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New Light Messages – April 2014

New Light Messages

Note: this is an updated version of the “prayer network message” previously posted which includes additional information.

April 2014

Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle, that together we may serve the Light of One. Know this: It is so; the forces that are building, that you do refer to as planetary forces, are indeed unique, for it has been millennia, many millennia, you see, since such a pattern has been manifest. In the following 12 – 14 days you will find extreme tension building within your plane of existence. Yes, there shall be increased potential for violent outbreak. Many shall feel increased discomfort in physical form, and it shall be experienced by many as though the physical body is under pressure, as you do say. As given, you must be like the bamboo in the storm; bend, you see, bend. The Earth has become more unstable in many places – to the land south of you, deep south, that which you do call South America and, indeed, the land in-between – much trembling, as well, shall be seen within this land. The Earth’s crust has been greatly, destabilized, you see, by that practice which is used to generate oil, the fluid for your machines. Currents of electromagnetic energy within the earth have been disrupted and, indeed, redirected in some cases, as has the blue-green serpent, once again lashing out of its course. Yet few do heed the dangers; there are many, far too comfortable, embedded, you see, within their comfort zone, to seek change. And so, the Great Awakener does force change. As given, the elemental forces now continue to bear the Hand of the Great Awakener, where needed. And it is indeed needed in this time that does approach. Conflict between nations arises as the warbirds raise their wings in preparation. It is a time for great focus upon prayer and the willingness to bring about the Hand of Grace to replace karma with love. Heed well the opportunity to do this within your own lives, you see, for you are not separate from that which does unfold now throughout your world. It is for this reason that your prayers, vigils, actions, your commitment to spiritual growth makes a great difference in the greater whole, you see.

Beginning the 15th of this month through the 24th, additional prayers to be added to your usual proceedings – that the warbirds find no appetite among those they seek to rally to war. If there is no willing response to wage battle, the warbirds will recede back into the shadows.

Be extraordinarily careful in your goings about. Heed well your inner voice that will guide and protect. Physical injury will be a high possibility for many. Yet do not be among them.

Take note, special note of your dreams in this time. Much information crucial to your soul’s development will be released in this time. It is an opportunity to accelerate, elevate the development of soul. If one does heed that which is given and follows the spiritual path without wavering, it will be a time of much growth. Yet we do remind: caution in movement, in temperament, in all ways as you do proceed – until beyond the 24th, and for some, further still. Know this: This time has been long in coming; do not let it pass unattended by your full attention, your full commitment to that which you have chosen and undertaken.

Hold forth in the Light of One, that for ALL the greater good may be done, and the Hand of Grace sweep away all that obscures the Light and the Love of One, One, One.

(Pause) Know that beauty does arise from a loving heart, and wisdom does arise from the loyal soul that does not waver in the face of challenge, difficulties. Go forth now on the path of the Prince of Peace, with the Light of One showering you, with the Blessings that come from Grace. Now and evermore may you walk in the Light. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim; we are with you.

Roundhead Where, oh, where have my dancing shoes gone? Oh, gone so long. Oh, he’s got the blues. He says, “They’re hidden under too many things to do. That’s what’s happened to those dancing shoes. If the light doesn’t burn at one end, it won’t burn at the other.” You’ll find the coming days much easier to take; if only you knew what’s at stake, you would not lose your dancing shoes!” Oh, he’s showing me many ways to stir a breeze, yes, and help put your mind at ease. Like the ocean, stay in dancing motion, rolling, rolling, like the waves of the sea; dancing, you see, releases a breeze. It goes around the world, and it can set many minds, hearts at ease.

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,

All around you … and me!

His heart is glad, his heart is glad: Why? Because –

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you, A

ll around you … and me!

He’s dancing like a breeze.

Yes, yes, asparagus, asparagus. He’s waving the asparagus flag. He looks to see who’s had; yes, that’s good, but not enough, not enough.

This nasty stuff coming in [flu, colds, and chemtrails], and asparagus takes it out.

Full moon, with the full moon sleep may be fitful. Sleep may be fitful for those who have not watched the light of dawn and twilight. It sets your (inner) clock. It will release all the good things [i.e., melatonin, endorphins, etc.] you need for a good night’s sleep and dreams.

Stinky cheese. Many could benefit from a slice of it. Try it with celery. Gongonzola. It does make a good match.

Two Bear makes a visit. For how long? Two times a day for ten days. Elderberry juice, morning and night. Helps you feel strong for the good fight. (Laughs) He has balloons on his hands for boxing gloves. It’s for softies, you see. Don’t fight hard, fight soft. Yes, I see, it keeps your spirit aloft. There’s not much air in those balloons, yes, fight it* with laughter and a gentle touch. You’ll learn so much, so very much about the way, the true way of the warrior.

He must go; he’s had a good time, though, except for the fact that his dancing shoes are gone. Didn’t you find them and put them out? Even if you dance by yourself it would be better [than not at all].

Roundhead is on a float, like a parade float. Off he goes, bye Roundhead. Asparagus are bending as he goes, like bamboo, bending, flowing; off he goes.

Don’t forget:

Magic is all around you,

just look and see,

it’s all around you, and me!

___________ * Fight the stress of the energies of the full moon and the Grand Cardinal Cross – “with laughter and a gentle touch.”

Messages, Visions, & More Roundhead

Voices, far away. Someone – oh – so much is being said …. Someone full of love, light, concern – though not the Lady of Grace – says, “so little time to turn things around; so little time.” The Great Hammer is being drawn closer by chaos. The chaos in the electromagnetic field of the Earth has affected it. Chaos has reverberated further than you can imagine. Chaos has become like a magnet for the Great Hammer, and there is so little time to turn it away. What you do now – in these times – is more important than you have ever thought possible. Give it your best, your best.

It was them, it was them (Star Nation). The ones who took me on the ship (~1982). I recognize the energy waves. The same energy that came from the Blue Star when it went Nova (1987).

Wow, I was out in space. It was like following the sound of a gong that goes out, out, out into deep space and keeps going, to infinity.

Treat your bones with kindness in coming weeks. Roundhead says, “don’t knock them around.”

Another message from Roundhead:

Asparagus leads the parade of all things good for you. Besides, it makes you happy, too.

I heard, “Drink more water.” Not just for me, but others will be experiencing the need for more water. .

Transmission received by Shamaan

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