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New Light Messages July 2014 #2

New Light Messages

July 2014

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief.

You shall see an acceleration of that which does indeed bring change to your world. Many, a great many who did see themselves apart, separate from that which does unfold, shall discover differently.

We would have you do this: To spend time, as much time as possible, holding in vision the image given – that image of the tree, the dove, crescent moon, star (of David), and the rose. For in these days, events that shall lead to a great conflagration within the House of David comes near to impossible to avoid. Yet where there are hearts committed to the Way of Peace, resolved to come together to hold the Light for Peace – there is hope, though it does grow more remote.

The danger does draw once again near to your shores,1 for the House of David and the House of Ishmael, though within the country of Abraham, is to be found everywhere. And so you do have those preparing for greater war; yet as well, you have those preparing for peace and the time of the Purple Sun.

It shall come hard to all, yet we do beseech you: Hold fast to the image given. Hold fast to your prayers, and those actions that transform the world, those actions which in the world contribute to the healing of ancient wounds.

In coming months, prior to that time which would be your autumn equinox, an escalation does threaten all. For it is indeed not one source, but many through which the dangers always enter. Uppermost in your concern must be nuclear power, nuclear power, we do say – in ALL of its forms. It [the danger] is indeed grave and must be attended to through prayer, yes, through prayer, but also through those actions that do reach out of self to meet others in peace, to meet others in tolerance, to meet others in understanding – that before you is a soul imbued with the Light of One, and what is done to one another is indeed done to self.

We do now implore you that you meet each challenge, each difficulty, with each person in the coming time – two-and-a-half weeks – with greater patience and greater tolerance, and greater insight to see within the other the image of self. For you shall find in these weeks a testing from those forces which many choose to ignore, that emanate from within your own solar system [“astrological influences”]. More shall come with great intensity into your field. These forces shall be exacerbated by those frequencies that do immerse your world in a cloud of energies2 detrimental to balance, detrimental to living organisms. We would have you live, demonstrate, manifest in all ways the Way of the Heart within this period of time. It shall be extremely important, necessary, we do say.

We must complete our message at this time. For let these words bring caution: Do not in this time allow temper, personality, you see, to go before you in any of your dealings with others. Soul must be the leading force with which you encounter all. Know this in every small thing you do. As the reverberation goes outward into an ever-greater expression, healing peace in the world, you then see peace within the House of Abraham. You must see peace with those around you. You are chosen and thus have been chosen. Reach, reach for that which does at this time seem impossible and you will find waiting for you the Creator of all that is possible.

These coming weeks shall do much to determine if the gourd of ashes can be withheld, can be made to be transformed into an instrument never, never to be used, but to be transformed.3 These are the days many directions are chosen. These are the days of choice. Know this and go forward with your path that does lead to the Time of the Purple Sun. Go forward with the Prince of Peace guiding each footstep. Go forward without fear, knowing that the Way of the Heart shall be, shall be THE WAY OF THE FUTURE.


All things are sacred [in the] heart and soul of one who has chosen to serve the Light of One in the name of Divine Love. All things are sacred; even that which one does consider lowly may become exalted when used to sustain life. This must be remembered by this one, by all.

We do now take our leave, and this blessing is given unto you – that you know always the sweet breath of air from the Holy Source of Life, for it is eternal and sustains you through multiple dimensions and multiple existences. Rejoice in the moment for this life. Go now upon the path of the Prince of Peace with the blessings of the Holy One flowing around you, now and evermore.

Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim – We are.

[Shamaan heard earlier in the day the following:]

There is no dogma that will lead you to the Way of the Heart.


Ah, good. He’s happy, happy you found your dancing shoes. Dance away the blues and bring in good news. You should now also [endeavor to make] both ends glow, both ends glow. Become like a magnet – attracting, attracting, attracting all that you need, never ever to hold on to greed.

Roundhead says he can’t stay, just wanted to send gratitude your way. Hold on to your dancing shoes. You’ll be surprised to see what they can do.

Lady of the Blue Light

The children suffer so. Remember them and all the little ones –human, animal, … – every form of life is in a grip of the shadow. Remember them in prayers and reach out to those who live in pain and fear. Remember – you, too, may be the Hand of Grace.


I keep seeing many beached whales. It’s the water – oh god – so radioactive, so contaminated – the ancient sea turtles, whales. “Oh, send out your prayers; take actions that bring healing.”

[Shamaan lightly touches her 3rd eye.] Melchizedek thanks you. Focus your attentions, your prayers, yes, your actions, upon the waters of the world, NOW.

Searing heat, cripples many.

Earth upheavals will be abundant in coming weeks, abundant.

A wave of intensity will hit this planet – soon (coming 2 to 3 weeks).



1 Shamaan says that she has had information coming in about this nation encountering its karma very soon.

2 EMF pollution: i.e., cell towers, wi-fi, microwaves, etc.

3 Shamaan later heard these words, “fixed by fusion into a stable state.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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