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The Gifts of Experience

Getting… From Here… To There…

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(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

I am a person who throughout my life has been an analytical type. I keep wondering how humans will physically get from the present way we conduct our lives to the way we will live 100 years from now?

Now I’m not confusing humanity’s progress with that of the Earth Star Planet. Terra is on her travels through the fourth dimension and on to the fifth dimension – written in stone per God. It is humanity that has to find a way to be along for the trip.

The 100 years is not my estimate, but is a number that is mentioned in a number of sources I have read. This means that the majority of the people reading this article will not be in mortal form to see all of the changes. But that is okay too because the view from Nirvana should be very exciting to watch. Now since I am an analytical type, let us look at just one of the physical/material changes that may be made in the next 100 years.

Some may ask, “Why should it take 100 years?” Let me use an example of why some things take a long time. (Keep in mind this example occurred in third dimension time and conditions.) In the early 70’s I was working for a financial institution and I needed to do projected cash flows to see how long it would take for a client to repay its loan. The only tools I had available were a very basic calculator, a 32 Column piece of paper and a pencil with a large eraser. It took hours and hours to do each set of assumptions. Go forward 20-25 years and you find that everyone has their own PC utilizing a spreadsheet program that can do multiple sets of assumptions in 30 minutes or less. Looking back, I would have loved to have had that ability.

So it took 20-25 years to produce the PC tool. Think about how all consumer goods, that are grown or manufactured, get to the consumer. You have water and air transport to be sure, but the majority of goods travel by trains and 18 wheelers. And then add how all agriculture is accomplished with multiple types and sizes of farm equipment. Finally add the automobiles that each household has. That is a lot of hydrocarbons that are being burned 24-7. My view is that this condition will be gone in 25 years or less from now.

A couple of hours of internet browsing will find sources that tell of past developments and of new systems being developed to find a replacement for the current diesel/gasoline power systems. I also found a source that stated that thousands of patents have been classified secret and were not allowed to be manufactured because the product would upset the current power source paradigm with which we are saddled. Too much money would be lost.

If a power plant could be developed that could be retrofitted into our present vehicles, and utilizing their existing drive trains, this would give us time to develop more complete power plants for future vehicles. Maybe a power plant that utilizes hydraulic principles to provide horsepower and only needs a small gasoline or diesel engine to get it started (two – three minutes tops). The amount of fuel needed to power vehicles would be drastically reduced. Then there is the concept of a retrofit electric engine that would tap into a reported power grid that encircles the planet. (Some may now be saying that the writer is dreaming – just like my dreams in the early 70’s of a PC using an Excel spreadsheet.) These two examples may seem to be unreachable with our present knowledge of what is possible, but I believe there are entities out there that could provide the knowledge to build such power plants.

So again, how do we get from here to there? I suspect that the majority of the readers would not have any idea of what to do technically. There could be some who do have the technical knowledge to either say yes it’s possible or no it isn’t possible.

However ALL of us have the power of thought. We just have to use it with good intent for positive things that we wish to occur. The majority of us have a commute to our place of work. We could use some of that time to visualize and think about having a power plant that doesn’t use very much or no gasoline/diesel to power the vehicle. Also think about this when you are at the gas station filling your vehicle with fuel, particularly as you notice the increasing cost of the fuel. The daily sincere thoughts of the multitude of commuters will go out into the Universe and combine with other similar thoughts and come back as a powerful force that will cause changes to be made by those who have the technical knowhow and resources. Over a period of time the air we all breathe will get better and some of our respiratory issues would begin to decline.

Everyone has read about the concern of oil/gas well drilling and the fracking of the formations that hold the oil/gas reserves and how these actions have been making a real negative impact of the environment. The system that allows this method of extraction of hydrocarbons is extremely powerful with both political clout and money. A benefit of using your power of thought to change the power source paradigm to eliminate dependence on gasoline and diesel fuels would roll over to oil/gas industry. If there is a declining market for oil/gas, the money would dry up to drill wells and rework existing wells. Reworking existing wells generally means going back into the well and doing more fracking. This is probably an example of how one’s thoughts can have even more side benefits than first thought about.

Now the folks who are commuting to their workplace at a company in the energy sector should be having thoughts that their top management should be working on plans to change their vision and business plan to other forms of products, such as the retro engines mentioned earlier. It will take time (10-15 years?) for these developments so any company that has the vision and tenacity to change should be able to be a part of this paradigm change. From the financial reports that I have heard about, they should have the necessary resources to accomplish the feat. There is a saying, “Anything is possible” with the proper intent and positive mental attitude.

We must believe that this will occur! We must believe that we can and do make a difference! If we stand aside and wait for the powers that be in the present paradigm to make the changes we will wait a long time.

There may be readers who would say that the writer bases a lot of the content of the articles he writes about on readings of materials and the understanding he develops from these materials and might wonder if “the writer believes everything he reads?” My answer is, “No, not everything.” Books that were read as far back as 20-30 years ago contained information that was of value to read at the time because they raised my curiosity and raised questions for me. Subsequent reading of new material provided answers and it was then that I knew that my understanding of certain concepts changed and I no longer depended solely on the information contained in the books read 20-30 years ago. I guess the bottom line is that all of us must continue to seek new information with which to base our personal truth upon. None of us should ever stop learning. I will say that there are materials that have come to me in the last 4-5 years that always seem to provide insight that I need at the exact moment that I read the material.

Now I know some reading this are saying that the writer doesn’t understand that the real changes that are needed are the changes humanity needs to make and not so much the changes in tools that humanity will use. You would be mostly correct! So how do we accomplish this task?

There are a multitude of concepts and human behaviors that need to change. Each of us can come up with lists and more lists. But what good does it do to list everything and be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the list? Awakened Hearts recently posted an article I recently wrote titled, “Everyday Courtesy”. It was a very simple idea that I started 30+ years ago. The article reflects how simple actions can make a difference. I know there are probably some readers out there who will say that the articles are too simple and just plain common sense. Okay, okay I get it. To those folks I say, “THEN JUST DO IT”. Start with the simple things and get used to doing something every day. As this becomes a habit, start adding more involved concepts on how you wish to be treated and how then you will treat others in your environment and what you desire the world and humanity to be like in the future.

All of us must participate in changing how we feel about our fellow humans whether they are our neighbors or people half way around the world. Don’t just be reminded about caring about starving children when you see the ads on television. Send out Light and Love frequently to those around the world who are suffering under terrible conditions or oppressive regimes. Now does this single action by you stop the suffering – maybe for a brief instant, but then that brief instant is more than the person suffering had prior to your action. But your single action added to the multitude of others with the same thought does create a force that can really make a difference. Also send Light and Love to the aid workers who strive to bring food, medical services and help to provide some relief. Don’t condemn the people you think are responsible for the conditions because this only generates negative thoughts and we should be in the positive thought generating business.

I know I say it frequently that thoughts have power. It seems the more I say it the more I feel that it truly is the ONE thing that EACH of us can do well if we have the proper intent and the thought comes from the heart. When you look for the source of the power behind the thought, you remember that you are a part of God and God is a part of you. All of you know that God is the Source that used thought to create the Earth Star Planet. Don’t you think that being a part of God and God being a part of you that you also have the power to Create the changes in the world you want? And that you can make a difference in the situations that are happening half way around the world. Use the power of your thoughts to help change the world that we now have and the world of the future.

Until next time, Phil

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