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New Light Messages September 2014

New Light Messages

September 7, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We would have you know that the course of events, as they now unfold within your world, are in indeed extremely serious, escalating, moving inexorably toward nuclear involvement. In this time we do beseech you to remain ever-focused in the Eye of the Storm, for every cell group of Light, everyone, is essential, essential.

At this time great disruptions within the Earth’s crust have occurred, disturbing the magnetic field. And so, as the House of Abraham is aflame, the Hand of the Great Awakener does strengthen, and there shall be greater activity within the Earth. Flooding shall continue; fire shall continue; a new disturbance has been added – volcanic activity in many places. And those seams that do make up the continental fault lines shall now become extraordinarily active. Grace, must be lived within you, and within your circumstance, that it may be multiplied exponentially within your world, you see (i.e., we must also be instruments of grace for others).

Your focus, your meditations upon the Light, your prayers, your daily thoughts and actions do contribute greatly to the direction of flow that Grace shall take. Know this, and do go about your day, your life, as keeper of the Eye of the Storm, holder of the Light within, for each group, each individual that does hold the Light is now precious, precious, we do say. There continue to be too few, too few, as your world remains mesmerized by the toys that your technology has created, and so much does go unnoticed by the multitudes. Do not be among them. You are greatly needed.

As you do approach the Equinox (September 22), know that this may be a turning point if there are enough who will gather to hold the Light. It may be a turning point in which the shadow will begin the process of destroying itself. Allow yourself to approach the vigil that shall unfold with great gratitude, indeed, reverence; for the opportunity presented to your soul is rare.

Move with caution within coming week-and-a-half. Do not allow mental faculty to be clouded by despair. You are the Light; for as you do draw upon the Light, you do become for another a beacon of the Light. Live it as such, that your soul may celebrate this Light.

We do now take our leave. Walk now upon the path of the peace that you must keep; as the Prince of Peace does travel with you, you are a bearer of Light, as well. Blessings of the Holy One shower upon you, now and evermore. Do celebrate this life, this opportunity. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Can’t stay, but have to say, “Where, o where have your dancing shoes gone? O where, o where can they be?” Too many wrinkled brows. A little dance here, a little dance there – it will keep you with both ends alight! Okay, he’s waving goodbye with a pair of shoes in his hand; he has blue suede shoes in his hand. (Laughs) Be careful, blue mood, not blue moon, blue mood. Don’t let the blue mood trap you. Dance, dance, dance! Okay, thank you, Roundhead.

Visions and Messages

A beautiful light, beautiful light I see. Thank you.

Earth’s magnetic field, fluctuating all over the place; it’s all over the place. Something is going on. Big shift coming, big shift coming. Can’t tell when. They don’t show me how soon. Watch for the light in the sky. You’ll know when it’s coming. (Shamaan thinks this was due to the recent coronal mass ejections from the Sun.)

Chocolate and spirulina – partners forever. Good for all, good for all in this room.

Something about connective tissue. You will need vitamin E, sesame and flax seeds. Vitamin E supports antioxidant properties of lignans, supports healthy tissue as the connective process is developed. They work together very strongly; they complement one another.

Roundhead sings, “Don’t you forget my blue suede shoes.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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Note: Blue Star the Pleiadian spoke about many of these changes in his recent transmission “Beyond the scope of your Perception

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