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New Light Messages August 2014 #2

New Light Messages

August 10, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We do have communication with this one, and shall be brief, you see. Yes, many warnings have been given unto you. It is so that time does not flow in your dimension as it does in ours. Yet flow it does. As you do see, elements, events within your world have indeed, indeed escalated. The flames of war spread more quickly than even flames within a dry forest. It is to be lamented greatly, for as the House of Abraham does burn, as the children of the House of Abraham do tremble and fall before the forces of destruction, so shall it spread throughout, in many forms, throughout your world. For this reason we have requested prayerful focus, you see, prayerful focus upon the image of the Tree of Life, the Dove of Peace, the Crescent Moon and Star of Hope, and the Rose of the Way of the Heart. These images hold a promise of another time, indeed, another way of life. Yet, events do move, even at this hour, inexorably toward the use of nuclear weapons. Yes, if this is to come to pass, as it does appear so, great suffering shall spread and be multiplied. One does wonder: Can it be contained? Know [that] the answer may be still yes. It is indeed a tremulous yes, for the rising tide of darkness does consume many.

The Angry Bear does play a role in the possibility of nuclear involvement, as does indeed, every nation, for those sources that do supply those elements and materials, that seek vengeance and destruction will bring about manifestation of the darkest hour in the human soul. Those forces do play a role of responsibility. But when karma does accelerate, the Hand of Grace is drawn into action. And so we do say: Do not cease your prayers; do not yield to despair; do not surrender your place within the Eye of the Storm. Yet we do say, use it well, use it well. It is yet possible that the Hand of Grace may erase millennia of karma and replace it with abundant love. This is still possible, yet circumstances rapidly deteriorate. The grip of the shadow does increase its strength.

We do not bring this message to increase fear. We bring this message to increase prayers, actions from within the hearts of those who serve the Light, to increase awareness of the need to prepare. It is imperative that you also prepare for the Time of the Purple Sun. As you prepare for needs that must be also met, prepare in mind, in heart, in soul, and body for the time when the human heart shall break through the walls of anger and sorrow and open to the Light of a new time, to the Light of the Purple Sun, and it shall be known and celebrated that ALL LIFE, ALL LIFE is of the One, and is therefore a reflection, a manifestation, an expression of Oneness. Do prepare, for there shall be a world that follows this one. You, and others like you who have chosen to serve the greater good, prepare for this world, yes, all of this world, that it may come into being.

And so we do say, the Equinox that does approach is most crucial. Begin now, begin now, in preparation. Bring into your world the spiritual Light, that instrument of transformation, the grace of strength that will allow you to be an instrument of transformation within your world. Prepare now in all ways, that you may remain in the Eye of the Storm. Send forth unto those who follow the Path of Peace. Send forth the call to join you and others in the spiritual dimension through prayerful thought and loving action to help, to bring about the Hand of Grace, to sweep aside bitter karma and replace it with love, compassion, and commitment, unwavering commitment to peace. Yes, for all life, yes, we do say, for all life – this is your mission. THIS IS THE TIME. Yes, this is your time; use it well. We do stand with you with hopefulness in the Eye of the Storm, which does infuse the Eye with the Light of BEYOND.

Go now on the path of peace. We do walk with you in the footsteps of the Prince of Peace. Blessings of the Holy One, the Divine Source of all life, flow around you, encompass you, now and evermore. So it is, and so it shall be. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim — We are.


Empty dancing shoes, oh my, they have the blues. Those empty dancing shoes; he wants to know what you have to lose by filling those empty dancing shoes. You put your dancing shoes away; not enough laughter, not enough fun. Time to put your worries on the run, so he sings to you: It’s a song you’ve come to know. He just hopes it will let you rediscover your glow.

Get your hat,

Get your coat,

Leave your troubles on the doorstep,

Just direct your feet

To the sunny Roundhead side of the street He is very sad that your hearts are not so glad. You have to remember:

You’ve got Roundhead

You’ve got Two-Bear

You’ve got magic!

Who could ask for anything more?

So let your shoes scuff up the floor!

Asparagus, asparagus. The juice, the juice of asparagus. It squeezes nasty toxins out. It will flush, flush, flush your system. Everyone needs it.

Visions, Messages

Careful, careful, next full moon.

The swan, fulfiller of dreams. Now comes the graceful swan. Beautiful, beautiful. Have faith in the swan, associated with the Golden Light. I saw the most beautiful image, the swan going into Golden Light. Beautiful, brilliant. All around it seemed to be chaos, but the swan was calm, majestic, peaceful – gliding, gliding on the water. Beautiful. An image to follow.

Earthquake will follow earthquake in many places.

The swan is gliding toward the Light. The Light is so inviting; it’s so golden with flickers of violet in its outer edges. I have the impression that the swan is swimming toward tomorrow, not the next day, but tomorrow as in the future. One of the nicest images I’ve seen in a long time.

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