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New Light Messages June 2014 #2

Note from Celest and David.. Please be sure to read the previous message marked “New Light Messages June 2014” before you read this one. Thank you.

New Light Messages

June 1, 2014 

  Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief, yet we would have you know that cohesion within the group is being lost. It is difficult for this one to adjust to altering energies when there are staggered arrivals. There is disruption, you see. Cohesion does strengthen the spiritual Light that you send into the world, for together you amplify that which is the force of Light and Love. This is so for all who serve the One. For each group brings a unique frequency, but it must be strong, you see, particularly in this time. It is preferable if you can find a way to share something of a meal, even if for a few minutes, for it does strengthen cohesion, you see. It is the sharing by which spiritual power may be supplemented. Though each must attend to their own spiritual practice, when together you do amplify one another, and greater impact is achieved.

Know this: as you approach that which is the Solstice, you shall see increasing uprisings among those who suffer the consequences of inequities within your world. Those without that which is known as ‘basic needs ’­water, shelter, food, indeed the simple clothing upon the feet (shoes, socks). These imbalances are being felt more sharply as the distance does grow between those of great wealth and those of great need. And so you shall see uprisings within the land known as South America, indeed, many lands – Europe as well. Many lands do reflect the inequities that are at the root of the uprisings. Even within the House of David there shall be stirrings of dissonance, despair; for those who follow the Crescent Moon & Star are without the elementary necessities for well-being, as you do say. You shall see the flames of anger rising in many lands. Those who hold the reins of power, those who hold seats of government shall be shaken. It must be, for it was given that all may share in that which is necessary to maintain life. For it was not meant for a few; it was meant for all to have that which does sustain body, and indeed, mind, and soul. The destabilization of the governments will lead to the use of the force of iron will, iron fist, and that will ultimately lose the hearts of the people. A grave danger that does present itself is the danger of the governments that have been shaken will seek to establish their will and force their way, which now may lead to conflicts beyond their borders. You and others who do hold the Eye of the Storm must send forth your prayers, not merely for those in great need, but also for those who deny others what is rightfully, rightfully theirs [water, food, land, shelter, dignity].

And so, you must now begin to prepare for your vigil of the solstice. It shall have great impact on the consciousness of those who would hoard and guard their wealth against their people. Send forth now your prayers that those who are burdened by wealth may learn to share their burden with others who would gratefully shoulder their part. For therein lies the great hope that the world may find its way to peace, peace, peace. We shall provide more insight into your vigil at a later time. We do say: You, as keepers of the Eye of the Storm, may function more cohesively, and with greater impact, if you come together.

Go now upon the path of the Prince of Peace with multitudes of blessings surrounding you and going before you. We shall be with you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Yes, yes, he liked the dancing, oh yes. Just keep dancing your fears away; you’ll find only good thoughts stay.


(Comes back unable to focus, etc.) I see an image of a very old temple. It’s not a Christian church, it’s a temple. Feels good inside. (Was then able to come back)

Smelling chemtrails, I think.

The Sun, the Sun. Many strange goings on, on the Sun.

I keep hearing the word Israel. Israel again oversteps its boundaries

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