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New Light Messages Jan 2014

New Light Messages

January 5, 2014

Greetings, yes we do join you in this sacred circle.  Many will find this year to be challenging, beyond expectations (due to the Grand Cardinal Cross transitions).  It shall offer testimony to your commitment to the path you tread.  We would have you know this:  Though it does not in this time appear crucial (to gather and store needed items), it shall be surprisingto discover how quickly the need does appear.  And so we do once again repeat:  Those items, as you do say, non-perishables, which shall be needed, should be accumulated.  This one must increase intake of blue-green algae (spirulina), as must others.  Each does benefit by increased intake at this time.  Those items that strengthen (the) body’s immune response should be also accumulated, for there shall be increased difficulty in growing and delivery of foodstuffs and resources required to support your health.  It [the difficulty] will be appearing slowly, yet increasing in velocity.

Far too few have yet to recognize the need for the ongoing Purification.  Greater upheaval in the Earth will soon be noted.  Those areas that have been used faithfully for growing of farm produce and the growing of food­ these areas shall be under siege – first flooding, then drought.  It shall be known soon that the manipulations upon the plant kingdom do cause great upheaval within plants and animals, and the winged creatures and the insects upon which you depend.  Greater harm does come to the bees, and all those forms of life that pollinate.

It is very important that you do not dance with the shadow in this time.  Let not your mind succumb to fear and worry, though there will be many instances that shall appear quite distressing.  Recall always:  It is a necessary passing of an old way that has oppressed and suppressed far too many.  Difficulties, yes, but new birth does follow. 

It shall be very important to boost your immune response for coming months, yes, well into late spring and early summer.  Use all that has been given.

We do again repeat this, that you may know comfort:  We do stand with you. Protection is offered and, when requested, we give guidance.  Yet know this:  It is your chosen path.

You will wonder in coming months how, how to bear that which is before you.  We do say:  From within Eye of the Storm your burden is much less than might be.  Do not bemoan nor regret the chosen path.  It is a great honor, privilege, you see.  Your work from within the Eye of the Storm is to hold forth, hold forth in trust that the Light shall prevail above all else.  Know this:  The Light of One is eternal and shall prevail over all circumstances.  You are blessed and this is indeed a great opportunity to use that which is given to radiate the Light of One from within your soul, your heart, your mind, and indeed, into the world, that you may serve as we do, serve the Light that is indeed Love.  For this is the very essence of life.

It is so:  Many shall look around with shock, wonder, disturbed at the unfolding work of the elemental forces.  Yet the Hand of the Great Awakener is greatly amplified by the actions of those who take it upon themselves to challenge nature.  But soon, soon those who are frightened will find comfort in knowing and seeing that which follows the Hand of the Great Awakener is the Hand of Grace; and that healing, blessing, uplifting, awakening to Higher Self in the One Light shall ensue.  Know this and be comforted when your days seem full of struggle and difficulty.  Embrace one another and maintain your focus upon the Light.  You are too few.  Work to bring others into the Eye of the Storm that you who serve the Light will multiply and quicken the Time of the Purple Sun [the time of Peace, Harmony, Healing, and the Way of the Heart]. 

We do now take our leave with this blessing:  That you know the presence of the Holy One around you, within you, in every moment.  We walk with you upon the path of the Prince of Peace.  Go now and celebrate the glorious opportunity your soul is given.  Blessings of the Holy One now and evermore.  Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


From the Dog Star, Sirius:  Others of the Light come to assist in this time from Sirius, the Dog Star.  It is time for them to join forces with the light-workers.


Well, some dancing is good, but more is better.

He has a message that will be sung to be delivered.  No matter where you are this year, no matter what comes your way, remember, yes, yes, to sing:

Magic is all around you,
All around you,
Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,
All around you … and me!

Many buckets, but better to sing anyway.

That song – you put it on and it’s your protection – like an invisible cloak [from Harry Potter stories].  Protection is all around you.

More Messages and Visions

Silver, silver, colloidal silver.  I heard something about gathering silver:

Colloidal and Oxy-Silver – both!

There is much more to reveal, but it would require me to see things that I don’t need to see at the moment; nor is there a need for you to see it at the moment.  But it will be pivotal to your role as Keeper of the Eye of the Storm, to come to see clearly that which does unfold. 

I keep hearing, “Poor, poor Japan.”

Transmission received by Shamaan

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