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New Light Messages – May 2014

New Light Messages

May 4, 2004 

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be exceedingly brief. Yet we would have you know: Though there be difficulties, indeed, sorrows, you may celebrate. Celebrate this life you have been given, for it is indeed a gift to be within the Eye of the Storm. Celebrate each day, each breath, that you may rise into a full awareness of the magnitude of what you have been given. For many, a great many, will find difficulty and extreme discomfort in the physical plane, for these are the days of which you have been warned, for which you have prepared. Yet from within the Eye of the Storm, you may be an instrument for uplifting, you see, service to those in need. And there shall be many.

Know this: The danger threatened by the angry Bear is greater than it may seem, for what is sought is a return to that which cannot be, must not be. Turmoil and conflict will grow if it is not stemmed. You may be instruments of containment through prayer, through projection thought, focused upon peace and healing. The conflict may embroil many, even extending into China. From within the Eye of the Storm you may send forth prayers, allowing the Hand of Grace to intervene and turn back that which is growing in potential to create great suffering in your world. Yet, let not your task prevent you from embracing in celebration that which is given to you. Each day is a gift in which you may serve, and celebrate as well. Do be mindful of every opportunity to do so as it does present itself, you see.

Know this: It shall soon be seen that those who contrive to control that which is your weather will be recognized and noted for the havoc that is being created in your world. It does remain to be seen if the outcries will be sufficient to bring it to an end. The possibility does exist.

Yes, we must take our leave. We do say, let not your sorrows, your losses, cloud your heart so much that you do not celebrate, for there is much yet to enjoy. Gratitude shall aid you in doing so. While there is more to be given, we must at this time pause and take our leave. Within this week this one shall be given information pertinent to all. Go now with focused awareness upon the many gifts of life, and the abundance you have been given. Walk the path of the Prince of Peace with a heart buoyed by gratitude. That which you have experienced in companionship in this time shall be with you in another. It is so, and (as) was meant to be. Peace be yours, and the blessings of the Holy One surround you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Roundhead, Two Bear, Visions, Messages

Roundhead says he is having such fun; he’s able to run! He’s no longer Little Bear, he’s Running Bear.* It’s a party, party! Roundhead cannot stay; he just wanted to show me that he’s happy. Anyone who wants to come may be among the Bo Tree, where it’s fun. There are many, many ways to enjoy the after-world. The Bo Tree is a lingering place, before you go off to learn more. So many gather there, from this time and before. It’s a gathering place, [a place] to process and learn about space and who and where you are as the soul expands, expands, expands beyond any restrictions or conditions of physical bonds. Your soul expands into the realm of spirit, and all you need can be found underneath the Bo Tree before going off to other levels of learning. Yes, I see. Yes, love makes the heart sing.

Magic is all around you, All around you, Just look and see. Magic is all around you, All around you … and me!

Never forget, never forget. You’ll all be together again yet, as before, and again, again, again.

Two Bear, Two Bear comes. Pray, pray for the Earth. The Earth will suffer the loss of many growing things. Without prayer much will not be overcome. Hunger will stalk many lands. Pray.

Star Nation! There will be messages from Star Nation. I feel the Star Nation present.

I heard this: Even those who don’t know about the Bo Tree – it’s always there, it’s always there.

I keep seeing images of him dancing and throwing spring flowers in the air.

Earthquakes, strong. Pressure building along MANY fault lines! I didn’t see where.

Be careful of grumpiness, mid-month through the 27th. Be careful of grumpy, grumpy; Roundhead say, makes life lumpy.

I can’t chase away one image – it’s a tank; it’s a Russian tank. I heard these words: he (Vladimir Putin) wants more, much more.

__________ * He – “Running Bear” – Shamaan’s Corgi, just died of multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood.

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