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New Light Messages December 2013

New Light Messages

December 8, 2013 

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. It is indeed as given: The Purification does proceed, as the Great Awakener moves across your world. Yet however difficult, challenging these times may be, there are greater yet to come. Your resilience lies in your spiritual attunement; your fortitude lies in your commitment, you see. For know this: The challenges that you do face you may meet victoriously. Do recall: You are privileged to be held within the Eye of the Storm. You may meet, indeed, endure many challenges, discomfort, and be victorious because of the role that you do play. It is necessary that there are many of those souls who have chosen to serve the Light of One in this time. You are among them and must remain attuned and committed. Let not your courage falter; be confident even in the face of that which is yet to come. Yet know this: The hand of the Great Awakener is made much more destructive, harsh, by the manipulations that are carried out by those who serve the shadow. Recall – we are by your side and provide assistance, relief, whenever possible.

The great warbird grows more emboldened, and will not hesitate to go further. Those within his own land, who stand for peace, are at this time the only restraint. Yet through your prayers, your spiritual work, you may multiply the effectiveness of those who stand for peace, and increase the influence they may have on him.

As given, you may work with the elemental forces to assist in maintaining balance. At this time, great danger, great danger, we do say, grows steadily beneath the waters of your oceans. Fissures open as result of activities within the sea. [Shamaan believes this is referring to tests and practice exercises conducted by the Navy using sonar and other weapons, such as HAARP.] If it is accelerated by your surface activities, that which is released will bring great upheaval to your atmosphere. Even those who do now seek to control the blue-green serpent shall be astonished at its thrashing about, and the destruction it shall bring. Bring calm through the Blue Light of Grace, holding to the Light in the Eye of the Storm.

Let not your concerns of daily difficulties, frustrations, deter you from your task. Many, many lifetimes have led to this privilege; use it well, that your souls may rejoice at the end of this journey, this journey.

Know this: As we do assist this one, we do assist each and all who serve the Light of One, for it does also express our task in serving the Light of One.

When peace does prevail, the beauty and harmony of creation is magnified greatly. Thus you see, all do benefit, ALL.

Turn now your attention to the waters, that they may be cooled, calmed, and given the healing of the Blue Light.

Yes, we do now take our leave. Know that we may be called at your request to assist you in all ways, ALL WAYS. Go now upon the path that does lead to a new peace, healing, indeed joy. We do follow, as well, this path of peace, and walk with you toward that new dawn. The blessings of the Holy One be FELT with every breath you take, and every step you make, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Trust, acceptance will always win. Keep going, it’s a strong wind, but your wings are stronger. Keep going.

Received by Shamaan Eagle

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