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New Light Messages March 2014

New Light Messages

March 9, 2014

Yes, greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief. We do commend each one as you meet the challenges in following the Way of the Heart. You do find it is seldom easy, yet each here has indeed remained true to the commitment, and yet these challenges do often cause turmoil, unease; it is indeed through this turmoil that you in your soul transcend personality. Yes, that is indeed the Way of the Heart.

As you go forward, know this: That each time you do choose the Way of the Heart, your soul does expand to embrace a greater reality, a greater harmony with the Source, the One, the Creator.

You must begin now to prepare for the Vigil that does approach. For the Great Awakener does strengthen, and indeed, a grave danger does arise and will continue to threaten a balance within your world. Yes, the Great Bear rises once again upon its haunches to seek domination. This one was given, indeed, an image, a message through that which was perceived as a dream. The potential grows stronger by the day, yet it can be defused, yet it can be defused. Further turmoil increases in the land of the pyramids, as Egypt continues to struggle with those who follow the Crescent Moon and Star. As you prepare for the Vigil, do maintain a focus upon the image given – the Tree, the Dove, the Crescent Moon, Star (of David); and do add the Rose.

This turning of the season shall be critical, critical, you see, for certain choices remain undeveloped by those in power. Late summer will be a time of extreme danger, extreme, we do say. Now is the time to redirect the actions of those who would bring devastation to this world. It may not be done with words; it may not be done by any means other than Grace, Grace, you see. And so your constant vigil-prayer must be that the Hand of Grace may open the minds, the hearts of those who are in power in the land of the Great Bear, in the land of the Great Pyramids, and especially in your land guided by the Descendent of the Pharoahs. There shall be a three-day vigil, beginning two days before the Equinox (Tuesday, 3-18 through 3-20). Prepare, prepare with daily focus upon the image; daily prayer for the sake of the world, and daily, attending to the Way of the Heart. An opportunity to serve is presented to you.

We shall give further information regarding the Vigil, yet we must not tarry overlong now. We would say this: Each one did face this difficult time,* and each has done well in meeting the challenges that do indeed reflect the very essence of the Way of the Heart. Continue forward with this knowledge in this lifetime. Your soul does expand greatly during this development, reaching to higher levels that will indeed bring about the Time of the Purple Sun. We do serve to mitigate the suffering, mitigate the loss (of lives), the damage being brought upon your Earth and to those generations that must follow you.

We must take our leave at this time. We do so with this blessing: May you follow always the Light of the Holy One as you walk the Path of the Prince of Peace, that your choices may be guided by this Light, and your own heart. Know the joy and peace of your journey. Prepare each day to sit for a few minutes with that image and your firm commitment to the Way of the Heart, and that which will serve the Light of One, of Peace, and for the healing of the soul, for all, for ALL. Blessings of the Holy One go with you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


It’s almost time, time to –

Take it and break it and make it your own,

Open the egg of magic!

Wherever you wander,

you’ll always be home,

Even if life looks tragic.

Just remember to ride the wind,

You can be sure,

that he is your friend, so-o-o-o …

Take it and break it and make it your own,

Open the egg of magic!

More dancing please; more asparagus, too. It helps to chase away the blues. Oh, yes, asparagus does. He can’t stay; he just wants to say, asparagus is very, very important in these days coming now; yes, the turn of the season you’ll find many reasons as to why you need, need asparagus.

 Asparagus, asparagus

Cleanses your blood and lifts your mood; what better could you ask of a food?

He wants to dance with you. He wants to shine his shoes by dancing with you.

He must go, but before he does he wants you to know:

Magic is all around you,

It’s all around you,

Just look and see;

Magic is all around you,

It’s all around you, And me!

He’s going off to the asparagus patch.

Roundhead says, “We’re back in the saddle now. Trust your heart – message for all.”

* The cardinal Grand Cross was especially volatile during the first 2½ months of the New Year (2014).

Received by Shamaan

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