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New Light Messages February 2014

New Light Messages

February 2014

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, it is difficult to be in body in this time upon your planet. Many forces do converge, you see, to bring about discomfort, even dysfunction. There are those who are far more damaged by these forces than you. You do see many who ‘dissolve’, in a manner of speaking; they fall apart, as you say. Yet there are those substances available to you that you may utilize to maintain physical function, mental, emotional, and spiritual function, you see. Know this: That which you experience as discomfort, nausea, lack of equilibrium, indeed, dullness of mind – these are responses to disruptions of your electromagnetic field within the earth, as generated by that which you do call HAARP. Yet there are other forces that impinge upon your wellness – well being, as well: It is so – the waters carry toxins, the snow, the air – these are all assaults upon your very being. Yet awareness allows understanding of what does unfold. Though you have massive dysfunction and ailments that are not treatable by your medical establishment, and also have meltdowns, as you say of those who are close to the edge, you and others who are aware of the Purification under way are able to counter some of these influences.

As given, gratitude will guide you to those things that will assist in restoring equilibrium. Yet the very knowing of that which does unfold is in many, many ways your protection – for fear, fear, you see, does multiply symptoms; confusion does multiply; yes, conflict and erroneous treatment does compound the problems your body must combat. In these days most do find great difficulty in being in body. You are also given that which does aid, alleviate, bring relief from that which you do experience. It is better, you see, that it is known, not buried by fear. It (fear) does become cause for greater, much greater disability, dysfunction, you see.

The Hand of the Great Awakener shall be seen and experienced with greater force in coming months. Your spring will be one of much tumult within the earth. Much will be seen as passing away, for much must pass away.

The oceans, the creatures of the oceans expire from radiation, from toxins, and from that instrument known as HAARP. Those forces, as well, of that which is SONAR wreak death and destruction to life forms of ancient heritage[1]. It is to be lamented. Yet [these deaths] it will awaken those who sleep beneath the false comfort of ignorance. The creatures of the air, as well, do suffer much. Your scientists will soon discover the demise of those creatures much needed for the well-being, the balance within nature. There are now missing many elements of harmony within the circle of life.

There shall indeed be greater release of radiation. Many in Japan will succumb, and in surrounding areas. You will not be told of the extent. It will be devastating to many.

It will also be seen that there will be great difficulties in growing those food items that you have been accustomed to, you see. Shortages shall appear by the end of summer of this year.

Yet, yet there are those who still close their eyes, turn a deaf ear and retreat in false comfort because of fear. You will sound the alarm to all, to all, to all you encounter. You must be the voice of those who die so painfully within the waters of this Earth, within the air, and within the soil itself – you must be the VOICE, for now the quickening accelerates beyond the turning point.

Yes, as given, you do face difficulties, discomforts; yet would you trade places with those who are not within the eye of the storm? Are you not given that which does assist, alleviate, and inform, that you may respond in a manner that allows survival and yes, even some degree of comfort? Do go about your life in GRATITUDE! Allow the path of the Way of the Heart to bring peace to your mind. The unfolding must continue, for the way of the world is pointed toward destruction, and yet you are outside of that way – within the Eye of the Storm. Celebrate this gift in daily gratitude. We shall be with you in each step to assist, to offer that which will bring comfort, to guide, you see. This is as we have chosen, as you have chosen, and so are chosen. Know this and go on your way on the path of the Prince of Peace with gratitude in your heart. May the blessings of the Holy One, the Source of your life be felt in your every moment. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

P.S. from Star Nation:

This is what will lead many others to turn to you and those who have also been prepared, prepared to do the work of co-creator of the Light and the Way of the Heart. They turn away, away from those things that are so painful. They seek understanding, help. So extend, extend to them, as we extend to you, to comfort, clarify. It is done.


He enjoyed dancing. He’d love to stay but can’t, so he’ll simply say: [We all sing:]

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

Just look and see.

 Magic is all around you,

All around you … and me!

There’s the bucket brigade, but that’s okay, as long as you remember that Love shows the way.

Calcium helps the electromagnetic body.

More asparagus. More asparagus. Even out of season, there’s a good reason for asparagus.

The bees. They are in big, big, trouble. Monsanto – a double-edged sword – wireless and Monsanto. Honey, honey will become scarce, along with many other food sources – including almonds. The little bee may help bring an end to Monsanto’s devastation in the world. The little bee can help bring down the giant.

Roundhead just gave me a little secret ‘dicho’: Light your way with laughter.

The grandmother spirit is here. The one who said “We can’t lose this one.”[2] She seems very concerned.

The ways of the wind are being altered. The northern winds are being deliberately moved south, causing great melting in the arctic and fierce storms in the north, northeast, and south.

[1] For example, the turtles – who have been around since the Triassic age – 248-206 million years ago.

[2] Meaning, the opportunity to shift the consciousness of the planet toward peace, compassion for others and a return to caring for Earth and her creatures in a sacred manner.

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