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New Light Messages July 2014

New Light Messages

July 2014


We would have you know this: Perfection, yes, we do say perfection, is not attainable at any plane of existence, for you do see, perfection is but an end of the effort of trying, and so when the end is achieved there is a dying away of that which continues to reachanother higher expression of life. And so, this one is astonished to see that we remain always prepared. Though she may feel unprepared, it is not necessary. All that is truly necessary is the willingness to carry forward with full commitment in service to the Light of One. Do recall: This does apply to ALL.

Know this: Much has been altered ­your vigil, your prayers, indeed, your commitment as co-creators, in concert with others who have chosen to serve the Light of One ­has caused a shift in focus. Those who are the warbirds have taken a step back, while those who hold the vision of peace, of healing, have come further into the foreground. Old hatreds, old fears, old debts, as you do say, may be erased by the Hand of Grace. It remains yet to be seen if this will be accepted by the souls of those who are driven by vengeance, anger, and the shadow. Those who did join you in the vigil, and those worldwide who join you in prayers for peace, whether it be for summer or winter solstice (northern or southern hemisphere), the entire globe is involved. Many, many do send forth prayers and the conscious intent of the co-creators of Light, who may alter the course of your planet. It cannot be known at this time the outcome; yet be assured the direction has shifted toward healing old wounds.

It all does depend at this time upon those who remain as the Eye of the Storm. Courage and commitment are two hands of the same body. This one, as do many others, experiences pain at many levels, yet the courage, the courage, you see, does not waver, and so it must be for all. We do say, from beginning of your time to eternity, all who do serve the Light of One must remain true to chosen course and to that which sustains. For the Eye of the Storm does dependupon those willing to remain in the face of all challenges. And so we do see a shift. Yes, there is indeed a cause for hope, for there is movement, and there is eternal hope. For when movement does cease, hope dies.

At this stage, it [the vigil] leaves a strong and vibrant energy pattern for the promise contained in the future, a pattern of peace, of harmony, of healing. How many, we do say, have lost the ways of nature and healing, healing of your Earth – its soil, its water, its air, and the great kingdom of plants that must sustain many future, many future generations who will strive for resolution of destructive choices. Yes, we do say, how many trials and tribulations you have had to help make this new energy pattern in your future a possible/even probable reality. Yet the Great Awakener calls upon you again: Do not cease your efforts as co-creators, for the time has merely slowed; it has not been changed. We created a time shift, but the problems still remain.

We do come to the close of today’s session, you see. Yes, we do say, we are indeed of the stars, yet we know the difficulties, the challenges, of your life upon Earth in body. We would remind you: You, too, you see, are of the stars. Remember, as you experience a world of chaos and challenge upon challenge, do remember your time among the stars, and know that the time does come when the two realities will be united together, and the beauty, the wonder of the stars shall once again uplift and guide you as you travel. You will be as a transmitter for the beauty, the grace, the intelligence of the stars [star nations], transmitted into this world of matter. So it shall be, as it always has been. Know this and be comforted as you walk the path of the Prince of Peace. In all ways you serve the Light, which is indeed pure love. As it is, as it was, as it shall always be.

We do now take our leave with a prayer: That you may awaken each day fully aware of the presence of the Holy One around you, before you, behind you, in front of you, within you, going forward and guiding you with each step. Yes, we do say, those forces, toxins,1 that have been raining upon you this day are indeed far more potent than have been in recent months. So we do take opportunity to assist, not just this one, but ALL in attaining balance and harmony in body. Yes, it is done, and for a time we may offer comfort and, indeed, some relief from pain. Each one present, and many others beyond this room, shall feel comfort and release from pain for a time, a time. One does say “how much time?” We do say,“as much as you will allow.” We do now take our leave with this blessing: May you walk in The Light and feel the joy of Infinite Love around you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Oh, beautiful, a field of flowers, singing – the 7th chakra.

A week without dance is losing your chance. When all is aglow, abundance will flow. You can’t have the top as bright as light, and the bottom feeling as dark as night. It’s not your outer ear, it’s your inner ear – that’s the one that counts. Tune it in. Yes, just a few minutes of dance. Okay. He says, “Tune it in and you’ll learn what magic’s all about.”

Oh, waves, waves, waves of radiation,2 green waves; he’s showing me it comes in waves when they drop it. Okay, use spirulina, spirulina (effective for capturing/binding with many, but not all, heavy metals in the GI tract).

Spirulina, spirulina that’s the thing to use,

Spirulina, spirulina, that’s what’s best for you.

He’s doing the old soft-shoe like I’ve never seen it done before. (Laughs) He’s funny. Everyone must take part. Message: Everyone must take part in protecting, protecting your heart, no matter how strong; no matter how strong. No matter how well, you’ll find that spirulina will keep it feeling swell. You’ll find that spirulina will help give you life for many days, many days. Interference with protein intake – that’s what it is; radiation interferes with protein intake.


Beavers, beavers, pray for the beavers. Their life is water; they live in water. It has become too toxic, too harsh. It’s the chemicals [released into the water and dropped from the air] dropped upon them.

I see hurricanes along the coasts of Mexico, California. Many places, great winds.

What’s up with Lake Tahoe? Oh, earth tremors near Lake Tahoe and to the east. Some connection between those two territories.

It’s all in the blood vessels. Adaptation to emf fields – a lot of ion-raging particles in the air.


1 ‘Toxins’ are from the aerosol spraying of chemicals being done to manipulate weather: It’s known in officialdom as ‘Geoengineering,’ aka ‘chemtrails.’

2 It’s hard to believe, but some of the chemtrail concoctions contain radioactive particles. The Air Force whistleblower, Kristen Meghan, an environmental specialist (industrial hygienist), confirmed this fact in one of her public presentations. Here’s one link of hers: There are other YouTube videos of her, but most are very similar. She found radioactive barium, a heavy metal, when she soil-tested at one of the two Air Force Depots where she worked.

Transmission received by Shamaan

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