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New Light Messages October 2014

New Light Messages

October 5, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. It is necessary that you do know a great danger does loom. All else shall come to a stop if it is allowed to unfold. We do speak of nuclear weapon use. For you, your world, are far into that which is known as the Purification.

As given, that which does unfold is that of the Purification of soul. It is first and foremost a cleansing of the heart, the soul. Then, in your world, what is to follow is water, soil, air, indeed, ALL of your entire planetary systems. Many do look upon that which does unfold with mouth agape, eyes wide, yet understanding remains far from the mind. They do not see that those who have known hunger, poverty, those who have known oppression and that which you do call prejudice, those who have known the heavy hand of the dominant world, do now seek to throw off the yoke. Yet those who have chosen the path of the shadow of violence shall return to meet their own acts. And yet, in that other time, we do say – karma may be erased and replaced with LOVE. You may now plant the seed that may be their future lives. It may be so that the wheel may come to rest (Wheel of Karma); if it does so, then karma shall be transformed, transmuted, as you do say, to spiritual awakening and deeper understanding of the true, true laws of life, which are expressed as LOVE.

Yes, the Hand of the Great Awakener does move forward with greater urgency, and so you shall see greater manifestation of that power. You shall see greater disturbances within the Earth. Earth tremors (earthquakes), volcanic activity, floods, and great winds shall continue to sweep the Earth and many places upon it.

NOW is the time to practice that which has been given. For those infectious agents, viral lifeforms that do bring about plagues, shall accelerate in your environment. Know this: There shall come sorrowful regret if that which is given is not practiced: that which does involve cleaning of hands – food preparation prior to eating, prior to going to bed. Time to move about with caution has not yet passed; be cautious in movement, indeed, in thought and action. The time that you now experience shall decrease in intensity for a brief time after the moon has crested full and does begin to wane.

Do know: Coming weeks shall be testing at all levels. You shall all require more water; you shall require that which does soothe stomach, indeed, all areas of the body. For a time you may find the herb known as rehmannia of assistance, for a period of two weeks in your time. It may be added to other herbs. As given, your prayers are very needed; as you do see in your world, the House of Abraham is enveloped in conflagration. That which does rage shall lead to far greater grief than imagined without Spiritual force. We do beseech you: Continue your prayers that those who follow the crescent moon and star shall experience an awakening of the spiritual lesson that does follow. For they have been led astray, as have many others. Those of the Dove and Cross have also used violence in betrayal of the path they follow. There is indeed One path for All: It is the path of the Heart – of compassion, forgiveness, and we do say – love, love. This is the only manifestation of the Divine Essence of Life!

Maintain your prayers in the Eye of the Storm. Know that we who follow the Light of One, the Path of the Heart, pray with you, for too many, too many who now pass do not need to pass. Maintain your prayers for the children and the creatures, and all the innocents who may contribute to saving your world.

Yes, the energies that are rampant in this world shall impact all, and so you shall see yourself, as this one does, facing physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Seek your peace in the Eye of the Storm; we shall continue to assist each one who serves the Light. Know the time does come when the Purple Sun will shine upon your world, healing and uplifting your planet and all that live upon it. We do take our leave at this time. We send the Blessings of the Holy One to pour upon you now, as they have forever. The Light of Melchizedek fills you with hope, courage and LOVE, LOVE in your heart. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We are.

Lady of the Blue Light

(Arms out, hands cupped) Yes, She weeps for the continuance of karma. She brings protection for many; use your prayers to help bring protection. She says, remember the little ones; remember those in need of comfort, protection, prayers. Suffering may be lifted to a degree. She embraces each one. Morning and night call upon the Hand of Grace. She will be ready to help for karma to be erased and replaced with Her ­infinite love and without conditions. Yes, thank you my Lady, thank you. Blessings bestowed always upon those who hold the Light of Love in their hearts; you will know the Divine blessings of the Holy One. Go now in peace; Her prayers lift you up in this time of turbulence, of your own difficulties. (Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands, very reverently.) Thank you, my Lady. I will not cease prayers and hope.


Okay, right, right. Do not fret, the Bo Tree is a happy place. You’ll have to understand that life is not ending; it is never extinguished. They spend a time with him under the happy Bo Tree, and then they return to see what else in this world to be. (Several pets have died/been killed lately.) Everyone discovers the truth of what life is, at the Bo Tree. Okay, even in times when life looks like something to escape, remember, remember, that’s a direction you must not take. Not out, but in. The ‘in’ direction is the sunny side of the street.

Get your hat, Get your coat, Leave your troubles on the doorstep, Just direct your feet, To the sunny side of the street. When you think you want to get out, Let your heart give a shout!


A glass of wine with chocolate is fine, don’t you know. (for a healthy heart)

Thank you, Roundhead. Thanks for taking care of him (Little Bear). It’s a cat coming to be at the Bo Tree. Okay, he’s showing me a sign: He sweeps his hand like this (sweeping motion) and a rainbow appears.

Magic, magic, magic. (Song: Magic is all around us …) He’s dancing to the song.

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

Just wait and see.

Magic is all around you,

All around you, and me.

What? Pears, pears. Good for you. Have some pears.

Visions & Messages

So many sea creatures dying. Radiation.

I feel a strong tremor.

Pray for the bears as well as for the butterflies and bees. Prayers for all the creatures are needed.

Ebola. It will spread. Chicago.

They showed me that viral mutations are occurring because of the conditions of the atmosphere.

Pakistan – many in Pakistan are preparing to enter the fray, and that will not be good. It can be changed. Prayers for peace, for the way of peace, must be multiplied.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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