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New Light Messages September 2014 #2

New Light Messages

September 21, 2014


Yes, greetings, we must be exceedingly brief, you see. Yet we would have you know that the passage of this Equinox that you approach is crucial, pivotal, as you do say. Yes, much does depend on the weeks that follow, and those weeks must be infused, you see, by the prayers, energies, indeed the hopes of those who serve the Light of One.

Know this: There are indeed many paths to enlightenment of the soul, but there is one path, one only that is the most direct and quick; that path is the Way of the Heart. The path that is, first, forgiveness, then love does follow; and following love does come the awakening of higher mind. And so it is upon this path you shall have joy. Though this path is a difficult one, it does yield greater promise, more results [in the task of healing]. Indeed, this is the most profound challenge your race of humanity has ever faced in this time. There have been similar times, but never so definite, indeed, so finite as this one.

This point in the development of your world, of your species, does hold the promise of renewal, but the greater potential is that of demise. There is one path that will lead you beyond demise and into renewal; that is the path of the heart, the Way of the Heart. For only then will those who hold the reins of power be motivated to release those reins and yield up their stubborn will to that which does lead to enlightenment of the soul, that which is love and innocence – that few in your world have ever known.

In this time you must call on those forces that will intervene and redirect the course your world has taken, redirect away from selfish will, from beliefs rooted in fear. All must redirect your course from the worldly goals that you now serve – “you” as collective, not as individuals. For that which you serve is indeed the Way of the Heart, of Light, of regeneration by the Divine Soul, we do say. NOW is the time for that vision, and so we call upon you to mark this threshold with your prayers, with your willing heart, with your intentions of higher consciousness which are committed to that which alone may turn your world away from the course that it now travels. It must be at this point a Divine intervention: pray it manifests in opening the heart, the heart of all. Pray that it does manifest in this form, for if it does not, Divine intervention will come at a very high cost; it will come harshly. Many will then pass from your world, a great many. It will never be the same again. Do pray for intervention, of the opening of the heart. It shall be the beginning of a new path. Even so, it shall not be easy, yet it will be the salvation of your planet. Even so, prepare, prepare, for many will pass, must pass. For the collective heart to truly open, many must pass through the gateway between worlds.

There is more that we would give, yet this is indeed a trying time for this one, as well as others. Traveling between dimensions does take a toll, especially in times of great upheaval. We do take our leave with this message. Know this: This threshold, this Equinox, does hold great potential, great, we do say, for either the most devastating destruction of your world, or the regeneration initiated by the opening of the heart: choice has never been more critical on this planet. Know this, and choose well. Do that which does uphold your soul’s choice.

We do stand with you at this threshold. We do hold firmly to the Light of One, as do you. We may remain with you ever in the Eye of the Storm, yet know that all that you do to serve the Light of One, to further the Way of the Heart, does enrich your souls and aid multitudes that you will never know. For this is the time you have chosen. Go now upon the path of the Way of the Heart, the way of a consummate love that enables ALL life to flourish and express its most divine nature. We do walk with you upon the path of the Prince of Peace, and the blessings of the Holy One do surround you and fill you, now and evermore.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We are.


Sad feet, not dancing feet, sad feet. More walking and talking than dancing. What to do, what to do? Soothe your nose by wiggling your toes. Keep the beat by wiggling your feet, dancing.

Asparagus – not enough either, asparagus. You can still find it in a jar or a bag. Make you glad, make you glad.

Roundhead says he must go.

Lady of the Light

Pray for the children.

Shamaan – I keep hearing the words, “It can be changed.” Karma CAN be erased and replaced with love.

Roundhead just popped in. “Don’t forget magic; it can be changed like magic.”

Shamaan – The word oceans is in my brain; I don’t know why.

I heard the words, “You have a short time.” [It is about survival of the planet as a life-supporting entity!]

Roundhead is singing:

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

Just wait and see.

Magic is all around you,

All around you, and me.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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