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Everyday Kindness

Message #7

Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

How can you perform an act of kindness?    Maybe helping others undertake tasks that can require some assistance to complete.  Sometimes just being in the presence of another person can help that person because your vibrations may have a healing effect upon them.  There are so many ways to perform acts of kindness that you the reader can come up with even more then I can.  So I will restrict myself to something that I have begun doing whenever the opportunity presents itself.  To some this may seem to be something they would never do.

We lived in a large city for 38 years and now travel to another large city frequently.  There are many occasions when we would find a homeless persons standing on a corner at a stop light asking for assistance from the passersby’s.  This is a controversial topic in many cities, because the feeling among many is that you are only contributing to drug habits, alcoholism, etc.  Well in some instances that may well be true.  However God has granted us Freedom of Expression or Free Will.  I use my Freedom of Expression to give to another who appears to be in need.  The recipients use their Freedom of Expression to do as they wish with the donation.

So you may be saying that we are contributing to their particular problem or that some of these folks are just hoodwinking us because this is their business.  Well we have asked for help from the Universe to assist us as to when to give and when not to give.  Now you may be thinking, “This ought to be good.”  We follow the rule that if we see an individual on the corner at a stop light, and if the light is red when we get to the corner and the duration of the red light will provide enough time, we give the individual some of the bills.  If the light is green and we can’t stop because we will hold up traffic then the individual doesn’t receive anything.  Our belief is that the Universe has the ability to temporarily control the stoplight.

We maintain an envelope in the glove box with small bills to hand out to these individuals who need help.  With regard to how much we give to the individual, it varies.  This could be somewhat judgmental on our part, but it may also be more of an intuitive thing.  And again it may be the Universe helping us out as to how much to give.  There is one definite distinction as to the amount given and that is if the individual is a woman.  They have never failed to get the largest amount.  “Why”, you may ask.  Well it seems to me that it takes more courage for a woman to stand there asking for help than it does for a man.  Guess I’m being judgmental again aren’t I.  I recall one time I was in my car waiting to give my order for a Starbucks coffee, when I heard a rapping on my rider’s side window.  I rolled down the window and the lady standing there asked for $20 with which to buy groceries.  I didn’t have a second thought as I handed over the cash.  She however had tears in her eyes as she thanked me.  That was enough for me.

You do meet some interesting characters when you participate as we do.  There was a fellow, somewhere between 50 and 70 years old, who, with a smile, threw me a salute such as a person would do in the military.  He even called me “Captain”.  What did I do, I just acknowledged the salute with a smile back at him.  I wondered about him because you never know for sure if he wasn’t an angel in disguise.

For sure we are not a wealthy couple but my wife and I will continue doing what little we can do for others less fortunate.  We also know that we have assistance from above in discerning where and when to give.  Try it, random acts of kindness just might make you feel good about yourself when traveling through this world we live in.

So many of you who have read this far may be wondering why is this guy going on about something that is rather evident and is really not something very special.

Well God has told us that we are responsible for the shape that the world is in.  He didn’t do it, we did it.  AND WE are responsible for changing the world and making the Earth Star the place we want it to be.  Many people may have thought as to how they could make a difference being just one person and probably not in a position of influence.  What you do doesn’t have to be on such a grand scale or earth shattering. 

BUT performing the tasks related above which are “rather evident and really not something very special” may just be the start to your being able to make a difference.  Just positive thoughts about what I have written causes these thoughts on the topic to go out into the Universe and combine with others who have the same thoughts and then these thoughts combine to become a force.  Soon the accumulative thoughts and actions can become a factor in changing the collective consciousness of the human race.  And we have then made a difference in the world we live in.

So it may be simple, but it can also lead to other ways to interact with our fellow man that may someday eliminate the differences, real or imaginary, that presently exist between peoples of the Earth Star Planet.  Everyone has the ability to start out small.  Then we may progress to what many would say are more significant actions as we gain experience and receive more help from the other side.

Until the next time, Phil

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