who sought peace, who sought harmony with nature and one another. And so, you see, as with other ceremonies and other traditions, it does indeed generate power by connecting soul to soul through the centuries of time and aligning to the divine consciousness of all that is of the Creator, in whom we all exist.

Further instructions will be given to this one. The opportunity, the opportunity to serve the Greater Good lies before you; it is the path, the work your soul has chosen. Go forward now with confidence that the blessings of the Holy One and Creator go with you each step, in each breath, in each moment, you see, as do we.

Know this: Great danger does yet surround this time. The warbirds do operate from a kind, as you do say, of insanity. It is called paranoia, and from that state great chaos and destruction may arise. As we do say often, judge not, yet do offer your prayers, your spiritual energies toward healing ALL. See them standing before the altar of transformation, and turn your prayers, your focus, your intent for the Greater Good. Beseech them who stand as their guardians to soften, to rise above and to climb upon the altar of transformation. In this manner, all may share in the Time of the Purple Sun.

Yes, know this: These are the days for which others before you did hold the ceremonies and offer the prayers that these days may see the greater force of the Light, of the Way of the Heart, thus to turn this time in your world toward peace, healing, harmony between nations and all souls who seek the Light of One. We walk with you as you follow the path of the Prince of Peace. Blessings of the Holy One upon you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim. Visions & Messages Do not worry; do not cloud your mind with worry about finances. The next door will open when you are ready, and in time.

Yes, yes, remain true to the Way of the Heart, though trying and difficult it may be at times. As you do that which is before you, you bring such beauty and healing into the world. The Lady’s heart is grateful; the Lady of the Light is grateful for your service.

Partake of more water in the next few days. You will find your body craving this, needing it to cleanse.

Oh, the children. She asks again for your prayers for the children who suffer so much in war zones and in places of want, of need.

Again raging waters and earth disturbances of magnitude.

The Descendant of the Pharoahs does face danger. Send the Blue Light to surround him, protect him.

Many miracles, many miracles multiply. Just when you’re about to say, “Oh, my, oh my,” many miracles multiply and whisk away your fears. Makes you younger by years. So does the gratitude dance; doesn’t matter if you ever have before, just do the gratitude dance and polish that floor! Yes, yes, polish that floor.

I keep seeing an image of Roundhead doing this strange dance, a special dance, ­the gratitude dance. Delight, delight, delight: Live in a state of delight. So many reasons to feel delight, so try it with all your might!

Received by Shamaan Eagle

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