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New Light Messages July 2014 #3


New Light Messages

July 2014 #3

Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief. Yet we would have you know that a great many, a very great many shall not survive this world, as it has become …. A great many species other than your own shall pass, for the forces that are awash in your world cannot sustain life at the highest levels, you see. We may intervene, but this will not be sufficient, as you do say, to alleviate the suffering, to curtail the numbers that shall pass. It is as it must be to cleanse this planet, to bring an end to that which contaminates the soil, to flush rivers, oceans, and bloodstreams of all.

We do say: Heed well, heed well the signs that do appear all around you. As given, the House of Abraham now is shaken to its foundations. As given, once again, danger of nuclear conflagration does spread. Yes, Japan did make its choice centuries ago with pride, in warfare, and now it does come full circle, and yet, the circle does widen to include all, all in the path of deadly radiation. And so you shall see a great many creatures of the sea who shall not survive. The grave imbalance to your world does grow ever more grave. And so you do see the necessity for those who serve the Light, for those who follow the Way of the Heart, indeed, for those who have chosen to be beacons, beacons we do say, of healing, of hope. And so we shall at every opportunity intervene when circumstances threaten to cut short the journey of those souls who serve the Light of One. As given, there are too few, you see, too few. And so we do assist each one, each one who has chosen the Light. We do also assist each one who does seek the Light. This is our mission, to do all that may be done, to prevent the greatest tragedies. So we do stand ready, prepared to assist all others who serve the Light of One and the Way of the Heart.

Your task is to remain ever committed, true, true to your task, never wavering in the face of difficulty, or even in the face of death. This is the time you have chosen. Now, we do say, is the hour of your soul’s greatest opportunity. Some would say challenge; we do say opportunity to achieve an evolution that might take centuries in a few, a very few of your years. Maintain your role, your position, in the Eye of the Storm. Do that which is before you that serves the Light, hope, and the greater good. You shall have always our assistance. We stand with you as we ask: Do continue your prayers, your thoughts, your actions, to help save what can be saved. Know this: You each have but to ask, for our assistance will be given. Know it may not always come in the form that you might prefer; it shall come.

Yes, you shall see greater activity beneath the surface of the earth, beneath the surface of the oceans, indeed within your atmosphere itself. Most will not understand, will not see. It is for this reason that the Great Awakener does intensify, accelerate, you see. Pray that, indeed, the Hand of Grace erase all karma and replace it with love. The Way of the Heart MUST prevail.

We must take our leave at this time, and do say: Carry forward with your choice, your mission, as we do with ours. Together we may be able to save more than otherwise would be saved. May the blessings of the Holy One be felt within your soul, your heart, your mind, and your body, now and evermore. As you do follow the Prince of Peace, may it grow stronger within you with each day. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Keep it up, keep it up. Keep on dancing. Yes, the glow, yes, keep up the glow, glowing bright. Dancing in the morning and in the night, to keep the glow bright. Just a few steps will do; you’ll find it helps you to walk lightly, smile often, and pray all the time.

Roundhead is back. He says, just focus on the Hand of Grace, focus on the Hand of Grace, that karma may be replaced with wonder, LOVE, and forgiveness.

Visions & Messages

I’m hearing the trees and the seas; both are in great need. Pray, pray for the trees and the seas.

Denmark, Denmark. Something about Denmark. It is capable of influencing Japan if it would seize the chance.

I heard, “The Sun WILL have its day, and when it does, not even the mice will come out to play.”

The crescent moon. The crescent moon [in the flag of Islam] needs to embrace the star in order to lift consciousness. For those who follow the way of the mosque the star represents higher consciousness, spiritual insight; the crescent moon represents the emotional forces, the emotional forces. They must come together for peace.

There will be given a teaching for those of the House of David, for those who follow the way of the ‘temple’ and practice ‘Chabad’.

[The people of the desert sands must now seek the mountaintop to attain the peace they seek. (Addition given 7-14-14.)]

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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