The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience


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(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

Why is change so difficult to accomplish? Even very minor changes can cause some people to react. I believe it is my financial training that makes me like to have everything in order. You know, debits on the left with liabilities and equity on the right. (A little accounting humor.) My wife and I have a household order that will go on for weeks and months at a time with everything that we use on a daily basis in its proper place or order. And I am happy. Then for no known reason she places something in a different spot. And I wonder why. I place it back where IT BELONGS and we go on for another period of time. Now that is just plain silly of me and I need to work on that one.

Now this is really a simple example of how change affects people. However the changes that are needed in this world we live in are considerably more serious. In fact it could be deadly serious if we just continue to go along with the crowd and do nothing.

I am a retired CPA. Back when I started my career, being in the financial arena was a respected position. These days the respect for the financial community seems to have waned and some career positions reflect a completely different light from that of 45 years ago. However remember it is the personality along with its intellect, and not the Soul, who is responsible for the conduct the personality exhibits while occupying the position. The personality chooses how it conducts itself and in what light it does so. However no one knows another person’s life plan and therefore should not be the judge of any of their actions. Is the action they exhibit something they had in their life plan or is the person really exercising their free expression? We don’t know and shouldn’t judge them. But that doesn’t mean we have to approve of or like the activity.

I once thought that everything that happened in our everyday life could be judged as either black or white with just a little grey thrown in once in awhile. Now I know this understanding is not correct and what appears on the surface is not always what might be the overall goal of all Souls working together. What I mean to say is that sometimes activities are conducted to get the attention of those who say enough is enough; “We have to change this for the greater good.”

We could literally name thousands of activities and professions that need to change “for the greater good”. But the real question is: “Where and how do we start?” Well there is one thing I believe. It probably won’t happen all at once or overnight. I often wonder how much linear time we do have left to make these changes. Another thing I believe is that each of us has to begin or continue to make the changes in our own lives. Every day we must alter what we have previously done that may not be in the interest of the greater good.

“The Greater Good.” A very easy phrase to type or speak, but it is not so easy to always keep in the forefront of our conscious minds. (I’m pretty sure it is always in the forefront of our sub or super conscious minds though.) Take a very simple example of, “What do you do with used motor or hydraulic oil?” If you live in the country, do you burn it or do you take the time to take it to an establishment that recycles used oil? I have to admit that I used to burn it, now I take it to the recyclers near our home. What do you do with old lead batteries? Most auto parts stores that sell batteries take the old ones and even give an exchange refund. Some will take old batteries even when not selling you a new one. How about flashlight batteries? All the battery packaging states that used batteries should be properly disposed of. I haven’t found a place that is convenient to take them to for recycling. Now just take a look at that last sentence. Is it someone else’s responsibility to provide a place that is convenient for me to dispose of flashlight batteries? I don’t think so. The bottom line is I think many people just throw them in the trash.

At the time that I was writing this piece there was an article in the local newspaper that described an event that was to be staged at the local high school. A partnership between the school district Recycle Team, high school and junior high service clubs, the local Lions Club, a local food pantry and the city sponsoring a “One Stop Recycle Drop” on a monthly basis. Citizens can drop off everything from all kinds of eyewear for recycling, old prescription drugs for proper disposal, all kinds of textiles, all types of electronic equipment, batteries, glass, old light bulbs, most paper products, plastics numbered 1-7 and metal food and beverage cans. I did not know of this program when I started writing this article and so I find it rather enlightening that a group did take the responsibility to provide a much needed service and it is convenient for me to participate in. Quite timely for this article, don’t you think?

Another idea that came to mind is that of a community activity similar to a neighborhood food co-op. Members could all work together to recycle those items not handled by the local refuse pickup services. Co-op members could work together in pairs or small groups and take turns on a periodic basis to gather all the batteries, used oil and filters, and other items that shouldn’t be thrown in the trash from the other co-op members and take them to a proper disposal establishment.

Now what I have written about are just a couple of simple items that would greatly help the environment. But there are thousands of other causes that can be addressed and we need to identify them and get started on changing them. But what can just one person do? USE YOUR POWER OF THOUGHT TO PROMOTE THE CHANGES THAT YOU BELIEVE ARE NEEDED IN THE WORLD!! You can affect the outcomes of situations around the world by your thought processes.

Do you want to see firsthand what WWIII looks like? No? Then use your power of thought to send out a mental petition to the universe that you don’t want any more wars and in particular WWIII! Do you want to continue to read about starving children and their parents anguish at watching their flesh and blood dying in their arms? No? Then use your power of thought! Do you want to continue to be a worker bee in the financial paradigm that has captured most of us in the way that rewards are handed out?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is nothing wrong with earning a good living and having the financial resources to have a comfortable life. And I acknowledge that some people are more fortunate than others and accumulate more wealth than most. And many of these people contribute many millions to charities and foundations that do make an impact on the daily lives of those less fortunate. It is just the multi-millions that are earned in some professions and commercial enterprises that are hard to understand. We are the ones who help them make the millions. Some reading this paragraph will not like the tenor of it. Years ago I would have been one of those people. But knowledge of how the billions and trillions are made by a relatively few has changed my stance on the subject.

Let me propose a hypothetical situation to you. Let’s say there are 100 multi-billionaires in the world that have between 20 and 100 billion each and they join together and decide to use 80% of their funds to bring water irrigation to the Sahara Desert and make it green and productive. Do you think the lifestyles of these billionaires would change that much with having only 4 to 20 billion each to support themselves? Just think of how their legacy would change. They would be known throughout history as the “people who helped transform the Sahara Desert into a garden” instead of “just being a certain number ranking on a list of the world’s richest people”. I suspect there are individuals or organizations in this world who could just do that if they so desired.

We do have some measure of influence by making changes in the importance that we give to the different venues of entertainment, business and other activities that we support. Whether we will do this or not remains to be seen. Would trying to change the above paradigm be a proper use for our Power of Thought? What do you think? We have come up with a starter list of things that we believe would be good subjects for using our power of thought for making changes for the world we live in.

For the whole world we would desire:

An end to financial slavery.

An end to all forms of poverty.

An end to all forms of hunger.

An end to all forms of disease.

An end to all political turmoil.

An end to all forms of sexual exploitation.

An end to all negative energies.

An end to all forms of pornography.

An end to discrimination due to race, gender or sexual preference.

An end to all wars, worldwide or regional, and to all types of civil conflicts.

A removal of all lower based thought forms and images.

To live in a world with clean air, pure water and restored soils.

The release of all forms of repressed technologies.

To all live with love and respect for nature and the animal kingdoms.

That all people understand and acknowledge the value of the feminine influence in all aspects of our lives.

A system of education that teaches the truth to ALL peoples.

Can you, just for a moment, imagine what our world would be like if we were able to make the changes listed above with the power of our thought? When you consider that this is just a small list and if everyone would add their own lists to this one, what a power we would be and what changes could be made.

Now some may be thinking or maybe even questioning if they really do have any power of thought. Look at it this way. God has told us that we (Souls, not personalities) were all birthed by Him and therefore we are a part of Him and He is a part of us. He created the Earth Star Planet with His thought. Since we are a part of Him and He is a part of us, it should follow that we have the ability to create by thought. God has repeatedly told us that we have this power; we just have to exercise it. Why not try it! Better yet, let’s just do it!!

Until next time, Phil

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