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New Light Messages March 2014 #2

New Light Messages

March 16, 2014 

Greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. Yes, it shall soon be seen the necessity of the vigil, you see. Many forces do conjoin to bring about great danger, great danger. The Warbird Netanyahu remains unchastened. There are indeed elements within your land rising in power: yes, that which is seen as the shadow. Domination is their goal, you see. A great many do feel powerless, yet be it known: The power does lie with the smallest groups! There are many groups which we do call light cells around your world who also work to bring about the Time of the Purple Sun, the healing of soul and the Way of the Heart. Even so, there are few among the multitudes. Your post in which you do serve now is crucial, more than you know; crucial to all life, all life for your world. It is so. Each one does meet challenges that are indeed essential for the development of your soul, of the soul strength, you see. Yet that which you do face does pale, as you do say, in relation to those who find themselves in the path of war. Yours is a task that can be carried out only from within the Eye of the Storm. As you have chosen, you have been chosen. This vigil that does approach is for the express purpose of preventing war, open conflict, you see, between two mighty forces. It would seem these forces represented by the Great Bear and the Great Eagle would be the battle ancient; yet the conflict is much broader. It is a struggle between those who serve the Way of the Fist, the shadow of the lower self, and those who seek the Way of the Heart in the light of Higher Self. It is this battle, you see, which shall determine the conditions any future generations will live with on this Earth. The choice is stark, we do say, between the suffering of those who have desperate need of those elements necessary for life, and those who shall restrict, as you do say, ration these elements to the multitudes. But for an extreme few, abundance shall be the state of their existence, while others die from want (of basic needs). These thought frequencies, prayers, actions, as in vigil, that are taken now will have tremendous impact on which course is taken, which future shall prevail for ALL.

Know this: The energies you set will bear fruition by the late summer. We shall be with you [during the vigil] so that the fruits may be a sweet manifestation of the dream of peace and healing – heart, soul, mind, and body, of all within your world, and indeed, the Earth itself. Within the month that you do call July, and a portion of August­ turmoil could again generate a dangerous step toward war. It may be prevented; your opportunity is now.

Do greet the rays of the rising Sun on the first day of your vigil. Maintain your focus upon the Image given – Tree, Dove, Crescent Moon & Star of David, and Rose. Yes, we do commend you. There are many, many, many Light Beings coming into your world at this time, for these are higher forces that may help decide the balance. These souls that have prepared for this time to serve the Light of One in this plane now do enter, as we do also assist in increasing the Light of the power of One. [It is] directed toward peace, toward healing, continuance of soul growth. These souls of Light do come for the same purpose.

It is indeed a momentous time, and it [the vigil] shall resonate throughout the entire universe. The direction chosen by your world is now in process of being made. Attend to your post with focus and full awareness of the Light that does dwell within and around you as co-creator. This is your power, this is your time. Use it well. We do stand with you in service to the Holy One, the Giver of Life, the Light that generates Love, and the will toward peace. Blessings of the Holy One go with you, now and evermore, as we walk the path of the Prince of Peace. Know that so much depends on your unswerving commitment to the Greater Good. In the name of the Holy One, the giver of Life, walk ever in that Light. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

The Lady of Grace asks that you remember the children also, those who live in terror. Each prayer is like a drop of water upon a thirsty, thirsty tongue. Never doubt that your prayers, your thoughts, your hopes are felt, generating hope and miracles for those in need. You relieve much suffering. Yes, when you turn your thoughts to those in need of shelter, protection, healing, but most of all hope, She asks that you remember the children and the defenseless that the acts of mercy and grace be multiplied, multiplied. The Hand of Grace may be moved by your prayers, and the prayers of others; moved more quickly to aid and relieve more.

(Arms extended, palms up, head back, she drinks from cupped hands the sacred water) Thank you, my Lady, thank you. Yes, we will remember always. (Hands rested over heart chakra)


O-ho-ho-ho … too busy to dance; you’re missing out on a chance. Who knows what the magic egg will bring, if you will have a little dancing fling? You don’t need the Irish to teach you that. Ha, you just need to …

Get your coat,

Get your hat,

Leave your troubles on the doorstep,

Just direct your feet To the sunny side of the street.

Okay, okay, Roundhead says, “So many are stressed. Right, it is true, dancing can make it less. Stress-less, by dancing, and even singing will do. Okay, wait; I see, oh. He shows me that the manipulations of the atmosphere – ionosphere – bring too many rapid changes to the body. Sudden switches contribute, contribute strongly to your stress. More of the body in rhythm (as in dancing), helps counter being jerked around. Okay, Roundhead said a little rhythm in time is almost as important as a glass of wine. So get your dancing shoes, and asparagus, too, and let’s chase away those jerked-around blues.

Do the asparagus boogie; that’s what he’s doing. Warning: Roundhead issues a warning: Crabby and Grump are a pair of twins, and they gave each other [bad mood] lumps. Be careful this coming week – Crabby and Grump could get you beat down if you’re not careful. Smile, even if you think it’s silly to be smiling when you’re feeling willy-nilly. Yes, I remember: Grab a shamrock or two, your good luck is overdue. It will come flowing, flowing to you. (Roundhead is doing an Irish jig) I don’t know how to do that Irish jig. He’s going to teach an Irish jig. Goodnight, Roundhead, he says he must go. Oh, it’s an Irish jig that goes well with chocolate. The luck of the green to you, but you don’t need luck when you’ve got Roundhead with you.

Visions & Messages

Bad wind coming. Middle of land, bad wind, strong, strong winds. [Beginning here!]

Sun will be very active soon.

Metallic reflectors in the atmosphere are affecting the Sun, but when it unleashes, look out.

The element of water is flooding, flooding, in so many places…

Harsh winds, harsh winds, harsher than usual.

Transmission received by Shamaan

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